Best VPNs to Watch 7plus Outside Australia

Coronavirus, quarantine and lockdown have disturbed the lives of people. Amid such crises, thanks to the entertainment industry that keep them cheerful and busy.

Like other broadcasting channels, 7plus has not left behind when entertaining people in Australia. It offers a wide array of content through live channels, sports, tv shows and movies.

7plus or Channel 7 is an on-demand, catch-up, free-to-watch broadcasting service in Australia. Seven West Media Limited regulates it.

If you are living anywhere outside Australia, you may not be able to stream “MasterChef Australia,” “Survivor Australia,” “9-1-1 Lone Star”, or “Tokyo Olympics 2022” on 7plus because it is geo-restricted.

So, if you want to watch 7plus from anywhere worldwide, the most viable option is Virtual Private Network.


Devices To Watch 7plus Australia

You can watch 7plus or Channel 7 with numerous devices. Some of them are:

  1. Mobile (Android, iOS);
  2. Smart TVs (Samsung, Apple, Telstra, Android)
  3. Window and Mac;
  4. PS4;
  5. Chromecast.

Steps to watch 7plus outside Australia with VPN

  1. To watch Channel 7 Australia, you need to follow simple steps. This would not take a time of more than 5 minutes.
  2. Subscribe to VPN service (we recommend using NordVPN.)
  3. Install the VPN app on your device.
  4. Activate the app and connect it with an Australian server.
  5. Install 7plus from an Android app or Apple app, or browse through a 7plus web version.
  6. Sign in for your 7plus account.
  7. Enjoy your movies and tv shows.

Why you cannot watch 7plus outside of Australia

Australian streaming services are usually geo-blocked. Therefore, you may be facing trouble if streaming 7plus anywhere outside Australia.

Even if you try to watch its services, you will come across a message on your screen that:

“This content is not available in your area.”

This can irritate those who are quarantined and do not usually have anything else to do. But do not worry. The problem can be fixed.

You need a reliable VPN to watch your favorite movies, shows and even sports amid the covid crisis on 7plus.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A virtual private network is software that acts as a middleman between your device, the website and the internet service provider. It runs on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS devices.

Through VPN, you can not only unblock channel 7 but also unlock tons of other Australian entertainment channels such as Foxtel Go Overseas or 9Now, Stan, ABCiview, and 10 Play.

It helps you circumvent geoblocking by redirecting your internet traffic to one of its servers in Australia. This way, you can browse anything from your country by masking your IP address with Australian IP.

Secondly, VPN also safeguards your data from internet service providers for third-party surveillance.

3 Best VPNs to Watch 7plus Outside Australia

A virtual private network is the most trustworthy solution for unblocking restricted areas' channels.

However, many VPNs are unreliable regarding a joyful streaming experience.

Therefore, after personally testing 30 VPNs, Besturate comes up with the 3 most reliable VPN providers that, on the one hand, can surpass geo-blocks and, on the other hand, encrypt all your data.

NordVPN – Best Overall VPN to Watch 7 Plus


Servers: NordVPN has over 5400 servers in 59 countries and 190+ dedicated servers in Australia only.

No Log: Nord provides a no-log policy for its customers.

Maintaining Anonymity: All telecom companies must track data for at least 2 years per Australian government policies and provide the data on demand to government agencies. NordVPN keeps your data protected from ISP.

Crack Censorship: ExpressVPN lets you stream 7plus, Netflix and other Australian channels.

Uncrackable Security: It creates PG keys to encrypt data; it has double VPN services for complete data encryption.


  • USD 3.67/month for two years with a 30-day money-back guarantee with a 3-month free trial.
  • USD 4.92/month for a year.

ExpressVPN – Best VPN to watch 7Plus outside Australia


Servers: ExpressVPN offers 3000 servers in 90 countries. It has 100+ dedicated servers in Australia.

No Log: ExpressVPN keep your browser private by pledging to refrain from any data tracking.

Crack Censorship: ExpressVPN enables you to stream not only 7plus but also Aussie Rules Football, Channel 10 Australia, 9Now, SBS, cricket, Netflix etc.

Maintaining Anonymity: Express keeps your IP address safe from tracking for third-party surveillance.

Uncrackable Security: Like Nord, ExpressVPN also has uncrackable security features.


  • USD 6.67/month for the first 15 months with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-month free trial.
  • USD 9.99/month for the6 months with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

IPVanish – Cheap & Reliable VPN to watch 7 Plus


Servers: IPVanish has over 1900 servers worldwide and 50 dedicated servers in Australia only. Therefore, IPVanish can be your choice to watch your favorite movie on 7plus.

VPN+Backup: IPVanish does not only work as a VPN but also backup all your data and information.

No Log: IPVanish also has a no-log policy.

Maintaining Anonymity: Your internet service provider may sneak into your online activities and also put a cap on your bandwidth. But you do not need to worry. IPVanish protects your data from such preying of ISP.

Censorship: IPVanish also helps you access blocked Australian channels, including 7plus, by surpassing censored laws.

Uncrackable Security: Its security features encrypt all your data from third-party surveillance, phishing scams and malware.


  • VPN: USD 3.75/month for the first year with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • VPN+Backup: USD 4.58/month for the first year with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Be Aware! before purchasing a VPN to watch 7plus outside of Australia

Not all VPNs are reliable when it comes to services. A low-quality VPN may not unlock the website and put your data at risk of cyber theft. A reliable VPN should possess the following features.

Australian Servers: A VPN works well when it has dedicated servers in Australia to watch 7plus from abroad.

Unblock Other Sites: VPN services should provide safe access to Channel 7 and unlock stubborn websites like Netflix and other Australian entertainment channels.

Speed: Channel 7 recommend a speed of 3Mbps or faster for its streaming service. Therefore, reliable internet should provide better internet speed to users.

No Log Policy: Certain VPN providers should have a no-log policy—a VPN service provider pledges to refrain from tracking customers' data for third-party surveillance.

Why people are massively using VPNs in Australia

The usage of VPNs is growing at a rapid pace, particularly in Australia. Most of its channels are either geo-blocked or subject to other license rights. Therefore, people are using VPNs for:

Privacy Concerns: Data retention laws in Australia are pretty severe. Therefore, users inside or outside Australia use VPNs to protect their data from third-party surveillance.

Streaming Media: Online streaming has accelerated in the past year owing Covid crisis. Therefore, people are using VPNs to unblock geo-restricted sites.

Data Security: As the world increasingly moves to remote access, cyberattacks and cyber thefts have become a common threat for many users. Therefore, they use VPN servers for the encryption of their valuable information.

Most Popular TV Shows on 7plus

Channel 7 offers exclusive content for the entertainment of its customers. From sports to dramas, reality shows to movies; it covers all dimensions free of cost. From a vast list, some of its popular tv shows are:

  1. Brothers and Sisters;
  2. Australia’s Got Talent;
  3. 9-1-1 Lone Star;
  4. MasterChef Australia;
  5. Quantico;
  6. One Tree Hill;
  7. The Good Doctor;
  8. Big Brother;
  9. Ghost Whisperer;
  10. The Resident;
  11. All Saints;
  12. Home and Away.


How to get 7plus on TV?

If your tv has a browser and internet connection, go to the 7plus website and stream videos. If not, you can use an HDMI cable to watch through the laptop.

Can I use a VPN to protect myself from Australia’s data retention laws?

Yes, VPN is the best choice to prevent yourself from Australian data retention laws. Nord VPN is based in Panama, which means it is free from any jurisdiction of surveillance. Similarly, it provides the best encryption in a minimal amount.

Is torrenting in Australia illegal?

Yes, it is illegal if you are torrenting for copyrighted material. As per  Australia’s Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement), Bill 2018, copyright owners may take action against ISP if their customers illegally download content.
Therefore, you can use VPN to bypass the restriction by maintaining the anonymity of what you are surfing on the net.

Can I watch 7plus in NZ?

No, 7plus is geo-restricted outside Australia. Yet you can use VPN to watch 7plus from New Zealand.


7plus or Channel 7 is a complete package against boredom with unlimited entertainment. However, those residing outside Australia may face sheer disappointment when the screen keeps popping in error due to geo-restriction.

However, the manual we have provided will lead you through geo-blocks to watch whatever you want on 7plus through VPN.