Best VPN Services for Canada in 2024 – Hide Your IP

Though Canada encourages and speaks about freedom, it has some stringent cybersecurity and data tracking laws.

The country's internet traffic flows through federal data centers to check who is doing what. The reason is to curb terrorist activities in the country. For whatever reason, Canada is doing so; it is surveilling citizens.

The need for the Fastest Canadian VPN servers is growing by leaps and bounds. It is not only about privacy. You can circumvent tons of geo-blocked movies and shows restricted outside Canada due to license and copyright reasons.

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Why do I need a VPN Provider for Canada?

Being a multi-lingual, multi-ethnic country, Canada has always been praised for giving the utmost freedom to its citizens.

Unlike the US, internet service providers cannot sell data to anyone. It does not have internet surveillance like China. Why do we need a VPN for Canada if everything is fine?

Indeed, ISPs cannot sell your data, but as per the report of CBC- there are other ways to surveil data. Canada is one of the members of the intelligence-sharing alliance such as Five Eyes. Plus, if the government can record your online activities, advertisers and hackers can come with worse intentions.

A VPN can make it easy for users to encrypt all their data and protect and secure their information from the government and ISPs.

Secondly, you could access all channels you may or may not watch while traveling or living outside Canada. You can hide your IP and connect to a Canadian server to watch movies and shows. VPN will help you to do so.

What is a Virtual Private Network, and How Does it work?

A VPN is software that stands between your device, website and ISP. Your VPN service providers have mainly two main functions to play:

  1. Encrypting your data;
  2. Maintaining your anonymity.

A virtual private network creates a secure SSL tunnel known as a “VPN tunnel” between your PC, website, and ISP.

This tunnel is created for two functions.

Data Security

Once you connect to a VPN, your regular internet connection will be redirected to a secure server. From there, it moves to ISP and website. VPN at its server, hide your IP and encrypt your data before sending it to the ISP and website.

Streaming Media

If you choose another server, a VPN aligns your IP of that server through which you can unblock streaming sites of that zone, region, or country.

For instance, if you live in Pakistan and want to watch Hulu TV in the USA, you may connect to a US server. Your IP will ultimately be America.

How do we rate VPNs?

To check whether you are using a reliable VPN, you should have specific points in your mind before purchasing any VPN. Over here, we have created a comprehensive list to help you choose a better VPN provider.

Avoid Free VPNs

The first and most crucial point is avoiding unimportant and free VPN providers. Though you can use them, I would never suggest you go for a free VPN because of it:

  1. Sell your personal information;
  2. Has limited protocols;
  3. Owns limited speed:
  4. Permits Irritating ads
  5. It cannot bypass geo-blocks.

Server Locations

The server location of your VPN provider matters. It is usually suggested that VPNs have over 3000 servers worldwide and at least 60 dedicated servers in the country where you want to connect. Servers maintain speed, so looking for highly updated and enormous servers worldwide is necessary.

Military Grade encryption

The VPN works by sending encrypted data through a virtual tunnel. It is then decrypting it on the server side. For the process, strong encryption protocols are essential for keeping your data safe and secure.

VPNs that offer 256-bit encryption are mostly considered reliable.

Privacy and Anonymity

To retain privacy and security, a VPN connection should have the following:

  1. No log policy;
  2. Kill switch;
  3. Protection from malware;
  4. Adblocking.

Allows P2P file sharing

A reliable VPN should encrypt and secure data in connecting and transferring files to others. VPN facilities for P2P sharing are worth buying.


One of the essential qualities a VPN should have is its interface. It should be easy to download, use and accessible on all gadgets.

Moreover, in a digitized era, the website should contain all information related to VPN configuration.


Economic feasibility is essential if you are purchasing a VPN connection. I am not saying you should buy a cheap VPN, but purchasing one with all the above features is highly recommended.

top 5 vpn services

Fast Connection Speed

For a better streaming service, speed matters! A reliable VPN server should have fast speed. Otherwise, all your efforts, fun and entertainment may go in vain.


It should have 24/7 customer support in case of any difficulty. Express is providing this extraordinary feature.

User Score

The user score gives you a brief idea of whether you should purchase the VPN. Buy a VPN with at least 8 points out of 10.

Best VPN for Canada in 2024

  1. NordVPN
  2. Surfshark 
  3. ExpressVPN
  4. CyberGhost
  5. Private Internet Access

Express VPN – Fastest & Premium VPN For Canada




Express has more than 3000 servers in 160 locations in 94 countries. Moreover, it also has dedicated servers for Canada in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto for you to watch the Canadian series easily.

Trusted Servers

Most of the servers of other unreliable VPNs are old and not updated on time. This may risk your data for cyber theft. However, Express has a different strategy when it comes to servers.

The software of Express servers is kept on updating whenever required.

Device Compatibility

Express is compatible with as many devices as you connect. You can watch all your favorite web series and install VPN on any device or office gadget, including laptops, iPads and mobile without any problem.

Plus, Express can be used for up to 5 devices in one subscription.

Geo Unblocking

Express is considered the best choice when it comes to geo-unblocking. ExrpressVPN maintains your anonymity by hiding your IP address.

In this way, you can connect to servers of the countries whose media you want to access. Let's say you will watch Disney Plus; you can connect to the US server. If CTV, then you can connect to Canadian servers.



Express is the number 1 trusted VPN because of its extraordinary security features. It has AES 256-bit military-grade encryption to encrypt your data from all sides.


VPN providers must be based on non-members of  Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and 14 Eyes. You must be wondering what these organizations are and what they do.

These organizations create a conducive environment for the governments of their member nation for sensitive data sharing. Data may be collected through espionage from ISP or surveillance and shared with another member state.

VPNs located in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are preferred most because the laws of BVI favor anonymity, privacy and security against these surveillance organizations. Express is one of them.

Encrypt Free Public Wifi:

Public Wifi is usually unsecured. A hacker may hack your data or sneak into your activities if you use public wifi from a coffee shop or book store.

VPN adds an extra shield of protection when using public wifi to save your data from theft.

Maintaining Anonymity:

Express is famous for maintaining anonymity. It hides and masks your IP address and assigns the server's IP to watch your favorite movies in Canada from Asia, Africa, North America and Europe or anywhere in the world.

Ram Only Server

Most VPNs use hard drives. The data is fed on these drives and retained over them until it is erased or written over. Nevertheless, the servers of ExpressVPN run over a volatile memory of RAM – Random Access Memory.

RAM erases data when it is powered off. So, it is the best medium to keep your data safe and sound from any leakage.

No Log Policy:

Many free VPN service providers track and sell your data to advertiser agencies. However, reliable VPNs such as Express refrain from doing so. Hence, reliable VPN service providers do not keep logs of their customers.

Kill Switch:

The kill switch is a commendable feature that keeps a staunch eye on your connections to a remote server. The Kill switch blocks the internet connection on your device If the remote server drops the connection. This is how it protects your data against any leakage.


Unexceptional Speed

The average speed of ExpressVPN is 200Mbps to 275Mbps. Many factors affect your internet speed, like protocols and location. However, Express has servers installed in nearly all parts of the world, so you will not face issues while streaming videos through ExpressVPN.

ISP Throttling

An internet service provider limits your data to restrict your speed and downloading capacity.

Therefore, Express encrypts your information to not let ISPs know what you are surfing on the internet. And your ISP wouldn't be restricted to your speed if using ExpressVPN.


Simple Configuration

Express is easy to use. The downloading and signing up process will take only 5 minutes. Plus, the website keeps uploading blogs and relevant information regarding the VPN and its usage to resolve clients' queries.

If you still have any problem, their 24/7 customer service staff is always available.

Lightway VPN Protocols

You can switch Express protocols as per your choice. It is usually recommended to choose an automatic setting, but you can switch between protocols anytime for speed and reliability concerns.

Split Tunneling

Many internet services do not work on VPNs as they can only operate favorably with regular network connections. To resolve the issue, Express has added Split tunneling to its features.

Under this feature, you can add your services on split tunneling, which you do not want to use on a VPN. Rest work on VPN.


  • USD 6.67 monthly for the first 15 months with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-month free trial.
  • USD 9.99 per month for the 6 months with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • USD 12.95 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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NordVPN – Best overall VPN in Canada for Speed & Privacy

NordVPN Review



Nord has 5234 servers in 60-plus countries. It also has more than 480 servers in Canada, which are installed in 3 locations.


When it comes to devices, Nord proves itself a device-friendly VPN. It can be used on up to 6 devices in one subscription.

Dedicated IP

Nord offers dedicated IP to its valuable users. The dedicated IP is recommended for users who are concerned about speed. However, you can avail of the services only for two devices.



As ExprsssVPN, Nord has military-grade encryption, which provides AES 256-bit encryption. It is most famous for its uncrackable security features.


Nord is based in Panama and is a non-member of any surveillance organization like Five Eyes or Nine Eyes. It is free from any jurisdiction for data inspection.

Obfuscated servers

Though VPNs maintain your anonymity for data encryption and unblock geo-restricted sites, sometimes these VPNs leave traces that ISPs could detect and trace. Therefore, Nord also offers Obfuscated servers.

These servers hide VPN traces on the internet to maintain anonymity over the network. You can access Canadian channels without letting your ISP know you use a VPN.

Onion Over VPN

Onion routing is a technique for communicating anonymously. Through this technique, you can browse anonymously for anything in Canada.

Onion routing with a VPN keeps your data vulnerable to theft and cybercrime. Nord has come to rescue you.

Nord encrypts even your onion browsing by using its no-log policy. The ISP, advertisers, and government agencies cannot detect whether you are browsing through the Onion router.


Nord creates PG keys in the client's account. In this way, it encrypts communication between Nord and the client.

Double VPN

Nord has an extraordinary feature of Double VPN services. It means your network connects with server 1, then server 2 to add an extra shield of protection on your internet activities.

double vpn
Multi-Factor Authentication

For multi-factor authentication, you need to follow simple steps. First, you must enter a password and authorize your ID with a second device verification and time-sensitive code.

Ad Blocking

Nord can block all kinds of ads, phishing, spam and malware from your device. You will not be irritated with ads while streaming through Canadian servers.

No Log Policy

Nord does not keep logs of its customers.


Nord VPN is famous for bypassing ISP throttling. NordVPN providers usually use the NordLynx protocol to maintain your network's speed.


  • USD 3.67 per month for two years with a 30-day money-back guarantee with a 3-month free trial.
  • USD 4.92 per month for a year with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • USD 11.95 per month.
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CyberGhost VPN – VPN Provider with Most Servers




CyberGhost has 7100 servers in approximately 91 countries. It also has 300+ dedicated servers for Canada.


 It provides connections to up to 7 devices on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android etc.


256-bit encryption

Another reliable VPN, CyberGhost, has also promised to encrypt your data with its encryption of AES 256-bit.


CyberGhost is based in Romania- a non-member of surveillance countries.

No-Logs Policy & Kill Switch

As with other worthwhile VPNs, CyberGhost does not keep logs of the data of its valuable customers. Similarly, it provides kill switch facilities that secure your data from leakage.


CyberGhost gas speeds up to 500 Mbps. CyberGhost uses the fastest VPN protocols available – L2TP and IKEV2 to maintain speedy connections.


The configuration process, split tunneling and setting up strategy are relatively easy to use. Nord is user-friendly.


  • USD 2.25/month for 3 with a 45-day money-back guarantee with a 3-month free trial.
  • USD 3.99/month for a year with a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • USD 12.99/month with a 14-day money-back guarantee
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Surfshark VPN- Cheapest VPN in Canada




Surfshark owns 3200 plus serves with hundreds of protocols in over 65 countries. It also has dedicated 90 servers in up to 3 locations in Canada only.

Device Connection and Compatability

Surfshark is device friendly. But you know what! Surfshark can be accessed on unlimited devices in one subscription. Yes, Surfshark values your relations.

Therefore, it has unlimited VPN access on every device in just one subscription.



Surfshark also creates a secure tunnel to encrypt your data with AES 256-bit encryption.

Camouflage Mode

Surkfshark uses OpenVPN (UDP or TCP)  protocol to activate your device's camouflage or Obfuscation version. It removes every trace of the VPN from your network.

Your ISP will not look at whether you are using a VPN, and you can get unlimited bandwidth or unblock any Canadian website from anywhere in the world.

Double VPN with MultiHop

Through Surfshark, you connect with double servers and can use the Multihop feature offered by the VPN. Now, you will connect to two servers from multiple countries for better protection and footprint masking.

For instance, if you want to CTV outside Canada from Pakistan, you can use Surfshark to connect your server 1 to Canada and server 2 to the USA.

Strict No Log Policy and Kill Switch

Surfshark leaves no stone unturned when it comes to privacy. It also has a strict no-log policy. Also, sSurfshark has kill switch facilities.


Surfshark is easy to use. The downloading process is easily accessible and designed for the customer's convenience.


  • USD 2.49 monthly for 24 months with a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.
  • USD 12.95 per month.
  • USD6.49 monthly for 6 months with a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.
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Private Internet Access VPN – Open Source Software

Private Internet Access



Private Internet Access has 28,595 VPN and Proxy servers in 106 locations across 78 countries. Plus, it has 4048 servers dedicated to Canada on its 4 sites.


Private Internet Access can be used simultaneously on up to 10 devices and installed on various software such as Marcos, Windows and Linux.

Moreover, its dedicated apps for all major operating systems – Android, IOS, Linux, and Windows add value to its services.

Dedicated IP

With a dedicated IP, you can get a private server to access and stream media outside or inside Canada. Dedicated IP has many advantages. Some of them are:

  1. Privacy and security;
  2. Faster connections;
  3. No crowded servers.
Excellent Torrenting

Though not mentioned on its website, PIA offers excellent torrenting. PIA does not restrict torrents or keep any records of the connection. Hence, it lets you download anything without fear of blockage or throttling.


Open Source Transparency

It provides complete transparency with open-source code. Anyone can check and scrutinize their source code. Through that code, anyone can see and modify protocols for full transparency.

Complete Encryption

PIA VPN uses the best VPN network protection, i.e., SHA1, the fastest way to authenticate your connection; it uses a Secure Hash Algorithm. More security can be had with SHA256.

Malware Blockage

As PIA VPN calls it, MACE is a straightforward yet effective DNS-based website filtering service that automatically blocks all domains associated with malware, trackers, and advertisements, offering excellent protection.

MACE has a blocklist of all the dangerous domains, which are periodically updated when tested. MACE worked 90% of the time blocking malicious websites.


Private Internet Access has commendable speed. It claims to offer Next-generation servers with a speed of 10gbps.


Though PIA is simple, it still has a bit of a complex method. You boot the app and connect a VPN server in Canada, but things aren’t so simple beyond that.

You need to configure various settings. For instance, for leak protection, you need to dive into the settings menu of your operating system. Numerous settings and sub-settings make it challenging to find what you want.

Also, it has 24/7 live support to resolve the queries of customers.


  • USD 2.19 per month for 36 months with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • USD 3.33 per month for 12 months 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • USD 9.95 per month, 30-day money-back guarantee.

A Quick Comparison of VPN Servers in Canada

Features ExpressVPN NordVPN CyberGhost VPN Surfshark VPN PIA VPN
User Rating4.4/54.3/53.7/54/53.4/5
Total Servers300052347100320028595
Number of Devices557unlimited10
SpeedExcellentExcellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
SecuritySecurity Security Security Security Security
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What is the best free VPN in Canada?

In this article, we have already mentioned 5 most usable VPNs for Canada, which are:
CyberGhost VPN
Surfshark VPN
Private Internet Access
We recommend all of them; however, if you still intend to select the best, we suggest you try ExpressVPN.

What can I do with a VPN?

VPN is a revolutionary technology for you to survive in the digital era. It adds an extra layer of protection over what you are surfing. Plus, it helps you to explore hundreds of sites without any restrictions.

Will a VPN decrease my internet speed?

Yes, it affects speed minutely because of the encryption process. However, if you are using a reliable and qualitative VPN, you will not face such issues.

Is it safe to use a VPN service?

Of course, we use VPN services to keep ourselves safe; how is it possible? It is not secure. It will protect your information and hide your data from hackers, ISPs, governments and advertisers.

Is it okay to leave your VPN on all the time?

Yes, you can keep your VPN on all the time. It means your connections are safe and secure 24/7.

Can I get a free VPN for Canada?

Yes, you can get a VPN for Canada for free, but this will cost you. The cons of free VPNs are mentioned above.

Is a VPN legal in Canada?

Yes, using a VPN service is entirely legal in Canada. The usage is restricted only in some countries, such as  Iraq, China, Russia, and North Korea.

Final Verdict

There are many VPN providers in Canada, but you need the best one from our list if you subscribe to any VPN. I can bet you will not regret purchasing them.

We picked VPNs to appeal to those who are considerate about speed, servers, affordability and interface.