Applications and websites are built through web hosting services, depending upon your business requirement. To focus on your business more and worry less about your website's technicalities, one should go for cloud resources. Cloud hosting assures flexibility and scalability of servers virtually and physically instead of working on a single server. It keeps the speed of your app or website faster, give high uptime and redundant server. It set up a speed server with hardware safety that works best for scalable traffic. Its easy-to-use, dedicated resources and fully managed cloud hosting, including speed, uptime, maintenance and monitoring. Best for Online Businesses.

Best cloud hosting providers offer robust features and services in their cloud hosting plans if you choose the web hosting plans with server resources. That includes sufficient Memory (RAM), SSD Storage, CPU Cores, Bandwidth, Speed Boost, Isolated resources, free domain registration, Free dedicated IP, Free SSL certificate, Cloudflare integration, Cache manager, Email Accounts, 1-click app installer, Daily back-up, powerful Control Panel, Uptime, huge database size, multiple PHP versions.

Once you find these basic features through a cloud hosting provider, you choose to build customized infrastructure to give your online business high-performance and speed.

5 Best Cloud Hosting Services

The top five cloud hosting services i.e. Cloudways, Hostinger, Hostgator, SiteGround, DreamHost serve quality features and plans in the market as hosting providers.

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1. CloudWays

Cloudways - #1 Cloud Hosting Service

This hosting provider has some incredible cloud hosting plans in the hosting industry as a cloud host. CloudWays takes charge of the backend worries of your website for your online business. All a client is left with strategies to build your business and leave the web building and maintaining hassle on Cloudways. Cloudways have a trusted team of experts for your managed cloud hosting.

All of the features mentioned below are included in all cloud hosting packages.

  1. 24/7 Live Chat: You can call or search query about cloud hosting plans or other web hosting services anytime from anywhere.
  2. Online Ticketing: Its support team issue tickets for you for a tricky hosting solution.
  3. Enhanced SLAs: Its customer service continually improving its support as a cloud hosting platform.
  4. Server Customization and Configuration: You can as for a customized plan according to your website's requirement for your online. You don't have to stick with the already-built cloud hosting plan that Cloudways has to offer.
  5. Phone Access: You don't have to roam around and find sources to connect with an expert. Get the phone access and resolve the issue.
  6. Application-level Issues: This feature fix database, server, plug-ins, themes errors in no time.
  7. Proactive Application Monitoring: The team monitors your server and stack 24/7 and notify you if there's an issue at the backend.
  8. Close Partnership: Its premium support makes it one of the best-managed cloud hosting providers with every hosting solution you look for.
  9. Private Slack Channel: This web host gives a private channel on Slack to connect with the expert team from the customer service of Cloudways.
  10. Fast Ticket Response Times: This way, you can get connected to expert support within 10 minutes, no matter the time.
  11. Dedicated Environment: Here Come the Technicalities. The right Web hosting plan for your businesses is essential for your business to grow as healthy food for your body. This feature let you independent from the limitations of shared hosting and provides you with the cloud hosting services that allow you to ratchet up server and web performance.
  12. SSD-Based Hosting: It reduces the load time of your web page, and is 3x faster, improves the performance of your website.
  13. Built-in Advanced Caches: Cloudways have ready-to-use caches, i.e. Memcached, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis, that response instantly.
  14. PHP 7 Ready Servers: This cloud web hosting service has PHP 7.3 servers which are apparently used to keeps up with the performance of your site as its faster and the cloud servers are efficient.
  15. CloudwaysCDN: The content delivery network (CDN) is far the most straightforward yet powerful feature that has a lot to do with your site's uptime.
  16. Auto-Healing Managed Cloud Servers: In-case your website crashes, the auto-healing manages cloud server will fix it without giving you any headache so you can focus on your business and not the website.
  17. Free WordPress Cache Plugin: Cloudways have Breeze installed to give you the experience of effortless WordPress performance without any extra money; it includes the hosting plan.
  18. Free Magento Full Page Cache: It improves the Magento performance in a Built-in full-page cache.
  19. HTTP/2 Supported Servers: This feature will enhance the speed of the connection between the web server and the customer as the servers of Cloudways are enabled through HHTP/2 with remarkable staging.
  20. 1-Click Free SSL Installation: It fulfils all the HTTP/2 requirements for free to build a secure website for your business through this cloud hosting service.
  21. IP Whitelisting: It gives you access to SSH and SFTP while providing you with the option of making your whitelisted IPs collaborate with the other networks.
  22. Regular Security Patching: There are regular OS patches to secure your program's activity or product on the website of your business in the server resources of the hosting plan.
  23. Two-Factor Authentication: This feature is for the security and privacy of your account. Its a layering process of sign-up; it comes with every hosting plan.
  24. Bot Protection: This cloud web hosting provider has come up with “Malcare” that keeps you protected by the forced login attacks, traffic congestion and DOS (Denial of service).
  25. All PHP Apps Supported: This cloud hosting service support all PHP apps to give you the freedom of dedicated servers, including PaaS, SaaS and LaaS.


  1. No Long-Term Contract: Customers can avail themselves of the cloud web hosting services as free birds, just pay for what they use and no yearly packages to be bound with.
  2. Global Availability: It has multiple server options worldwide to offer its cloud hosting services. You can connect to any of their nearest servers to get going.
  3. Cloudways Support Add-ons: Its support add-ons are the cherry on the cake. You get more options in server resources.
  4. Launch 10+ Apps Through 1-Click: You can deploy 10+ WordPress and Magento sites with one-click. Most effortless hosting so far.
  5. Application Upgrade Add-on: You can choose this option in your hosting plans to keep your application or website automatically upgraded as needed.
  6. Application Migration Add-on: The experts of the best cloud web hosting servers migrate your site in the least downtime; you get infrastructure guidance on one free migration.
  7. 24/7 Real-time Monitoring: Website and data will be monitored and secured all the time so the customer can rely on the web hosts.
  8. CloudwaysBot Notifications: This feature integrates with slack, email and other chat supports through an efficient smart assistant for optimization.


  1. Domain name registration: There is no option for domain name registration which is saddening for some. But still, the best cloud web hosting provider so far. Cloudways specialize in the field of web hosting.
  2. File manager: The control panel is not accessible which is why the file manager is not supported
  3. Emails: one must charge extra for the increment of emails in all web hosting plans.


Cloud hosting plans are usually expensive but here you will find pocket-friendly charges in all hosting options. Obviously, no business owner would compromise on the website's uptime and speed. If a cloud hosting service provides impressive features in the hosting plan, who would go elsewhere for the solutions.

Plan 1: RAM 1GB, Processor 1 Core, Storage 25GB, Bandwidth 1TB in just $ 10 /mo

Plan 2: RAM 2GB, Processor 1 Core, Storage 50GB, Bandwidth 2TB in just $ 22 /mo

Plan 3: RAM 4GB, Processor 4 Core, Storage 80GB, Bandwidth 4TB in just $ 42 /mo (Most consumed)

Plan 4: RAM 8GB, Processor 4 Core, Storage 160GB, Bandwidth 5TB in just $ 80 /mo

2. Hostinger

Hostinger - Uptime Guaranteed

Hostinger is one of the most reliable cloud hosting services that offer multiple web hosting options i.e. shared web hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, CyberPanel VPS hosting and windows VPS. This is not it! Hostinger also serves as a website builder and domain provider as well.

Its cloud hosting is amazing where you find affordable cloud hosting plans. Hostinger gives up to a 4x faster hosting experience with the Uptime of 99.9% guaranteed. You get superior speed performance through a powerful control panel. Hostinger manages your account and takes charge of providing, impressive services for the web, apps and other online platforms.


Innovative Control Panel: If you want to keep access to your control panel, Hostinger's control panel will give the smoothest experience.

Dedicated IP and Resources: Hostinger offers you a dedicated IP address with RAM, CPU, and SSD Disk Space. All the resources are impressive when compared with the prices.

Top-level Data Backups: No customer must be worried about the data as Hostinger keeps the backup, and you can retrieve your site data without any headache.

Instant Setup: Hostinger has a team built of experts built for its customers to provide the instant setup for any hosting.

Latest Technologies: It's important to know what's new in the market and consume it until you get the latest technology updates and upgrades from your web hosting provider.

Integrated Caching: Not all sites have cache options, but through Hostinger, Your site will have an impressive loading speed, won't let cool one's heels.

Fully Managed: It gives you nothing but a 24/7 service of experts to manage your website, and the monitoring continued.


  • Multicraft Control Panel: It comes with
  • Customer support: You get customer support anytime, anywhere, no matter which plans you have purchased as it is available in both Free and Paid plans.
  • Refunds: Although you won't find any problem while availing of the cloud hosting service of Hostinger, in case you find yourself left with disappointment, claim for a refund through its 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Automatic site backups: Hostinger gives you three options to backup your site data. Option one will provide you with the chance to backup, automatic complete account data. Option two will provide you with automatic home directory backup, and option three will give you access to manually backup your website.


  • Storage: You will have to buy the storage exclusive of the plan because it might not be enough for some.
  • Servers: The platform has limited server locations.
  • Control panel: It might be difficult to use and test for some, not for beginners.


The three plans that are insanely convincing are mentioned below

StartUp: 300 Websites, 200 GB, SSD Stor, age, 3 GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores for $9.99/m

Professional: 300 Websites, 250 GB SSD Storage, 6 GB RAM, 4 CPU Cores for $18.99/m

Global: 300 Websites, 300 GB, SSD Storage, 16 GB RAM, 8 CPU Cores for $69.99/m

3. Hostgator

Hostgator - Affordable Cpanel Hosting

HostGator is one of the oldest hosting providers worldwide and it wins in keeping the consistency of monumental web hosting services through years. as compared to other web hosts, HostGator has been offering irresistible cloud web hosting services. You can monitor the stats of performance from the dashboard. This hosting provider has many compelling reasons to choose its cloud hosting plans.


Domains: You can register your domain from the list of free domain names registration for cloud hosting. If you already have a domain name and want to shift to HostGator, it might take 5-7 days, but it's free; wait is worth the while.

Available CPU: HostGator monitors all central processing units usage and optimize cloud plans accordingly.

Available Memory: The available RAM given through your chosen plan can be shared and not dedicated. The memory levels of RAM for cloud hosting starts from 2 GB to 6 GB.

Local Caching: HostGator offer integrated caching which will give your site a speedy loading time, customer built speed.

Dedicated IP: This option is not included in the Hatchling plan and can not be added. However, you can add the dedicated IP in your baby plan and pay extra for your wiser privacy, whereas the business plan has the option of dedicated IP for free.

SSL: It encrypts your data like banking details and other personal and professional data entries and keeps privacy and security on point.

Bandwidth: All the plans of HostGator for cloud hosting includes unlimited Bandwidth and disk space without a doubt.


  • Refunds: It gives you a sufficient amount of time to decide to choose Hostgator as your cloud hosting provider for your website. In the odd case, you can claim your refund within 45 Days as per its Money-Back Guarantee.
  • cPanel: How don't you like to keep control of everything? Hostgator will give you Full Control with cPanel as it's your property after you purchase cloud servers.
  • Site Migration: You can migrate your site to Hostgator in no time and without any charges. It's Free to head towards the Hostgator cloud hosting plan.
  • Backup: You get the backup for Free as it's reliable.


  • Renovation Prices: It's an old but pricy cloud web hosting provider among other Costly providers.
  • Certificates: Unfortunalety,HTTPS and SSL are not Included in Letsencrypt which is kind of disappointing but its available as ad-ons.


Hatchling Plan: Single website, One-click WordPress installs, Free WordPress/cPanel website transfer, Unmetered bandwidth  Free SSL certificate, Free Domain in $2.75/m (introductory)

Baby Plan: Unlimitedwebsite, One-click WordPress installs, Free WordPress/cPanel website transfer, Unmetered bandwidth  Free SSL certificate, Free Domain in$3.50/m (introductory)

Business Plan: Unlimitedwebsite, One-click WordPress installs, Free WordPress/cPanel website transfer, Unmetered bandwidth  Free SSL certificate, Free Domain, Free upgrade to Positive SSL, Free dedicated IP, Free SEO tools in $5.25/m (introductory)

Plans And Pricing Comparison

Free SSD storage
99.9% Uptime
Multi-layer defence
Money-back30 days30 days45 days
SSL Certificate
Email accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Fast Network time
Automatic backups
Free site migration
Managed database and cPanel
Get It NowGet It NowGet It Now


Can you host a website on iCloud?

You can host your website on a cloud server and connect it with your iCloud to keep the data in a private place.

How do I host a website on the cloud for free?

You can work with Amazon web Services (AWS) which is flexible but its not just a cloud hosting service only so you will have to worry about maintenance and monitoring.

Which cloud server is best?

As mentioned above, Cloud ways are the best cloud server and the reasons are clearly mentioned.

Is there any free cloud server?

Nothing is free funded when it comes to quality products and services. Cloud hosts are not free.
What is the difference between cloud-based and server-based?

Is Web Hosting a cloud service?

Web hosting includes shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud hosting and others. Cloud service is a part of web hosting and has features that are meant to comfort the customers. Check the website hosting services.

What is a cloud web host?

A server, offer a website hosting option that allows you to give you your own slot on the internet. Its mostly used to keep the loading time of the website higher and speedy.
Can AWS host my website? ofcourse! amazon web services help you built, manage and deploy your website with different hosting options that includes impressive amount of storage and bandwidth.

Which cloud hosting service is best?

Cloud Ways is the best cloud hosting service these days as it has upgraded versions and newest features for you to start your online business with.

Is cloud hosting better?

Cloud hosting in comparatively better in terms of speed and load time for your e-commerce website or website of any genre.

Why cloud hosting is the best?

There are some obvious reasons why cloud hosting is best, majaore ones include loading time, privacy, accuracy, stability, reliability and flexibility in managing your website.

When should you use cloud hosting?

You should look for cloud hosting providers when you want to keep the slot on the internet of your website for yourself only. Unlike shared hosting, cloud hosting helps you when you don't want to have time to manage your website (security monitoring, financing, cache and bugs, updates and upgrades etc). Cloud hosting providers like Cloudways, Hostinger and HostGator takes care of it in no time.

How do I host a website on the cloud?

You can host a website on cloud through a web hosting server that provide you with fully managed features to help you build and maintain your site.

What is the cheapest cloud hosting?

The only server that offer the cheapest cloud hosting services is DreamHost for now. It has some handsome features in lesser prices, unexpectedly.

How much does it cost to host a website on Google cloud?

its starting price is $49 and in increases as per your requirements of the features and services you want to add in the package.

Is cloud hosting good?

Cloud hosting is definitely the safest and wisest option to choose while launching or growing your online business. Your customer need on-click action and it works faster than other web hosting options.

Final Verdict

Lets just cut short and precise for you. Cloud hosting is a wise choice to make. Suppose you want to build and grow your business with a secure and fully managed service that allows you to focus on your business strategies instead of wasting time on unnecessary back-end monitoring to keep the bugs lags away from your site. Cloudways, Hostinger and HostGator are the best cloud web hosting services that offer nothing but satisfaction in money, time, privacy, security, speed, stability and flexibility.

You can check our website hosting list to get the idea of services known for their remarkable service provision record.