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Hosting With cPanel

cPanel hosting is a web hosting control panel powerful software and a highly-recommended option in the tech community. cPanel hosting is known for a graphically interactive, user-friendly interface to help you eliminate technical and developmental issues by giving you the opportunity of decision-making when you host a website. You can manage files, SEO optimizations, Domains, Email addresses, FTP accounts, data tracking and stats by creating a MySQL database.

Best shared hosting plans have an easy cPanel control panel setup process; you don't have to be a tech pro to have an easy-to-use control panel and root access hosting experience through a cPanel account. It is a treat for newbies and a piece of cake for pro users. Also, you get advanced features in the following hosting options.

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting
  3. Dedicated hosting
  4. Managed WordPress hosting
  5. Cloud hosting

Here is the list of other Web hosting providers that offer all hosting options. If you are looking for the best cPanel Host, jump directly to BlueHost.

The Best cPanel Web Hosting

cpanal web hosting

cPanel hosting service must offer at least a free SSL certificate, structure management access, live chat support, encrypted communication tunnels like SSH access, secure data, and at least 20 GB SSD storage in a site builder plan via any web hosting company in the hosting plans.

The following web hosting with cPanel hosting offers these and many other features with the interactive user interface to ensure you have complete control over your website, including backups, files, themes, enough disk space, email accounts, and alignment of all hosting cPanel plans.

cPanel & WHM

cPanel & WHM is a cPanel, LLC production that helps you develop your website. It's a user-friendly site control panel to support the website owner in managing the site — free drag-and-drop options for your hosting experience.

cPanel is built for the Linux operating system that helps the end-user through any web hosting server plan. It's not a server hosting provider but a third-tier structure manager that allows the website owner to simplify the hosting through its graphical interface (GUI) and automation tools.

Safe Server Management

cPanel is available on dedicated servers, Virtual Private servers, Shared servers, and Cloud servers through command-line scripts. The user gets SSH access to retrieve the files to restart the server while resolving the tissues (if any) to improve performance. It makes the system backup process easier while you can manage domains that include free unlimited emails.

Automation Tools

cPanel and WHM

  1. Auto-Installers
  2. Backup Utilities
  3. Billing Automation 
  4. cPanel Conference Exhibitors 
  5. Development Services 
  6. Domains & DNS 
  7. Email Tools 
  8. Misc. Applications 
  9. Mobile Apps 
  10. Multi-Level Reseller 
  11. Security 
  12. SEO & Marketing Tools 
  13. Themes and Skins 
  14. Web Server Alternatives 
  15. Website Builders 

24/7 Customer Support team

cPanel hosting seems easy, but customer support is always available, like a web host or website builder. cPanel hosting has got your back!

cPanel hosting offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don't get the services you were looking for.


cPanel & WHM offer the following software in its cPanel web hosting plans to keep you updated. It leads to the best cPanel web hosting provider while satisfying its customers with upgraded technologies.

WordPress latest version, i.e., 5.0.3 and a GPL 2 license,

Roundcube's latest version, i.e., 1.3.7, and a GPL 3 license,

Git the newest version is 2.20.1, and a GPL 2 license,

MariaDB's latest version, i.e., 10.3.12, and a GPL 2 license,

Ruby's latest version, i.e., 2.4.5, and you can customize your license.

Metal Licenses

This license is designed for a dedicated server for a perfectly suitable environment while getting an irresistible amount of resources and controls.

Cloud Licenses

This license is designed for VPS and Cloud instances from a cloud network. The cloud license adapts to the virtual environment as it focuses on growing and managing the website's bandwidth, depending on the demands.

cPanel Account Tier

cPanel web hosting has a lot to offer you, including a free domain name, 50 GB SSD Storage and more. They provide the following plans to support the customers in every way possible.

cPanel solo

This cPanel hosting plan is designed for small businesses, freelancers, web developers and bloggers that need one hosting account. It costs $15 per month.


This cPanel hosting plan is designed for mid-level agencies and businesses, application developers, and web designers that need lesser hosting accounts. It costs $ 22 per month.


This cPanel hosting plan is designed for large agencies and businesses that need scalable hosting accounts for visibly rapid growth. It costs $ 32 per month.


This plan supports enterprise-level businesses needing unlimited hosting accounts like data centers and massive monthly SSD storage. It costs $48 per month.

Custom Control Panel

You can get Custom cPanel hosting that offers ssh access, dedicated servers, unlimited advertising credits through SEO optimization, a smooth hosting experience, drag-and-drop features, and complete email addresses for your site. Get cPanel, so you don't need other website control panels to control your FTP accounts.

Free SSL Certificate

The certificates that cPanel & WHM offer its customers are cPanel-signed SSL certificates and Sectigo SSL Certificates. These two certificates are trusted worldwide to secure websites through cPanel hosting. One of the best cPanel feature so far!

Pros and Cons


  •  Get cPanel to get free SSL installed quickly.
  • You can have unlimited email addresses and account creation and management
  • Get Easy FTP account management
  • You can also avail Easy way of subdomain creation from web hosts through free cPanel


  • The price of cPanel & WHM services is higher than the website builder that offers free cPanel options in their shared, dedicated servers in the initial year.

BlueHost – Premium cPanel Hosting Provider

Bluehost - Affordable Web Hosting

BlueHost has been great in time to be one of the best hosting providers offering excellent cPanel hosting plans, features, and services, including a cPanel control panel to keep your web hosting account well managed. It allows you to access additional features, especially on WordPress websites. The latest version of cPanel

BlueHost Control Panel

BlueHost has a control panel but also offers you cPanel hosting for ease. It gives a smooth experience managing databases, free domains, file logs, Mail, Preferences, Security, SEO Tools and software updates.

FREE 1-year domain registration

Get a one-year free domain registration from BlueHost and avail best cPanel experience from a renowned hosting provider. This hosting provider offers free migration of domains, so you don't need to worry about your existing fields if you want to switch to the web host.

FREE MySQL transfer & script transfer

You can migrate your databases and scripts safely.n You can transfer your script to BlueHost without worrying about security during migration.

FREE Dedicated IP and email

You get a free dedicated IP address and email in all hosting plans (just not in shared hosting plans). You will own a slot on the internet space with a domain name and a dedicated IP, partially the securest and speediest option to handle the run of your website.

One-click Installs

You can start building and hosting your website with BlueHost. It offers the easiest ways to make websites through one-click installations for your site. All the hosting plans include a free cPanel feature to get you hands-on experience managing your site.

FREE website & domain transfers

You can migrate your website and domain from other platforms to BlueHost without any hustle, as it offers a hustle-free procedure for shifting the platform. You don't need to worry about the hosting plan you used to avail yourself; you can continue the same hosting option or change to other options. 

Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited disk space

BlueHost has been the leading web host list for its features, keeping clients satisfied. Nobody likes to get a limited number of services; keeping it in mind, BlueHost has unmetered bandwidth and disk space. Some limitations and terms lie side-by-side, which is mandatory to keep an eye on. Be careful while consuming the features; we hope to keep you safe from facing repercussions.

30-day money-back guarantee

Get your money back without giving it a second thought. If unsatisfied, your data and information will be safely returned to you and your money within 30 days. The refund policy requires a thorough read.

FREE SSL certification

BlueHost will also offer you Free SSL Certificates as they ensure the security and privacy of your data and information on your website. Your domains/subdomain server stays safe. cPanel makes it easier as it allows you to manage as you like. 


The performance of BlueHost has not trooped down to a lower level in ages as it offers a satisfactory hosting experience, from free domain to security certificates that can satisfy the customers of one's business site to grow. Plus, the point is that it gives a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Support

Its customer support is one of the pluses that BlueHost is known for. Bluehost does not give you any bumpy rides while resolving your issues through live chat support or call support. It's available worldwide 24/7.

Pros and Cons


  • cPanel helps you meet web hosting requirements by handling and managing the BlueHost account. Beginners and expert users can both slide through the process.
  • You can access Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Zen Cart, OS Commerce cart and many other applications to access SimpleScripts add-ons on cPanel with BlueHost.
  • Migration becomes smooth with BlueHost; you can easily switch your platform without any data transfer charges. Migration with cPanel speeds up the process.
  • You can manage all your websites and create new ones with the same cPanel; It doesn't have any specifications for the kinds of your websites.


  • The renewal prices are higher; it might be expensive for beginners as its renovation charges can almost double the introductory price.

Plans and Pricing Comparison

24/7/365 Support
Daily Backups
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL Certificate
Custom Control Panel
Customer ServiceBetterBetter
Money-back guarantee30days45days
Six-months plan$9.99 per month2€/m
Yearly plan$8.32/m3.25€/m
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Is cPanel hosting worth it?

cPanel hosting is a flex. You get the authority to keep the management in your hands while you desire to change your website.

How do I host a website using cPanel?

You build a website and select a hosting option from a reliable hosting company that must offer shared hosting plans, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and Dedicated hosting. Once you choose the required hosting plan, check which hosting plan provides cPanel. You must consider a plan with cPanel if you are looking forward to having access to manage your website on your own.

Can I use cPanel for free?

You can use cPanel for free if your hosting plan includes this option. Some hosting companies like BlueHost, Hostinger, and Hostgator give you a cPanel in all their hosting plans without extra charges.

Is cPanel hosting? 

It's a section of hosting, a third-party application that allows you to manage your web files, data and domain while enabling you to create your email accounts and publish websites. While you host a website, cPanel allows you to manage your website from your hands, so you don't have to wait for the other end to make changes while building and hosting your site.

What is cPanel shared hosting?

A web host that includes cPanel in its shared web hosting plans is called cPanel shared hosting, as simple as that. The website builder gives you free cPanel for a year to let you experience the hold of authority in shared hosting. cPanel in a shared hosting plan works as a control panel.

Final Verdict

cPanel is software; it is built to manage the that is affiliated with multiple web hosts. These Web Hosts include cPanel in their hosting plans and packages, which has made it easier for website owners to create, host and manage their websites without having a tough time.

The two major cPanel providers are BlueHost & HostGator, with multiple plans and features to offer you while keeping it simple and attractive. A website builder that gives you different control panel options might keep you involved in managing your account while web hosting. cPanel hosting makes it easier for you to pass the path. Get the best cPanel hosting options for an unlimited free domain name, email accounts, storage and a money-back guarantee. Easily manageable web hosting comes with cPanel. Get it now!

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