Get An Australian IP Address From Anywhere

If you are traveling away from your native country, Australia, or living abroad and trying to access Australian content, you won't be able to do it. There are many websites and apps which are geo-blocked. However, you can access all these sites through an Australian IP address.

Now, the question is, if you are living in Asia, Europe or any other country, how will you get an Australian IP address? In this article, we will talk about getting an Australian IP address. Though many methods do exist, we prefer Virtual Private networks.

A Virtual Private network masks your IP with an Australian IP. It also secures your information and internet traffic through advanced tools. You can access Australian streaming services such as Kayo Sports, ANZ Australi, ABC iView, and many more channels and apps through VPN.

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Quick Guide to Get Australian IP Address

You must be wondering what to do if you go for a VPN. Here is how it works.

  1. Choose a reliable VPN service provider (We are recommending ExpressVPN for Australia)
  2. Install the VPN app
  3. Make an account
  4. Pay and subscribe for VPN service
  5. Connect the VPN with an Australian server for an Australian IP address.
  6. Make some configuration settings manually and select the additional features if you want (Optional)
  7. Start using apps or access websites after connecting to the VPN.

How will a VPN help you get an Australian IP address?

The Digital revolution has changed the face of the world. After COVID-19, business and every aspect of life, including education, depend on digital technologies. In such a situation, traditional thieves have also changed to cyber thieves- in modern terms, Cyber hackers.

This is why the need for a VPN grows as well. Through its TUNNELLING, it lets your data pass through an encrypted tunnel before reaching the destination. The ISP and website can't figure out the place from where the web traffic is generated; consequently, secure and protect all your data and valuable information.

Also, during tunneling, a VPN masks your IP address and changes it with the IP of some other country. If you want to watch the Australian channel, it will assign you an Australian IP address. This is how you can access Australian sites and surpass geo-blocks.

What A VPN Can Do?

VPN is a complete package for all your digital problems. From security to streaming, VPN is giving you benefits from all sides. To know more, read a few lines below.

Stream anything of your choice.

A VPN can help you to get an Australian IP Address. You are not only Australian, but you can also get an IP address of any country you want. Through an Australian IP, you can unblock and stream any channel or website, including Netflix, 7Plus, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, and so on.

Unlimited Bandwidth

If you notice, sometimes your speed slows down. This is because an ISP throttles your speed. When an ISP checks you are using too much data, they cap your speed. Similarly, sometimes you get a shared network, and the speed decreases.

However, with a VPN, you are protected from all such issues. By hiding your IP, an ISP cannot see how much data you are using; hence, it would not affect your internet speed.

What VPN can DO?

Protection of yourself

Streaming is the second task of a VPN. The primary mission of any VPN server is protection and security for the user. It should protect your web traffic, which means a third party, such as trackers, government and hackers, cannot intervene in your personal digital space.

Once your data is secured, you will no longer worry about your personal information on Australian sites. Reliable VPNs should have

  1. No log policy
  2. Military-grade encryption
  3. Kill switch
  4. Obfuscation
  5. Multiple security VPN protocols
  6. Leak protection

We will discuss every point in detail when dealing with Top VPNs.

What you should look into when buying a VPN

Before deciding which VPN you want to use, have a checklist. Some of the essential components of a reliable VPN are:

  1. A VPN should have top-notch privacy and security features.
  2. A VPN should have AES 256-bit encryption for securely transferring your data.
  3. It should have a no-log policy and a location in the country that is outside the jurisdiction of any data retention laws.
  4. A VPN is used for streaming, so it should support high-performing speed.
  5. It should unblock every site.
  6. A reliable VPN should provide multiple simultaneous connections
  7. It should have servers not less than 2500 and be available in many countries.
  8. A VPN has no data limitation nor supports ISP throttling.

Best VPNs to get an Australian IP address

Among many, some of the top VPNs we are recommending to unblock Australian websites are:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Surfshark VPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. CyberGhost VPN

ExpressVPN – Premium VPN Service For Australian IP Address


The best Australian IP generator is Express VPN. It has 3000 servers in nearly half of the world and 64 countries. It has dedicated Australian servers in 5 locations of the country's entity, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, etc.

Plus, it is operatable on every iPhone or Smart TV; you can use Express on 5 devices simultaneously. It can unblock sites through Australian IP addresses, and you can watch ad-free streaming at high speed without buffering.

Additionally, the 24/7 customer support through live chat and email is the best. Let's discuss some of the essential features of Express in detail.

Military-grade protection

Express is famous for complete encryption. It acts in between your device and ISP. Express creates a secured SSL tunnel through which the data passes and is encrypted.

The data is secured by ES 256-bit encryption and is fortified with SHA-512 HMAC authentication and a 4096-bit RSA key. With this combination, the chances of any leak are near Zero.

Forward Secrecy

Express assigns you a new key whenever you connect with the software. It doesn't offer you a dedicated IP; instead, it maintains your privacy through IP routing and forwards secrecy, so no one can figure out what you did previously with every new key.

Industry-leading Protocols

ExpressVPN offers many VPN protocols fit for customer choice. Firstly, it has OpenVPN, which retains better speed plus privacy. Plus, it has Lightway protocol to configure and customize your VPN services as per your preference.

Express has PPTP AND L2TP/IPsec protocols for retaining privacy and maintaining speed while streaming videos and movies through the Australian IP address.

Trusted RAM Servers

Usually, the server's software runs over hard drives, which retain data. However, Express's servers run on RAM, meaning every power of your data is completely lost. No one can ever steal anything when information is not stored.

Kill switch

A kill switch is an advanced feature in many Paid VPNs. It acts as a value addition for VPNs. If, in any case, the VPN stops working, Express automatically on Network Lock, and your connection with the wifi will automatically lose to protect oyur data from any leaks.

Split Tunneling

Many apps and websites do not work on VPN. In such a case, split tunneling of ExpressVPN gives an edge to you to choose your web traffic. For instance, if an app is not working on a VPN, you can add it to the Split tunnel. Now, the app will open without a VPN.

Maintaining Anonymity

From encryption to speed, Express will surpass your expectations. The location is the cherry on top. Express is located in the British Virgin Islands, a country free from any jurisdiction of data retention.

This is why it has a strict no-log policy. For this purpose, Express conducts third-party audits from PWC and renowned Cybersecurity firm Cure3. So, for maintaining digital anonymity, Express is the best weapon.

Surfshark VPN – Reliable VPN For Streaming Australian Channels


Surfshark is new in the market and has become the most famous in such a short period. You can use Surfshark to stream whatever you want with complete privacy and anonymity. It has expanded its network with 3200 servers in 65 locations and dedicated servers in 5 Australian cities.

It can unblock many Australian streaming services, such as Channel 7, Netflix, Disney, Kayo Sports, and many more. Above all else, it provides unlimited simultaneous connections in one subscription.


Firstly, Surfshark has AES 256 BIT encryption and a secured wall that no one can ever break, not even cyber security hackers. Plus, its advanced security tools keep advertisers and surveillance agencies outside of the auspices of the user.

It also uses protocols like TCP, OpenVPN, or IKEv2 to retain privacy, security and speed. Plus, as Nord, Surfshark offers multihop VPN servers on which data passes twice. Also, it has a kill switch option to save from any mishap.


Surfsahrk always favors retaining the anonymity of the user. It encrypts your data, hides your IP address, and keeps you secure while surfing the web from snoopers and third-party hackers.

Additional Features

Surfshark has many outstanding features which need to be discussed here. First, it has a dedicated IP for users who prefer privacy. Plus, it has split tunneling for those who do not wanna run the VPN on some sites or apps.

NordVPN – Multiple VPN Servers in Australia


Besides Express, NordVPN is the best choice of many. It is the perfect alternative for price-conscious people. It has 5200 servers in 60 countries. Plus, there are 190 dedicated servers in 5 locations in Australian cities.

Not only this, NordVPN is incredibly famous for its encryption, privacy, and security without compromising speed at all. You can use Nord on any operating system simultaneously on 6 devices in one subscription.

Through Nord also, you can stream anything you want. Not only Australian websites but also other channels of different regions and countries.


As Express, Nord has commendable security tools and features. It has AES 256 BIT military-grade encryption, 2,048-bit DH keys, and SHA2-384 authentication with FORWARD SECRECY. You can watch anything while retaining your security and privacy from cyberattacks.

Double VPN Servers

Nord performs incredibly outstandingly when it comes to security. It uses double VPN servers to encrypt your data. For instance, the data on Nord passes through two servers to add an extra layer of protection.

However, this doesnt mean Nord will compromise on speed. It uses industry-leading WireGuard-protected NordLynx protocol for speedy connections.


For anonymity, Nord has many features. Firstly, it retains the complete privacy of a person. Whether you are browsing from Australia or India, Nord will not show any details. It has a kill switch industry-leading protocols to protect users' information.

Nord is based in Panama and free from any data retention laws. It also has a staunch no-log policy, which PricewaterhouseCoopers AG confirms. Additionally, Nord also has a kill switch facility.

Dedicated IP

Internet traffic is unbearable with snoopers, hackers, and third-party surveillance agencies. The website will block you if it detects you are an alien. To resolve all issues, Nord is offering dedicated IPs. A dedicated IP exclusively belongs to you. No one else can get it or share it.

CyberGhost VPN – Reliable and Secure Australian VPN Service


Expanded in 90-plus countries with 6200 servers, CyberGhost is one of the oldest VPNs that astutely understand what customers want. It also has 120+ dedicated servers in Australian cities, including Melbourne and Sydney.

You can stream Australian and other channels like Netflix, Disney Plus, and more channels through CyberGhost. You can use up to 7 devices with 1 subscription at a time.


CyberGhost also has banking-grade encryption with a kill switch, private DNS, etc. It also prevents malware from infecting your device. It also blocks ads.


CyberGhost does not need to comply with any data-related laws because the company is located in Romania. This is the reason why it has staunched a no-log policy.

Why do I need an IP address from Australia?

Australia has always been a country that strictly supports FREEDOM. They never speak against anyone expressing their concerns through social platforms. Australia is against any censorship.

However, they do have copyright issues. Torrenting copyright material is illegal in the country. As in 2016, the Federal Australian Court ordered ISPs to block BitTorrent. Plus, many channels and websites have copyright issues.

Owing to this, all these are geo-blocked and are only accessible through Australian IP addresses. These sites are Foxtel, SBS, ABC iView, Australian Netflix, 7 Plus, and many other channels.

DNS server in Australia

An IP address is just one method through which a website detects your physical location. Another method is DNS; Domain Name System, which also verifies IP addresses. When accessing a site in a restricted region, the website will check where the DNS request originates.

To prevent DNS leaks, we need the protection, which is VPN. Through a VPN-secured tunnel, a website cannot snoop into web activity.

Free VPNs for Australian IP Addresses

After digital concerns, the use of VPNs has grown significantly. Web browsers and apps are flooded with VPNs. Many offer free services, and there is no issue in getting a free IP address, but you need to pay the highest price.

These VPN providers earn by selling your data to advertisers. Plus, they dont have well-developed infrastructure, so there are high chances of DNS and IP leaks. Sometimes, due to insufficient encryption, malware can also attack your device.

How to get an Australian IP address without a VPN

Though VPN is the best choice, there are many ways to get an Australian IP address and watch Netflix Australia, Disney, Channel 7, or any other website.

How to get an Australian IP address without a VPN


Proxy servers are quite famous besides VPNs. Proxy servers mask your IP address by rerouting your web traffic. It redirects your web traffic and shows if it comes from another location so no one can comprehend your original IP address. As a result, you can retrieve pages anonymously.

For instance, if you are trying to access Channel 7 from the US through a proxy, it would feel like the traffic is generated from Australia rather than the US.

However, proxies have severe disadvantages. Firstly, it only secures the web traffic that it is rerouting. It doesn't reroute the whole traffic. Plus, the chances of cyberattacks and third-party surveillance remain the same.

Tor Browser

Tor browser is also a medium through which you can access Australian websites. Also called anonymous browsing, TOR is mainly used to access all stubborn sites, even the Dark Web. However, TOR browsers are usually unsecured.

It would help if you again had a VPN for TOR because it is highly insecure. Many VPNs, such as Nord, Surfshark, and Express, offer protection over TOR browsing, known as ONION OVER VPN.


Can I watch Australian TV abroad with a VPN?

Yes, you can watch any TV channel or website through a VPN if you live outside the boundaries of Australia.

Is a VPN easy to use?

It, however, depends. The VPNs suggest whether Nord, Express, or Surfshark have the easiest interface. Plus, they have 24/7 customer support; you can ask about your problems with their real-time customer representative anytime.

What Is the Best Free VPN for Getting an Australian IP Address?

Many use free VPNs, but we do not recommend them. Free VPN service providers do not cost you money but will take back your valuable information and sell it to advertisers.
Plus, they do not have a well-developed infrastructure; anyone can snoop into what you are doing. Even hackers can hack your data.

Are VPNs Illegal in Australia?

No, VPNs are not illegal in Australia. So, you don't need to worry about any restrictive laws. Yes, Australia supports geo-blocking concerns and copyright issues. So, you need a VPN to surpass such restrictions.

Does an IP address from Australia carry my personal information?

Hypothetically, an IP address cannot carry your information, but your browsing history is linked. So anyone can sneak if you have filled any form or add any information. Fortunately, VPNs have 256-bit encryption, which hides and protects your data from snooping.

How can I access Australian websites from overseas?

You can access Australian websites through a proxy, TOR browsing, or VPN. We recommend a VPN becasue it is the best way to get an Australian IP address along with the protection and security of your entire network.

How can I watch Channel 7 outside Australia?

Channel 7 is an Australian broadcasting network famous for the latest movies and shows. However, it is only available in Australia. Therefore, you will need any of our recommended VPNs to watch Channel 7 outside Australia.

Does 7plus work outside Australia?

7 Plus is famous for many of the latest series. From Master Chef to Survivor Australia and 9-1-1 Lone Star, you can watch all incredibly entertaining series, shows, and movies on 7 Plus. Still, it is blocked outside Australia due to copyright issues. It would be best if you had an Australian VPN server to unblock 7plus from anywhere and watch its content from anywhere abroad.


Getting an Australian IP address isn't as challenging as you think. You can take it for free, but be careful becasue a proxy or free VPN can't guarantee 100% security. However, a paid VPN does. All our recommended VPNs help circumvent websites and apps in geo-blocked regions and make your valuable data more secure and protected.

If you are also looking for an Australian IP through a VPN server, try our recommended VPNs. You can read more about VPNs Here.