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About Game Server Hosting

It's a separate client program that helps you get the different game servers to interact with the game. Games like Starbound, Counter-Strike, ARK, Minecraft, Space Engineers and Rust need a server service to get a separate server. To avoid crashes and downtime while playing video games, some companies offer you game servers for rent; gaming server hosts fix your security issues and help you handle lots of players from worldwide. And you can also buy the game server files from them; the packages and prices depend on your chosen services.

ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server Hosting


You need a dedicated hosting server service to play video games with highly optimized features. Any server host that helps you with the flexibility for uptime and bandwidth gives you speeds, SSD storage, manage online traffic. It gives you a voice chat experience as flat as a pancake and supports plugins, mods, and unlimited slots to improve your gaming environment.

Cheap Server hosting for ARK survival Evolved must have the following features to offer you as a gamer, and you can play for hours with security and high speeds.

Ark Game Server Features & Required Server Settings

The cheapest game server hosting that offers you excellent options and lets you play your favorite game without any hustle are the ones you should go for. Make sure the server host offers you the following features as well.

Instant Ark Dedicated Server Setup

If ARK Survival Evolved servers host offers an instant setup install and takes no time to start the process. Check what devices are compatible with the installation. Your Hardware has an essential role; check if your system configurations allow the ARK Survival Evolved setup to install. It has nothing to do with the locations if the server host has high-performance supported services.

Money-Back Guarantee

Cutthroat ark survival evolved servers host indicates the real side by not offering the refund policy and money-back guarantee. Customer satisfaction starts to build when they see that their money is not at stake, and if the performance is not adequate, they are not at a loss.

Control Panel

Find an ARK server hosting control panel settings that give you full FTP access, supported features, system configuration, system performance, plugins, mods, slots, customer network, server files manager and location unblocking support.


Ensure the Ark game server host provides you with backup options so you can retrieve the world saved from dinosaurs if you lose the custom file. You get file manager and FTP access for backups and restore the saved data. Cross-play is on new servers automatically by default setting.

Backup for slots, mods, plugins and other features is easy but is your network providing easy-going services without taking hours?


If the hosting server service keeps you upgraded by updating the server while you and other game servers are not online, it's a positive sign that your hosting provider is doing a good job. Check if the ARK Survival server has the following versions given by the ARK server hosting provider on the respective hardware.

PS4: Current Server Version: v561.4 – 03/24/2022

Xbox one: Current Server Version: v811.3 – 03/24/2022

PC: Current Version: v325.6 – 03/24/2022


There must be Distributed denial of service-DDoS protection to keep you safe from hackers and attacks that can cause damage to your device or game server and network. Also, when you find a host that offers you DDoS Protection, ensure the service has been given without lagging and disturbance. Else get the24/7 Support to turn down the service. 


Suppose you have ARK game servers host, and you end up having a perplexing experience with the current service in the future; what would you do if it doesn't offer you free migration? You will be stuck with thugs for a time. WATCH OUT! Read thoroughly about the policies and features before you pay to install the game server from anywhere in the world.

Hosting Server Performance

If the host offers you remarkable services in different locations, ensure its performance to Manage passwords and access application files. Cross-play settings and a speedy uptime are automatic or one clicks away so you can enjoy playing games with your friends. A file manager and FTP access are essential so that you can restore or backups your saved data and API plugins manually. How would you be secured if your host does not provide you with the IP address according to your location? Customers' satisfaction should be the key to your chosen hosting services provider.

Customer Support

ARK server hosting service must realize the importance of customer support. It is not a smooth ride, and 24/7 support is mandatory. If the game server hosting provider you choose has terrible reviews about customer support, no matter if the other services are better, don't take a chance and skip that option you intend to opt to access ARK servers.

Data Centers / Server Locations

Hosting services having data centers in multiple locations is what you should look for when choosing a game server hosting for the ARK server. The more data centers, the more accessibility and speeds you get; it automatically retrieves your data files. Whether you live in Los Angeles or France, there must not be a setback.

About ARK: Survival Evolved Game

ark server -

As ARK survival evolved is a complex game and not everyone's cup of tea. Although it is challenging, It keeps the player indulging in the game by giving multiple features and storylines in the yearly updates. You can enjoy playing ARK Survival Evolved from anywhere in the world, but there are some restrictions and limitations that a hosting service can get you through. Game server hosting services help you connect with the ARK Survival Evolved game server's network for instant setup.

There are some significant features and services that the game offers you are:


This game has 29 server clusters in different locations, and customers can enjoy playing with their friends as the server does not lag even if your settings are limited. You can also play as a single-server, explore maps and play with unknown people worldwide; you can also switch locations.


The files of this game will be saved in your C:\Program Files. The folder gets bigger after every update as it is repeatedly kept in the existing folder. Saved files help you get automatic backups to enjoy playing this game with your friends.


Slots are the number of players that you get for your game. You get free features; you can select the maps and mods and choose the slots you want to play with from the settings. Get support from customer service representatives if you find hurdles in adding or subtracting the slots. Players' slots are not limited, but Dinos have a limit of 300 on any map.


You get easy Install Mods to choose from about 1,800 Ark Server mods, custom maps, and Steam Workshop mods from the settings and control panel. Some of the most consumed mods are:

  1. Castle, Keeps, and Fortresses
  2.  ARK Additions: The Collection
  3. Jetpack Mod
  4.  Shopping Mod
  5. Noob Starter Kit
  6. Health and Torpor Bars
  7. Play As Dino
  8.  Rideable Alpha Dodos
  9. Ultra Stacks
  10.  Zipline System


You can install the plugins according to the configuration of your device. Following are some of the most installed plugins to improve the gaming experience.

  1. expansions include Primitive Plus
  2.  Scorched Earth
  3. Ragnarok, Aberration
  4. Extinction and Valguero


If you want to play ARK, check if your device has at least 8GB RAM, 60GB HDD, 720p Screen resolution, broadband internet connection network, and DirectX Version 10. Also, GPU: NVIDIA GTX 670 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB or better, CPU: Intel Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320 better, OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 64-bit versions. You also need a graphic card; AMD Radeon HD 7870 is best for this game.

ARK Survival Evolved Series

  1. Ark: Survival – Crystal Isles 2020 Linux, Macintosh, Windows
  2. ARK: Survival – Genesis Season Pass 2019 Linux, Macintosh, PlayStation 4, Windows, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  3. ARK: Survival – Valguero 2019 Linux, Macintosh, Windows
  4. ARK: Park 2018 PlayStation 4, Windows
  5. ARK: Survival -Extinction 2018 Linux, Macintosh, PlayStation 4, Windows, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  6. ARK: Survival – Bionic Quetzal Skin 2017 PlayStation 4, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  7. ARK: Survival – Bionic Stegosaurus Skin 2017 PlayStation 4, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  8. ARK: Survival – Bionic Trike Skin 2017 PlayStation 4, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  9. ARK: Survival – Explorer's Edition2017 Linux, Macintosh, PlayStation 4, Windows, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  10. ARK: Survival – Aberration2017 Linux, Macintosh, PlayStation 4, Windows, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  11. ARK: Survival – Bionic Raptor Skin2017PlayStation 4, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  12. ARK: Survival – Ragnarok2017Linux, Macintosh, Windows
  13. ARK: Survival – Season Pass2017 Linux, Macintosh, PlayStation 4, Windows, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  14. ARK: Survival – Bionic Mosasaurus Skin2017PlayStation 4, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  15. ARK: Survival – Bionic Parasaur Skin2017PlayStation 4, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  16. ARK: Survival – Survival of the Fittest2016Linux, Macintosh, Windows
  17. ARK: Survival – Scorched Earth2016 Linux, Macintosh, PlayStation 4, Windows, Windows Apps, Xbox One
  18. ARK: Survival – Primitive+2016 Linux, Macintosh, Windows
  19. ARK: Survival – The Center2016 Linux, Macintosh, Windows
  20. ARK: Survival Evolved 2015 Linux, Macintosh, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, Windows Apps, Xbox One


How much is it to host an ark server?

The pricing starts at an affordable $19.99 per month for your ARK server hosting. Plus, there are no slot limits!

Can you host an ark server for free?

you can make your own ARK server by using the control panel. Now it's easier than ever to make your own ARK server

Does Ark have dedicated servers?

Creating a dedicated ARK server is more complex than buying hosting, but it's also much cheaper. If you use existing hardware, the only cost to you will be electricity and internet. Alternatively, you can rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for a fraction of the price of an ARK server rental.

Can you rent an ark server?

You can rent an ark Survival Evolved PC game server, play ARK Survival now, and rent an ARK server for PC from Nitrado. The ARK Game is also available on Google Play Store and App Store.

How much are Ark servers?

It depends on your hosting service; different hosting service providers have a wide range of packages and plans in other locations. You must find the correct game server hosting provider with a history of satisfied customers.

Is Ark a dying game?

It's not a dying game in the first place, as you can find your body within the given time of some minutes and reclaim your equipment in the world of the game before the dinosaur eats your body or anybody else finds it before you.

Is Ark worth playing in 2022?

It's worth it if you are a gamer and know how to play without dying and being eaten by the dinosaurs. There are continuous file updates, backup options, and upgrade features within the games, including maps and steam workshop mods.

Which cheap Ark Server is the best?

The best ARK servers offer you single and multiplayer games servers, slots, mods, plugins, extensions, maps, automatic updates, custom servers, a user-friendly control panel, updated settings and automatic DDoS protection. Servers hosting providers must have maps and steam workshop access and options.

How do I host a modded Ark server?

You can host Steam Workshop Mods to your ARK Server by following the mentioned steps
– Go to the control panel and navigate to files>Config Files.
– Open the GameUserSettings.ini file
– Enter the Mod IDs of each mod you require to access and separate each of them by commas in the Active Mods field
– Save it and restart to connect with your server and have an automatic setup once you restart the game.

Final Verdict

According to the requirements, the ARK server hosting provider creates a server for any game you wish to play. You can rent the server if you can't afford to make your server or buy it. The best server hosting companies are the ones that offer you Customer service, data centers, instant setup, money-back guarantee, Control Panel, automatic backups, free updates, DDoS, Migration and performance.

Any hosting server service for games like ARK must give you different Maps and Steam Workshop mods and lets you create your server is good to go. Just keep your operating system updated. Gamers can ren the servers to check the ARK game.