Best Website Builders 2024

In today’s modern and digital era, online media is already a big part of the daily lifestyle of millions of people worldwide. Nowadays, building a website is beneficial for people and businesses in different industries. Thus, a professional website builds a solid reputation in its specific niche. Many people today use online technology to purchase their specific needs.

Are you a business enthusiast who wants to achieve success after success? Well, you’re in the right place. In this post, you will learn about the best website builders of 2024.   

With the great competition in the world of business, you’ll need a solid online presence. You can do this if you create a website for your brand. It’s the best way to connect with your target audience online. You need the best website builder to get started with your eCommerce website. The following is a list of the best website builders today to guide you in growing your business.

If you are looking for the best website builder, jump to none other than Wix.


If you are looking for the best eCommerce platform, jump to BigCommerce.

Review Top Web Builders

There are many website builders, so you must choose the right one for your online store. With that, you can establish the best website for your specific business. You can prefer the top website builders below if you have high standards for your eCommerce website needs.

Wix – Overall Best Web Builder

Wix is one of the best website builders today. A website builder like Wix is the best solution to enhance your brand recognition on social media. Its features allow you to build the website you want. It is loaded with excellent features that can help boost your online store's presence.

Wix - The Best Website Builder

Features of Wix

Mobile Optimization

If you want a mobile-friendly website for your business, Wix can be your best website builder. It’s one of the top site builders to increase your ranking on search engines. Your customers can easily view your site through their mobile devices. Since it is mobile responsive, people can easily access your business.

Logo Maker

One unique feature of the Wix website is that it comes with a logo maker. You can create a logo design that will best represent your business.

Online Store

You can build a powerful platform for your business through the Wix website. You can get a professional design that can help you attract more customers for your product or services.  

Custom Domains

You can get custom business domain names when you choose the Wix website. With this free website builder, you can gain more profits for your business. Aside from having a custom domain name, you can also improve your business ranking on search engines.

Efficient Website Design

Wix website can be your best free website builder with an efficient content management system. It comes with various designs that are ideal for use in different industries. If you want to build a website more affordably, you can prefer establishing a Wix website. It can help to start your business more profitably.

Do you need easy design customization? If yes, the Wix website will never fail you. It comes with a drag and drops feature you’ll need to create the best content for your site. It is a flexible website builder for blogging, business, photography, and more.

Cost-effective Website Builder

You can use this free website builder if you're a budget-conscious person. It comes with a free trial and more affordable pricing plans that you can choose for your online store.

With the Wix website builder, you can manage your business website. You can make transactions and establish good customer relationships. It’s a website that provides excellent customer support for your business needs.

Squarespace – The Best Responsive Site Builder

With Squarespace, you can create a professional eCommerce website design that can help to grow your business. This web builder is also equipped with more functional features to promote your online store as best as possible.  

SquareSpace - Web Builder With Blogging Features

Features of Squarespace

Blogging Feature

Squarespace is one of the top website builders you can depend on if you want a more responsive site. It has a blogging feature, so you can have one page to promote your brand online. With this option, you can have a commenting section on your site. It can also schedule posts and has multi-author functionality. You can host your podcast using the Squarespace website builder.

A Wide Array of Designs and Templates

Squarespace is equipped with various designs and templates that you can select from to match your specific niche. This website builder has over 100 themes optimized for phones and tablets. It has a user-friendly interface and strives for every detail's quality, including font sizes, designs, images, and more.

Reliable Customer Support 

You can also get reliable customer support with this website builder. They provide live chat support on a 24/7 basis. Their friendly team can even record quick screencasts to give you steps to follow for your needs. They also have email support, video tutorials, a community forum, and social media support through Twitter.

Mobile Apps

The squarespace website builder has 4 various apps. These apps are available on Android and iOS devices. This feature allows you to edit important aspects of your websites, such as blogs, pages, and stores. This website builder can also restore deleted pages and posts for up to 30 days.

Efficient Editor

This website builder has a drag-and-drop feature. It can provide a modern and clean interface that is easy to work on. It is easy to navigate, giving you a more convenient editing experience. It is also friendly for beginners. This website builder is a good option for creating a professional website.

Squarespace comes with functional features like Mailchimp and Google Docs integrations. It has a free custom domain name on yearly plans. It has 4 paid plans that range from $12 up to $40 per month. It provides a 14-day free trial, so you can try its feature before committing to a paid plan. If you are conscious of budget, you can prefer their most affordable plan, a Personal plan that begins at $12 per month.    

Weebly – Ideal for Small Business

If you want a free website builder to create your online site, Weebly can be your best partner. It has innovative features such as file uploads, integrated advertising options, membership options, forums, etc.

Weebly - Responsive Web Site Builder

Features of Weebly

Built-in Features

Weebly website builder comes with built-in features. It allows third-party apps like the Shopify App Store. This drag-and-drop website builder can give you a one-page site to manage your content easily. With this, you don’t need to write CSS code or HTML. It can help you to make a functional website without breaking the bank.

It also has blogging and SEO tools to create a professional, free website. Weebly Builder has a built-in image editor, video backgrounds, custom fonts, parallax, animation effects, social media marketing, newsletters, and more.

Competitive Pricing

Weebly is among the best website builders to create a free website. It can give you affordable plans per month. The best about it is that it comes with a free plan. You can choose from their 3 paid plans. They have a Personal plan for $6 per month, a Professional plan for $12, and a Performance plan for $26 per month. You can choose according to your budget and needs.

Security and Speed

One advantage of this builder is its fast loading speed. It also comes with the high security from spam and hackers. They can install and keep SSL on your site for more security.

Customer Support

With this free website, you can get email support. For paid accounts, they provide chat, email, and phone support. Their team can help you troubleshoot any issues you encounter using the site builder.

Mobile Responsive

The Weebly website builder has attractive designs accessible on mobile devices. So your customers can easily view your site on different devices. The best thing about this website builder is that you can change the chosen theme even if you have already published your website. You can use the free themes offered by Weebly. These themes are divided into categories, so you can choose the right one to start your online store.   

This builder is a top choice if you want a good user experience. It is easy to use and ideal for small businesses. It has customizable templates that can suit your online store. This website builder adopts an excellent eCommerce focus. It also third party integrations for more flexibility. It’s one of the top website builders to start building your brand’s reputation.  

Webflow– Real-time Editor with Tons of Features

Webflow is one of the responsive website builders you can choose to create your one-page website. It’s perfect for building a website to connect with your clients.

Webflow Review - Realtime Web Design Tool

Features of Webflow

Quality Templates and Design

Webflow website builder is loaded with more than 100 quality templates and designs that you can choose from for your online store. It has templates that are excellent for dynamic and eCommerce content. The templates of this website builder are responsive, clean, and highly customizable.

Built-in Features

This website builder also has built-in features to integrate third-party apps for more customization. If you want to create an online store or regular website, Webflow can be your efficient tool. It has functional features, including parallax scrolling, animations, interactions, innovative SEO control, etc. It also accepts credit card payments as well as PayPal and Apple Pay.

Good Security

If you want a more secure website builder, Webflow can be your best choice. It can give automatic backups and free SSL certificates. With this, you have peace of mind that your site and visitors are protected.

Customer Support

Webflow is composed of a responsive team that will offer you reliable customer support. They offer email support, a community forum, guides, and tutorials.

Custom Domain Name  

With Webflow, you can have a custom domain name for your website. It has a simple and fast 2-click deployment for a staging environment. It has advanced JS and CSS managers for granular control of animations and styles, so you can easily manage your domain.

The Real-time Web Design Tool

Another unique feature of the Webflow website is its real-time web design tool. It is mobile-friendly and can generate exportable and clean code as you create your site.

Good Editor Interface

It’s a functional tool for creating a functional website for your business. Its editor interface lets you change images and texts and browse your website. If you want great website customization, Webflow can be a good investment for you.  

Webflow is one of the most efficient website builders that allow you to create a one-page site to start your online store. However, even though it allows you to create a free website, you can be surprised by its expensive pricing plans. Fortunately, the performance of this website builder is worth it for its high price tag. Webflow website may charge you about $212 per month on its top plan.

Site123 – Free Plan & Seamless Integrations

Site123 is one of the best drag-and-drop website builders to help you build your brand. You can use it to start growing your online presence. It can be ideal if you want a more functional site builder.

Review Site123 - Builder with Multi-language Support

Features of Site123

Multiple Languages

As one of the most popular website builders today, Site123 allows you to display your website design in multiple languages. It has 21 languages, and you can display your site in about 5 languages.

Excellent Integrations

Site123 has plugins and apps for seamless integrations, such as Drip for multichannel marketing, Google Analytics for SEO, Facebook and Zendesk chat for customer support, and Hotjar for UX and conversion optimization.

Customer Support

Site123 can give you live chat support on a 24/7 basis. They also help build social media, email, and knowledge base support. With this, you can get an immediate response to your website concerns.

SEO & Marketing Tools

Site123 is one of the drag-and-drop website builders that can help you have an open-source website for your customers. It offers a custom domain and design that helps you improve your brand ranking on search engines. It has SEO and marketing tools that can build brand recognition online.

Free Plan

One benefit of website builders today is offering a free plan for users. Luckily, Site123 has that feature. With that, you can access its features for free. You can get a specific pricing plan to improve your site if you are satisfied with its service.

eCommerce Features

Site123 is one of the top website builders you can trust if you want a free, open-source website. It is loaded with valuable features for eCommerce. It’s a worthy investment for entrepreneurs. It can accept online payments via AmazonPay, PayPal, Stripe, Square, and more. It can process unlimited orders per month. Additionally, it can also show customer reviews and ratings on your site.

Mobile Responsive Templates

If you need a mobile responsive site, Site123 is the solution. It has over 180 website templates you can select for your specific niche. These templates are free to use.

Site123 is among the user-friendly website builders today. It comes with mobile responsive templates that are ideal to use in eCommerce. It has excellent integrations for better customization. They also have email, chat, and FAQ support for your website needs. It can create a multilingual website. It’s easy to use, making it suitable for beginners.

Review Best eCommerce Platforms

BigCommerce – Best for Large Inventory Stores

BigCommerce is one of the top platforms to help you build your eCommerce store. It’s loaded with more innovative features that can help your business grow. Like other platforms, it’s easy to use and offers great customization options. This eCommerce platform is the best choice if you are ready to level up your business.

BigCommerce - Best eCommerce Platform for Large Stores/Business

Features of BigCommerce

SEO and Blogging Feature

One unique function of BigCommerce is its SEO and blogging features. It enables you to blog without purchasing a premium content management system. It has an administration panel for customizing your blog to make it SEO-friendly.

Compliance and Security

You don’t need to worry because it offers reliable compliance and security. It is PCI DSS compliant and has 256-bit SSL encryption for a more secure website.

Sell in Various Channels

This eCommerce platform allows you to sell your products or services on different channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. So, you can gain more profits.

Different Payment Options

You can choose your desired payment method without transaction fees or extra charges. It has over 65 integrated payment methods like Square, PayPal, Apple Pay, Adyen, Amazon Pay, Stripe, etc. It also has an abandoned cart recovery option.

Responsive Template Designs

BigCommerce comes with more than 100 themes for your specific needs. You can also preview them before you apply them. The good news, you can change the template anytime you want. So, you can always update your site for your customer's easy access.    

Customer Support

You can depend on their customer service team whenever you encounter difficulty using the platform. They provide email, live chat, and phone support. They also give online resources to guide users about their platform.


BigCommerce can provide you with a free trial for 15 days. They have 3 basic plans: Standard, Plus, and Enterprise.

Standard – $29.95 monthly
Plus – $79.95 monthly
Enterprise – Custom pricing that matches your business


  • Advanced features may compromise easy usability

BigCommerce is ideal to use in different sizes of business. It comes with a free trial for 15 days, so you can try its features first before committing to a pricing plan. It has built-in tools and features that can help you make your brand grow in a cost-efficient manner. With the platform, you can build your website quickly and easily without spending more on your budget.

Shopify – The Best & User-Friendly Platform

With the competition in your market, you need to create a professional eCommerce website to attract more customers. One of the best eCommerce platforms today is Shopify. It is easy to use and comes with excellent customization features.

Shopify - User Friendly eCommerce Platform

Features of Shopify

Low Cost

It is a low cost, so you can grow your brand without spending much money.

Custom Domain

If you need a custom domain for your site, Shopify is the best platform.

Different Themes to Choose From

Shopify has many themes, so you can choose the right one for your brand. These themes have drag-and-drop features, free updates, social media icons, mobile responsive designs, color palettes, built-in styles and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  

High Level of Security

This platform can offer your site high security. Thus, their plans come with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security. With this, you can protect your website and customers against hackers. Additionally, it also has PCI compliance to meet security standards.

Functional Features

Shopify is loaded with functional features to help you build a professional site. It has more than 1200 apps you can use for your transactions. It has shipping, drop shipping, abandoned cart recovery, payment options, and product management tools. With this platform, you can sell your products or services online.      

Easy to Use

With its customization features, you can have a hassle-free experience using your site. It has a simple, straightforward, clean interface, which is suitable even for beginners.

Customer Support

Shopify can provide you with excellent customer support. They have 24/7 phone and live chat support, online media, a community forum, email, video tutorials, a help center, and advanced specialist support.


Shopify offers a 14-day free trial, but they don’t have a free plan. The eCommerce platform has 3 paid plans: Shopify, Basic Shopify, and Advanced Shopify. Shopify starts at $70 monthly, Basic Shopify is available at $29 monthly, and Advanced Shopify starts at $299 monthly. You can get the right plan that suits your needs and budget.  


  • It doesn’t have a free plan
  • Some complaints about its customer service

Shopify has reliable load times. It offers reliable domain names, add-ons, and excellent design you can use to attract more customers to your site. It is easy to use and offers reliable customer support. Since they have a free trial, you can try its services. So, you can decide if you will get their paid plans.

3dCart – Best for Large Inventory Stores

If you wish to start your business more affordably, the 3dcart platform can help you. It’s one of the top eCommerce platforms that allow you to sell your products and services on multiple channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

3dCart Review - Platform For Large Inventory Business

Features of 3dCart

Free Trial

Like other platforms available, 3dcart comes with 15 days trial. So you can access its features for free. With this, you can decide if the platform is good or not for you. In addition, it also has a 30 days refund policy.    

SEO Functions

One feature of this platform is its SEO functions. It is beneficial to rank your brand on search engines. It allows you to get more potential customers for your brand.

Excellent Template Designs

This platform has 91 free template designs to get the best for your industry. It also has more than 160 supported payment methods.

Great Customization

The 3dcart platform can offer you great customization. You can change the themes anytime you want.

Multi-channel Selling

It can give you multi-channel selling. It can also be synced with Amazon and eBay to sell on various channels.

Inventory Management

3dcart allows you to manage inventory and restock your store using the built-in Purchase Order module. You can even track low stock levels.

Marketing Features

Another benefit of 3dcart is its marketing features. With it, you can provide discounts and coupons. You can let your customers make gift registries, wish lists, and more.

Customer Support

3dcart offers customer support on a 24/7 basis. They provide email, phone, and live chat support. You can also seek help from their team through social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can always rely on their customer service team.


You can get a free trial for 15 days to try its features before choosing a suitable plan for your needs. 3dcart has 4 pricing plans:

Startup Store – $19 monthly
Basic Store – $29 monthly
Plus Store – $79 monthly
Pro Store – $229 monthly

Make sure to get the best plan to meet your needs, standards, and budget.


  • It doesn’t come with mobile apps

If you have high standards for your eCommerce needs, 3dcart is the perfect solution. It has more functional features that are beneficial for the growth of your brand. They also have different pricing plans that you can select from to suit your business.

Sellfy – Recommended for Digital Products

Sellfy is a customizable platform to help you increase your brand’s online presence. Its innovative features can be a good investment for your online store.

Review Sellfy - For eStores with Digital Products

Features of Sellfy

Integrated Marketing Tools

If you wish to expand the reach of your business, you can get Sellfy as your efficient platform. It features marketing tools that allow you to send unique or regular emails to your subscribers. So they can stay updated on your products or services.

Easy to Use

You can start growing your brand by choosing an easy-to-use platform like Sellfy. You can easily set up your store online and sell your products fast.

Highly Customizable

With this platform, you can have a customizable, organized, simple, and clean storefront. It has excellent customization options, so you can work on the important elements to create a professional design.

Security and Payments

With Sellfy, you can accept online payments through your site. You can use payments like Stripe and PayPal. You don’t need to worry since it can provide you with high security. It comes with anti-fraud measures for protecting your products, like unique download links, PDF stamping, and limited download attempts.


One advantage of this platform is its handful of integrations. You can integrate it with webhooks. Facebook live chat, and Patreon. It also connects you with Zapier to integrate over 750 apps such as Trello, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more.

Embedding Products

If you wish to have a dynamic selling framework, Sellfy will not fail you. It enables you to sell from the SoundCloud page, blog, and other channels.

Customer Support

This eCommerce platform provides email support. They also have tickets. You can depend on their customer support team if you have concerns about storage needs.


Sellfy offers a free trial. They provide 3 pricing plans, including Business, Starter, and Premium.

Business Plan – $59 monthly
Starter Plan – $29 monthly
Premium Plan – $129 monthly


  •  It has a free trial that can last only for 2 weeks
  • Lacks tools for management and setup for affiliate programs

Sellfy can be your comprehensive partner for boosting your online recognition. It can accommodate unlimited products, so you can get more profits.

Which Type of Website Builder is Right for You?

For Blogging

If you want to start your blog website, you can prefer Wix. This drag-and-drop website builder allows you to have a professional blogging page. It is equipped with lots of functional customization tools for excellent content management. It is available with a 14-day free trial.

It is cost-efficient, so you can make your blogging site without sacrificing much of your budget. It is flexible, making editing easy anytime you need to update your site. You can also get a custom domain for your site.

For Small Business

You can make Weebly your partner for growing your small business. It has innovative features, including file uploads, integrated advertising options, membership options, forums, and more. It allows third-party apps like the Shopify App Store. It can be beneficial to help you gain the trust and support of your potential customers. They provide excellent domain and tools for the best design to attract your target audience.

With this, you don’t need to write CSS code or HTML. It can help you to make a functional website without breaking the bank. It also has blogging and SEO tools to create a professional, free website. Weebly Builder has a built-in image editor, video backgrounds, custom fonts, parallax, animation effects, social media marketing, newsletters, and more.

For E-Commerce

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to grow your brand as much as possible affordably? Then, you can opt for Shopify. As mentioned, it is easy to use and has excellent customization features. It is equipped with marketing tools to earn more profits effectively. It provides a domain for the operation of your site.

With the tough competition in the eCommerce industry, you need a powerful tool to make the best of your store. Fortunately, Shopify can significantly contribute to it. It can provide you with tools to market your brand quickly and professionally. They also give excellent customer support so that you can ask them about your concerns.

For Creative Portfolio

Site123 is the best solution for a creative portfolio. It is easy to work with and has powerful features to meet your needs. With this budget-friendly platform, you can show your creativity as best as possible. If you need a mobile responsive site, Site123 is the solution. It has over 180 website templates to get your niche's best. These templates are free to use. So you can start big without spending big of your money.

They also provide excellent customer support, so you can always turn on them whenever you have concerns. You may not know it, but Site123 can be an efficient tool to boost your brand recognition. You can also get the best domain to start your content management.

For Digital Services

Squarespace is the best platform if you want to promote your digital services. It is loaded with different designs and templates that you can choose from to match your project. It has over 100 themes that are optimized for phones and tablets. It has a user-friendly interface and strives for the quality of every detail, including font sizes, designs, images, and more. The platform can be your essential tool if you want a more customized experience for your digital services.

Are you ready to transform your business goals into reality? Whatever your industry is, you can count on these functional site builders.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Website Builder

Many website builders are available in the market, so you must choose the best website builder for your business. To help you with this, the following are some factors to consider to build a website using the best creator.

Customer Support

One of the essential factors you need to consider to get started with your online store is to choose a website builder that can provide excellent customer support. With that, you can get help whenever you encounter difficulty using the site builder. Some can provide chat, phone, forums, and live support. Before you decide to purchase their paid plans, you can check their customer service to avoid disappointments in the future.

Free Trial

Most website builders provide a free trial as well as a money-back guarantee. With the free trial option, you can try the features of the site builder with a free plan. If satisfied with its services, you can proceed to its paid plan. It can help you to know whether the website builder suits your standards, needs, and expectations.


Another essential factor in creating a website for your online store is finding a provider with reasonable pricing plans. So, you can choose among their paid plans according to your budget. Please learn more about the extra cost of their services, so you can get the right paid plan to help you grow your brand through your website builder.


It cannot be denied that every project comes with various needs. Therefore, you must check if the website builder has functional features that match your online store's needs. For example, does it have drag-and-drop options for easy customization? Some other features you’ll need to look for include SEO options, image galleries, mobile-friendly designs, one-page design, great design customization, password protection pages, a shopping cart, and more.  

Domain Name

It is also crucial that your potential website builder connect the domain name bought elsewhere, even though you can register a new domain name directly through the site builder. Remember that a custom domain name is important to create a website. You’ll need to make sure that your provider can offer you a custom to manage your online store's excellent content.

By considering these factors, you have the assurance that you can get the right website builder for your online store.

Benefits of Using a Website Builder

It is a fact that online technology is already a big part of the daily lifestyle of people today. Concerning it, you must also take advantage of it. Are you a photographer, writer, or business enthusiast who wants to build a solid reputation in your specific market? If yes, creating your website is an excellent idea to provide your target audience with easy access to your brand. Do you want to know how it works? The following are the benefits of choosing a website builder for your site.

Build a Website Faster

If you want to grow your brand recognition, the best way is to build a website to gain more potential customers for your products and services. Well, website builders are the perfect solution to create a website fast. With a free builder website, you can boost your online presence.

Great Customization Options

It’s easy to use and has great customization options to meet your needs and standards. You can choose the best templates for your niche. You also have control over fonts, backgrounds, color, formatting, placement of elements on the page, and more.

Mobile Friendly

Most providers are mobile-friendly so that customers can access your site via mobile phones and other devices. It cannot be denied that mobile phones are already part of the daily lifestyle of millions of people across the globe.

Make Updates on Your Site Anytime

Another benefit of using a web builder is that you can update your site anytime. So your customers can know the latest about your brand. You can always make changes that can meet the expectations of your customers.

No Need to Learn Code

You can quickly build your site without the need to learn to code. It is easy to use, even for beginners. So, if you plan to launch your business, you can easily customize and get it without the need for technical skills.


You can build a free website without breaking the bank. Once you create your site, you can have a chance to boost your brand’s recognition. If you’re conscious of quality and budget, opting for these platforms is the best solution.

To sum it up, it is beneficial to create a drag-and-drop website to make your business more profitable. If you are tired of useless advertising, it is time to make it your effective tool to increase sales for your brand.

Is a Free Web Builder Worth It?

Do you want to know whether free website builders are worth it? Well, the answer is yes. One benefit of a free web builder is that you can have backup and restoration for your site. In addition, you can also get free hosting to create your online store.

A free web builder is a worthy investment since starting your site doesn’t require technical skills. It can also save you time and effort in building your online presence. You can save money by establishing your eCommerce store with a free website. A free website is the best way to create your brand’s online presence if you are a start-up.

You don’t need to spend more of your budget to start your business online. With the great competition in your industry, it's with building a professional website that is beneficial to reach out to your target audience. You can also customize your free website with its templates and designs.

In other words, a free web builder can help you grow your business fast and cost-effectively. You can get the best design that suits your specific market. Most free websites also provide functional features that allow you to connect with your customers. In return, you can gain the trust and support of your customers through your online store.


There are lots of website builders in the market today. Therefore, you must choose the right website builder to start your online store. Make sure that it's a reliable website builder that allows you to create the website you want for your brand.

More importantly, you must also consider if they can offer you excellent customer support as you avail of their monthly services. With this, you are assured that it’s worth investing your money, time, and effort per month in your website builder. You can avoid disappointments in the end. Are you ready to boost the profits of your business? What are you waiting for? Get the best website builder now, and experience the benefits you can get from it!