Best VPN Service Providers for 2022 – Unblock Websites & Apps

The internet provides many possibilities. We can search for different information using our smartphones, tablets, and PCs and buy our favorite clothing brands in the comfort of our homes. We can pay utility bills, banking expenses, and other expenditures with a button. We can watch movies, play games, listen to songs, and more.

The online world, however, poses safety risks. Identity theft and hacking are a few concerns for many of us. Good news! There are ways to protect ourselves from these security dangers. Using the best VPN in today’s market is one of the most effective solutions.

But with the variety of VPNs, it would be confusing to make an option with confidence. Don’t worry! This comprehensive guide got you covered. You have come to the right place, from the best VPNs to the importance of a trusted virtual network. Without further ado, let’s begin!

If you are looking for the best VPN service in 2022, jump to ExpressVPN.

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SurfShark VPN
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Multi-Device Support
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Review Top 10 VPN Services

You have done some research on the best VPNs. How’s your experience? There is much of data to narrow down, right? Say bye to any hassles! This section comprises the best VPN Providers that will help keep your browsing experience more secure and less risk-free.

ExpressVPN – Overall Best VPN Solution With Secure Servers

Are you looking for the best VPN experience? Your long wait is finally over with Express! From fantastic apps, superb speed, ease of use, and 24/7 customer support to broad compatibility, this virtual private network has them all. Whether disappointed or unsatisfied with your existing VPN, ExpressVPN is an excellent alternative you should try today.

ExpressVPN - Best VPN Provider


Many homeowners and professionals use ExpressVPN because of its excellent compatibility. It works with Linux, BlackBerry, Mac, IOS, Android, and Windows. You can also install it on your home router, games console, and Android TV.

Developed with split tunneling, a kill switch, top-grade encryption, and DNS leak protection, ExpressVPN keeps your data secure when browsing the internet. You can protect yourself from identity theft and other dangers of the internet.

Like hotspot shields and other free VPNs, ExpressVPN features a no-logging policy, taking your anonymity to a different level.

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Customer support is another thing to expect. Live chat support, for example, is available 24/7. Whether you find something ambiguous or unclear, there are accommodating staff you can depend on and trust at your most convenient time.

If you have experienced unresponsive customer support, ExpressVPN is always on the go to assist you. The diverse and creative team of professionals is also friendly, approachable, and well-trained.

This service is popular for newbies. It is also even ideal for veterans. It is a complete and flexible solution for people with different requirements and goals.

ExpressVPN is different from others because it provides a combo of in-depth functionality and simplicity. The apps, for instance, are clean, organized, and easy to navigate. It was developed with the client’s convenience in mind, after all.


  • Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Sky Go, HBO Go, BBC player, and more.
  • It is available with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is an excellent time to determine whether this service is right for you.
  • Fast speed, especially on Windows. There are no glitches or other stressful problems.
  • One of the best solutions you should try.
  • Netflix access. You can watch all your favorite and latest movies every day.
  • Great app ratings. It is expert-recommended, safe, and easy to use.
  • It has a good number of servers — a total of 160 locations around 94 countries.
  • Fantastic customer support.
  • The use of ExpressVPN would change your online security.
  • Committed to maintaining a strict privacy policy.


  • There’s no phone support. The live chat support, however, is available 24/7.
  • Slow speed on a Mac device. But the speed on Windows is fantastic.
  • There are five simultaneous connections in every subscription. You can only connect a maximum of 5 devices to a server.
  • It doesn’t have a browser extension, especially for Internet Explorer.
  • The free trial has limited features. It only conceals IP addresses.

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NordVPN – Privacy-Focused Best VPN Service

Another best VPN is NordVPN. While it can’t match Express's performance and functionality, Nord offers a privacy-focused and safe internet experience its valued clients would like.

NordVPN features around 2048 encryption aside from a choice of protocols and kills switch. Whatever websites and platforms you browse online can ensure your private information is safe and protected.

NordVPN Review - Top VPN Service


NordVPN offers a wide selection of applications like ExpressVPN and hotspot shield. Apps are compatible with many devices. Please feel free to visit the company's official website for more information.

Streaming one of your favorite movies is also possible. You can use Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other popular platforms this 2022. If you are tired of using Netflix, BBC iPlayer is a great alternative.

The connection speed, on the other hand, is outstanding. There’s no buffering. Whether searching for information or watching dramas, your experience will be swift, seamless, and convenient.

Yes, NordVPN was indeed subject to a data breach in 2019. But the company has taken steps to address the problem. After a few months, it takes its position back.

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Aside from outstanding performance and features, NordVPN is available at a competitive price. While you enjoy adequate internet protection, you can also save some cash in the long run. It is not only competitively priced, but it can also turn your goals into reality after some time.

Unlike HotspotShield and other VPNs, NordVPN offers extra malware protection and adblocking. It also comes with obfuscated server locations, which allows users to access different corners of the internet. Aside from Netflix, you can still access Gmail, Facebook, and other websites.


  • You don’t have to worry about VPN leaks. Thanks to its custom DNS settings and two different kill switches.
  • NordVPN network has more than 5390 server locations in more than 55 countries.
  • This service provides dedicated IPs, double encryption, specialty servers for P2P, and more.
  • The VPN can get around geoblocks. Use Nord today and bypass geo-blocks easily.
  • The speed is good. You can finish your business presentation, and other paper works before the deadline.
  • Known for one of the best logging policies.
  • Due to quality service, Nord has high app ratings.
  • Netflix access. You can also access other popular platforms with comfort and peace of mind.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Responsive support.
  • A month free VPN.
  • Promote a fair privacy policy.


  • It doesn’t have split tunneling
  • IP addresses are static.
  • Sometimes, it is difficult to reach customer representatives.
  • The kill switch cannot shut off all apps, especially the IOS app.

Surfshark – Optimized For Streaming

Another VPN provider to take advantage of is Surfshark. Although it is a young company, it is now effectively competing with popular providers.

Due to its private network access, Surfshark receives a constant pool of customers. Aside from satisfied clients, its network now consists of over 800 servers in around 50 countries around the globe.

SurfShark - Best For Streaming


Like hotspot shield and the other best VPN services, Surfshark does not collect data from valued clients. It doesn’t gather data like incoming/outgoing IP addresses, browsing history, VPN servers, bandwidth, network traffic, session information, and connection timestamps. Surfshark claims it only stores a limited amount of user data for other purposes.

Anonymous and secure browsing has also been associated with Surfshark. As with the best VPN services, Surfshark has a choice of protocols, including IKEv2, Shadowsocks, and OpenVPN.

Surfshark offers a wide variety of applications you can install on many devices. This includes Windows, Mac and Linux. It also supports mobile devices, some routers, and smart TVs.

Other applications are compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and other known browsers.

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The customer support is excellent. The response time is relatively quick. The customer representatives respond to queries and other concerns as immediately as possible. There’s no long waiting time. The staff is also accommodating and talented. Every client is treated as a family.

Probably, you have chosen a reliable VPN. But it wouldn’t suffice when customer support is poor and inefficient. Surfshark, however, would level up your experience. Its team consists of trained and competent professionals you can trust throughout the process.

When it comes to speed, Surfshark can compete with other experienced VPN services. It is fantastic. In Singapore, for example, the speed is around 200Mbps.


  • Unbelievable prices. Perhaps, you’re afraid of using a VPN service because of the cost. But Surfshark’s 1-year plan only costs around $3.75, one of the lowest prices in the market.
  • Many servers. Overall, it has 800 server locations in more than 50 countries across the globe.
  • It is optimized for streaming. You can watch the latest action or comedy movies on Netflix and other platforms.
  • Security configuration is one of the most excellent and best features.
  • There’s no log and identity leak.
  • It also works with BBC iPlayer and Hulu.
  • It accepts cryptocurrencies to guarantee convenient payment.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Friendly and professional support.
  • It comes with a free trial.


  • Some customers find the 1-month subscription expensive.
  • IPs are static.

CyberGhost – Free VPN Plan Available

CyberGhost is one of the most popular providers of 2022. Its best VPN service is a combination of ease of use and power, winning the hearts of over ten million people

Providing more than 6,000 servers in approximately 90 countries, CyberGhost is the most sought-after VPN provider you should use now.

It provides apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS. Its compatibility is perfect and convenient.

The live chat support is responsive and fast. Whether you have questions about the pricing plan or apps, don’t hesitate to contact the company’s customer support for your peace of mind.

CyberGhost Review - Free VPN Plans


CyberGhost provides a task-based app interface. This would help you avoid any guesswork over time. For example, identifying the server to use will be done within a minute or two.

Choosing a geo-blocked service is no exception. Pick between YouTube, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and other applications. Then, the app will connect to the server. Now, it will open a browser window on your target website. That’s it! It is easy and convenient.

There are other extra bonuses you would love. The VPN company is tailored to block ads, malicious websites, and trackers. Its automated HTTPS redirection leads to a secure and risk-free connection. Data compression can also help you save money on many devices.

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Aside from solid encryption, it comes with zero logging, an extra kill switch, leak-proof apps, and an impressive number of servers.

When it comes to installation, the process is easy and convenient. Within a few minutes, the setup is done and completed. It is ideal for those who are beginners and even experienced customers.

The app’s settings are also fun to navigate. After setting up smart rules, you can customize your connection features immediately.


  • There’s no need to provide your real name. A working email address is more than enough.
  • You can pay with Bitcoin and other supported cryptocurrencies.
  • Everyone can remain anonymous. Thanks to its encryption and other security measures.
  • It is easy to connect directly from a specific system’s network settings.
  • You can use third-party software.
  • There’s a choice of VPN protocols.
  • Setting up a home Wi-Fi router is possible.
  • The VPN remains transparent with the company’s structure. It usually posts bios and photos on its website.
  • Available with a 45-day money-back guarantee. Some only last for 30 days; CyberGhost extends it to 45.
  • It has around 58 server locations. The number of servers is around 7,100.
  • Outstanding support that best matches the needs of everyone.
  • It provides both paid service and free VPN services.


  • Some customers don’t love the logging policy.
  • There’s no split tunneling.
  • Slow and inefficient performance on Windows.

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IPVanish – Strong & Tested Encryption Methods

Founded in 1999, IPvanish is one of the most experienced and credible VPN services today.

After a few years of establishment, IPvanish has become one of the best VPN providers in the industry.

Equipped with more than 1300 servers in over 75 countries, it has in Southeast Asia, America, and Europe.

Its VPN service supports nearly all devices. It has dedicated Windows Mac, Fire TV, IOS, and Android applications. It also allows customers to set up an IPvanish configuration on ChromeBook, Windows phones, and Ubuntu.

Aside from supporting major VPN protocols, it enables valued clients to access the SOCKS5 web proxy.

IPVanish - Strong Encryption


IPvanish provides a money-back guarantee of 30 days on different plans. Whether you’re unhappy or satisfied with the VPN service, the 30-day money-back guarantee will not disappoint.

IPvanish has a fast speed. In a US server, the ping can reach up to 133ms. The downloading procedure is around 34.71 Mbps. The upload is at 24.72 Mbps.

In an EU server, on the other hand, the ping can reach 38ms. The download is around 82.67. The upload is 43.19 Mbps.

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The working app is decent, as well. When it comes to installation, it is smooth and straightforward.

This VPN service offers easy to use and intuitive interface. Suitable to those who are not that tech-savvy, IPvanish is user-friendly and very convenient. For Windows Mac users, IPvanish offers a kill switch.

To ensure an excellent user experience and the safety of users, IPvanish relies on AES-256 solid encryption, which has been used by the world’s government organizations and security agencies.


  • You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.
  • It is comfortable to connect to a variety of servers.
  • TOR  compatibility. The Orion Network (TOR) is simply a network that encrypts or relays your traffic data across various servers.
  • There are no malware or IP leaks found.
  • Different plans and pricing. IPvanish provides three payment plans. These include monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription packages. While a one-month plan costs $11.99, IPvanish offers a $5 rolling contract. But it is not always possible.
  • It worked well on Android devices. It also supports other devices. Visit the official site of IPvanish for further details.
  • Available with strong, tried and tested robust encryption methods.
  • It has one of the best download speeds, split tunneling, and fantastic customer support.
  • A significant number of servers. It has over 1,500 servers.
  • A total of 75 server locations.
  • Great privacy policy


  • Not all servers are compatible with Netflix and other streaming platforms.
  • The speed on Windows is slow and inefficient.

Private Internet Access – Dedicated Apps For Android, IOS, Linux, Windows & Mac

If IPvanish or CyberGhost does not meet your expectations, Private Internet Access is another best VPN you can consider. It has had a dedicated following of users for years, serving its customer pool.

From reliability to the commitment to privacy, Private Internet Access is a one-stop VPN service.

Since its establishment, Private Internet Access has offered speedy connections on its many servers. Although it does not have the widest selection of locations, don’t underestimate its performance and functionality.

It comes with the Detect Best Server function. What is it? How does it work? It is developed to avoid the guesswork of searching for the best location.

Like hotspot shield and other best VPNs, Private Internet Access is equipped with dedicated Android, IOS, Linux, and Windows Mac apps. Each mobile application offers an excellent cover and other incredible features.

Private Internet Access - 10 Multi Device Support


Private Internet Access offers a maximum of 10 simultaneous connections. This means every family member can connect to the internet with a high level of safety.

The encryption is military-grade and secure. It supports multiple VN protocols, protecting your data from trackers, hackers, and third parties. It even does not store any personal information. So, you’re free to browse the web with anonymity.

Although it is a simple VPN, Private Internet Access still has a malware blocker tailored to keep adware and viruses at bay.

Aside from apps for Windows Mac, Android, and iOS, it comes with browser extensions for Opera, Google Chrome, and Firefox. There are also detailed and step-by-step tutorials for other devices like routers.

While the apps are not as easy to navigate as you imagine, their security is superb.

The Android app, for example, does not have a Favorites system. But it can automatically protect you every time you access unsecured Wi-Fi. It is convenient to use and available with a kill switch.

More than the appeal, browser extensions include plenty of privacy-related extras. These include microphone protection, flash blocking, and cookie cleaning.


  • 24 7 live chat. Every staff is always ready to answer your questions and other concerns.
  • Competitive pricing. Available at a competitive rate.
  • Strong applications you’d like.
  • 10 simultaneous connections. A maximum of 10 devices can be connected to a server.
  • The number of servers is continually growing. The locations are expected to double in the coming years.
  • The money-back-guarantee lasts for 30 days.
  • 98 server locations.
  • One of the best client support.
  • It comes with free services.
  • The privacy policy is fantastic.


  • Many customers believe that support access could be more effective.
  • Users find it slow on Windows Mac.

StrongVPN – Best VPN Service Option For Multiple Devices

Before, it was hard to find the best VPN to bypass region locks. But it has never been easier with StrongVPN. Founded in 2005, this VPN service is located in Lake Tahoe, one of the oldest tech companies in the US.

StrongVPN - Compatible with Netflix


While it cannot compete with other VPN services in this list, its number of servers should not be underestimated. It has around 688 servers in different locations.

The VPN service is compatible with Windows, IOS, Google Chrome, and Mac. Whether you’re comfortable surfing the web with Windows or Mac devices, StrongVPN is one of the best VPNs that can change your experience.

The VPN service also offers customers a competent help center where they can find step-by-step instructions. Therefore, you can set up StrongVPN with a smile and comfort.

Who doesn’t like extra protection? Everyone loves that! This free VPN also works with TOR.

StrongVPN enables customers to connect using OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, IKEv2, L2TP, and other significant protocols. It offers a built-in kill switch application, 12 simultaneous connections, and more.


  • It is compatible with Netflix. You can watch movies of any genre. You can access all types of movies, from horror, action, and comedy to drama.
  • Conceal your IP address. You can surf the internet with reliable anonymity. You are safe, but make sure to avoid suspicious websites.
  • Helpful and quick customer service. It is disappointing to wait hours before customer representatives respond to your questions. At StrongVPN, quality and 24 7 live chat support are available.
  • AES-256 encryption and DNS. Apart from concealing your IP address, the risks of identity theft, hacks, and fraud are lower than you have ever expected in the first place.
  • There’s no logs policy.
  • It can be used on different devices. It supports a maximum of 12 devices.
  • It comes with a cloud storage freebie. To know more details about cloud storage, contact StrongVPN.
  • A strong option for streamers, students, professionals, workers, and others.
  • Like the hotspot shield and the other VPNs, its money-back guarantee ends within 30 days.
  • Estimated 30 server locations.
  • Connect a maximum of 12 devices to a server.


  • It is sometimes slow on other servers. But the company strives to develop its VPN service to meet the market's changing demands.
  • Some customers complain about the user interface. They believe it is outdated compared to other VPN services.
  • It can break your bank. The features, however, make the cost worth it. Also, investing in the cheapest VPNs is not advisable.

PureVPN – For Unrestricted Torrenting

Established in 2006, Pure VPN will be one of the oldest and the best VPN services this 2022. Over the years, this VPN has become a go-to solution for many. Now, it boasts around 2,000 servers across various locations. Top server locations include North America, Oceania, Central America, Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.

Just like a hotspot shield, this VPN supports all major devices. These include Linux, Windows, IOS, Android, and Mac.

To optimize your protection, it’s time to set the VPN up to work with smart TVs, routers, browsers, and streaming services.

Compatible browsers consist of Firefox and Google Chrome. Streaming services include Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire.

PureVPN Review - For Unrestricted Torrenting


Pure VPN has recently introduced a virtual router into the market. Developed for Windows devices, this VPN allows you to empower a Windows laptop or desktop with router-like performance. Say bye to five simultaneous connections! Start connecting a maximum of 10 devices at home.

Pure VPN provides a split-tunneling feature. What is it, and how does it work? It lets you pick how you’d like to send traffic through your VPN.

Although Pure VPN does not provide its TOR, you can combine it with a TOR network to enjoy added security and privacy layers.

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Featuring a kill-switch function, it makes sure your anonymity and privacy are not compromised. Your IP address is hidden correctly. It also has the NAT Firewall add-on, securing all hacking loopholes.

It supports OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, and other major protocols. Many users pick OpenVPN due to its speed and security. But consider IPSec and L2TP. They are also proven and tested.

MiTM attacks are still common these days. Once hackers access your internet activities, they can read all your emails, copy your session cookies, see your browsing history, and even obtain personal information. This VPN is one of the best services you should take advantage of.


  • 256-bit encryption. It takes time for hackers to figure out their PINs and passwords. Before it is too late, make sure you perform any safety measures.
  • Excellent and exciting features. It offers five simultaneous connections, a kill switch, DDoS protection, NAT Firewall, port forwarding, and split tunneling for beginners.
  • Unrestricted torrenting. Due to the market’s copyright infringement lawsuits, many VPNs have started to shy away from P2P servers. While some offer torrenting-friendly servers, the services are limited; Pure VPN is not the same.
  • 130 server locations.
  • Friendly and dedicated customer support.
  • You can connect a maximum of 10 devices simultaneously.


  • Stressful download speed
  • There are no leaks found
  • There’s the no-logging policy

Hide My Ass (HMA VPN) – Different Plans For Your Requirement

HMA VPN is another best virtual private networks with more than 1000 server locations in approximately 190 continents. Some of the VPN’s strengths are its impressive speed, ability to bypass geoblocks, and easy-to-use interface.

HMA Version 5 consists of an auto-generated diagnostics mode and new design features. Its lightning mode is the most incredible update this VPN has ever made for many users. Its servers are one of the closest and fastest options to pick.

The security is robust, safe, and stable. All apps, for instance, are protected by top-grade encryption. Windows, Android, and Mac users enjoy extra protection using a small kill switch.

That’s not all! HMA VPN maintains a no-logging policy for every compatible device.  

Hide My Ass - HMA - 290+ Service Locations


HMA VPN works with streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer and Netflix. It is an excellent tool for bypassing geoblocks. On the other hand, its network has at least five Specialty servers developed for streaming. This means you can watch the latest content in high definition without buffering.

HMA VPN network is commendable. Aside from 1,000 servers, it also has more than 290 locations. This VPN network also consists of five streaming-optimized servers in the US, the UK, and Germany.

Also, there are eight P2P-optimized servers located in France, the Czech Republic, the UK, the US, Germany, and the Netherlands.

HMA VPN supports torrenting. P2P traffic, for example, is allowed on a designated and optimized server. P2P-enabled servers are listed on the app to make connections with a mouse click.

When you connect to a server, your IP address stays hidden. All of your data are no exception. They will be protected 24 7/.  Thanks to AES 256-bit encryption. But wait, there’s more! A choice of protocols is available. Whether you’re searching for PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, or TCP OpenVPN, you are in the right place.


  • Enjoy a strong configuration. Use HMA now to avoid complicated configurations.
  • There are three pricing plans to choose the right subscription package without hassles.
  • A 7-day free trial can be enjoyed by many. Choose a subscription package that best matches your needs when the period ends.
  • There are many devices you can connect to.
  • Customer support is one of the best.
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Compatible with different platforms. It is a complete package, from macOS and Android IOS to Windows.
  • 290 server locations.


  • There are past privacy issues.
  • Other servers are slow and inefficient.
  • It does not work in China.

VyprVPN – Strong & Stable VPN Provider

VyprVPN is another credible and reputed name in the best VPN services industry. Owned by Golden Frog,  VyprVPN was developed with the security and privacy of consumers in mind.

Vypr has been on the market for almost two decades, unlike the other VPNs. It is a recognized and trusted brand for businesses and other professionals.

Golden Frog has been striving to improve its VPN service's security, quality, and reliability with the industry's changing demand.

VyprVPN - Strong & Reliable VPN Service Provider


Vypr has had a solid, no-logging policy throughout the years of quality VPN services. This means it does not log information that could identify you. Yes, you can browse social media, stream to Netflix, and surf the net anonymously.

The DNS leak test is straightforward, protecting your data at all costs. If you have experienced a DNS leak before, Vypr is an exception. It is safe and won’t be a disappointment.

VyprVPN offers enhanced protection. It has its own high-end and advanced DNS system. Commonly called VyprDNS, it is made to be a zero-knowledge system. This means it takes your privacy to a different level.

VyprDNS circumvents censorship. However, it is not open to the public. It is only available, especially for VyprVPN users.

The servers are also operated and self-owned, helping the VPN stand out from the competition. While they might rend bandwidth or space from data centers, their integrity remains as high as possible.

Indeed, the number of VPN companies that come up with their protocols is limited. It’s no wonder as the process is complicated. It also requires a lot of money, time, and other costly resources.

What VyprVPN does is that it just relies on OpenVPN 256 encryption. This makes the company’s Chameleon protocol a perfect solution for VPN-unfriendly countries like Iran, Russia, and China.


  • It has its servers. Use it now to find out how it works.
  • It does not keep logs, just like the other VPNs.
  • It provides strong, stable, and efficient security features for many clients.
  • Five simultaneous connections. You can connect different devices simultaneously.
  • It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24 7 live chat support, so don’t hesitate to raise your inquiries and other thoughts.


  • It is not the fastest VPN. Choose other excellent alternatives to save you time.
  • The server network is relatively small.
  • You can only connect 5 devices.
  • It doesn’t accept bitcoin; go to its website to learn the payment terms.
  • Limited support.

VPN - Privacy And Security

What is a VPN?

A VPN is an online service catered to unblock censored or geo-restricted internet content. Then, it encrypts your online traffic and hides your IP address to protect your online data from government surveillance and hackers.

How does a VPN work? It relies on a VPN client and server to ensure a safe and risk-free connection.

Once the VPN client is installed on your smartphone or PC, you can connect to a specific VPN server.

After a minute or two, the connection is established. Then, an encrypted tunnel is automatically created between the server and the client.

Take note, every connection request you send thru the client to the web is always encrypted.

After that, the server decrypts your request before forwarding it to the internet.

Once the data is received, the server encrypts and sends it back to the client.

Lastly, the VPN client on your home computer, laptop, or smartphone will decrypt the information. As a result, you can access the data with anonymity.

Why do you need a VPN?

For the past years, a VPN has been gaining massive popularity. It is no surprise as it offers many advantages everyone would like. Some of them are highlighted below:

It Conceals Your IP Address

Hacking thru IP addresses is difficult because routers and internet service providers are equipped with firewalls.

But don’t relax. Hackers who obtain your IP address might get valuable information like your state, zip code, and city. With this data, hackers can easily find other personal details about you.

Worry no more! Using a VPN can conceal your IP address whenever you surf the internet. So, the risks of leaking personal data are lower than you have imagined.

It Hides Your Identity and Makes You Anonymous

Since the best VPN can effectively hide your IP address or encrypt online traffic, it ensures your footprints cannot be traced over the internet.

Hackers and scammers would have difficulty using your actual IP address to gather data about you.

VPN Privacy

Also, government surveillance organizations won’t monitor your internet browsing history or activities 24/7.

It Helps Bypass Geo-Blocks

It is disappointing to find a good link that says, “sorry, the content is not available in your area.”  

This is how geo-restriction technology works. Content providers do this to stay compliant with existing copyright or licensing regulations.

But there’s a great way to bypass geo-blocks. How? The best VPNs got your back because it hides your IP address effectively.

Using a VPN can be a lifesaver for whatever content you’re trying to access.

It Secures All of Your Online Connections

Wi-Fi connections exist in malls, fast food chains, drug stores, schools, churches, commercial establishments, government agencies, etc.

Due to convenience, Wi-Fi is everywhere in the 21st century.

However, free Wi-Fi might not be secure. You might put your data in danger when you connect to an unreliable internet connection. It is the best opportunity For cybercriminals to steal information on your credit card and bank account. Your email login credentials are no exception.

Secure Online Connection

The best VPN can play a critical role. Since most VPNs use encryption, you can enjoy public Wi-Fi without getting traced. But make sure you invest in a high-quality VPN to avoid hassles at the end of the day.

It Prevents Bandwidth Throttling

You’ve probably encountered bandwidth throttling. But what is it? It is when an internet service provider limits your bandwidth, affecting your online speed.

The ISPs do that because they like to get rid of network congestion to improve their service.

But other ISPs use bandwidth throttling to convince their subscribers to purchase more expensive data plans. To avoid that, the best VPN will do the trick. Once you use a VPN on one of your devices, you can use bandwidth to play games, stream TV shows, or download files without a problem.

Other benefits of VPN are bypassing firewalls, offering secure torrenting, making the online gaming experience better, and avoiding price discrimination.

VPN Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


The use of the internet provides many possibilities. We can shop, watch our favorite movies, surf the internet, and more. But browsing the internet without any protection lead to identity theft and hacking.

Before it is too late, install a VPN on your device. The top 10 VPNs listed above might help. Are you looking for a free trial, 30 day money-back guarantee, encryption, or a competitive rate? Any of the VPNs given takes your security to another level.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact the 24-7 live chat support of your choice. Then, try and use the free trial. Next, choose a subscription package. Enjoy surfing the internet with fewer risks.