Unblock and watch Crave TV outside of Canada

Are you traveling away from Canada and cannot access Crave TV? Crave TV is a paid video-on-demand channel that satisfies your craving with entertaining TV shows, dramas and movies.

Unfortunately, the channel is blocked outside Canada. Due to geo-restriction and copyright issues, you cannot watch its content if traveling elsewhere in Asia, Africa, Europe or America.

Fortunately, you can watch Crave TV outside of Canada through a VPN. You must disguise your location and pretend you are in Canada physically, regardless of where you are.

Unblock and Watch CraveTV with NordVPN

In this Guide, I will show you how it is possible. So, let's find out!

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How does Crave stop me from watching outside Canada?

Once you get an internet subscription, you are also assigned an IP address. An IP address shows your location on websites when you surf digitally. Websites such as Crave TV can detect whether you are assessing it from Canada and block you immediately.

Even if you try accessing, an error message appears on your screen as:

“We're sorry, this content is only available for viewing in Canada.”

The same principle works on other streaming sites, such as Canadian Netflic, Amazon Prime Video, Classic HBO or BBCiPplayer.

what is a device?

You need a key – VPN to unblock Crave TV even if you are not physically located in Canada.

Devices To Watch Crave TV Canada

You can watch Crave TV on the following devices.

  1. Android smartphones, tablets, Smart TV
  2. iPhone,iPad and Apple Smart TV
  3. Roku
  4. Windows
  5. Mac
  6. PlayStation
  7. Samsung Smart Tv

Quick Guide to watch CraveTV outside Canada

You need to follow specific steps to unblock Cravetv outside Canada. This will not take more than 5 minutes.

  1. Look for the best VPN (try NordVPN)
  2. Download the VPN on your device.
  3. Pay the subscription fee for the VPN.
  4. Connect to a Canadian server.
  5. Download the CraveTV app from Android or Apple Play stores or open its web version.
  6. Pay for the CraveTV Canada Subscription.
  7. Enjoy watching your movies and TV shows outside of Canada.

Virtual Private Network

A VPN service acts like a middle person and creates a tunnel between your device, ISP and the website. It usually performs two functions:

  1. Unblock websites
  2. Encrypt data

Through a reliable VPN, you can unblock as many sites as possible. From Cravetv to Foxtel Go, 9Now, Channel 7, Stan,  Netflix, and 10 Play, a Virtual Private Network can surpass geo hurdles to provide better streaming to the user.

However, bypassing geo-restrictions is the VPN's side task. The primary mission is the encryption of your data. It protects your privacy and keeps your digital surfing safe and sound by assigning you a fake IP through a remote VPN server.

VPN is compatible with all gadgets, such as Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

A Quick Guide to Check Reliability of VPN

All VPN services are not reliable at all. Free and low-quality VPN providers cannot circumvent geo-blocks, harm internet speed, and stake users' privacy. It would be best to distinguish a reliable VPN from an unreliable and free one.

Some of the problems highlighted among “FREE” VPNs are:

  1. Overcrowded servers;
  2. Limited Speed;
  3. Weak encryption;
  4. Information tracking.

On the contrary, reliable and paid VPNs are far away from these problems. Some qualities of the “RELIABLE” VPNs are:

  1. Dedicated servers in Canada;
  2. Unblocking capabilities;
  3. No log policy;
  4. Military-grade encryption;
  5. Fastest speed.

Excellent VPNs To Unblock Crave TV Outside Canada

You do not need to go into technical details before purchasing a VPN. If your VPN service provider's website can fulfill the above criteria, you can buy without spending much effort and time. Still, for your comfort, we are explicitly revealing the names and features of some most reliable VPNs you can use to cherish your streaming experience.

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. CyberGhost

NordVPN – Best CraveTV VPN To Unblock The Channel From Anywhere

NordVPN Review - Top VPN Service

Servers & Device Connections

NordVPN is one of the most recognized VPN service providers in the entire industry. It has 5234 servers in 60-plus countries. Not only this, Nord has 480 dedicated servers for Canada only. Therefore, you will not face a speed problem or constant buffering if Nord is used for streaming videos.

Besides this, Nord provides connections for up to 6 devices you can use on any operating system, including Linux, iOS, Windows, etc.

Privacy & Security


Regarding privacy concerns, Nord is based in Panama – outside the jurisdiction of any data retention laws. Similarly, it has a staunch no-log policy under which Nord does not track customer data. Its obfuscated servers remove traces of VPN, and its dedicated IP adds an extra layer of protection.

For security, Nord has AES 256-bit encryption. All of its data passes through a series of servers to add an extra layer of encryption. Nord's built-in ad blocker (CyberSec) helps you to access Crave or another streaming channel without any hurdle.

Money-Back Guarantee & Free Trials

Nord VPN provider has a 30-day guarantee on all its plans. However, a 3-month free trial is only available for two years. “EXCLUSIVE DEAl.”

ExpressVPN – Premium VPN To Unblock CraveTV outside Canada

ExpressVPN - Best VPN Provider

Servers & Device Connections

Being #1 in the industry, Express is not losing its relevance to VPN service. Express has 3000 servers in 94 countries. It also has dedicated servers in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto to connect without compromising the speed. Express provides connections to up to 5 devices.

Best VPN Canada: The 7 Best VPNs For Canada in 2021

Privacy & Security

Based in the British Virgin Islands, Express has a strict no-log policy and commendable security features. Its RAM-only servers cannot trace or retain your data. Also, the obfuscated servers remove traces of using a VPN. It also has AES 256-bit encryption. Therefore, you can use Express to surpass the Great Firewall of China, too.

Money-Back Guarantee & Free Trials

Express's subscription service is similar to Nord's. However, it is a bit expensive but worth buying. Express offers a 30-day guarantee on all plans, but a 2-month free trial applies only on the “SPECIAL DEAL” of 15 months.

CyberGhost VPN – Secure & Fast VPN for CraveTV

CyberGhost Review - Free VPN Plans

Servers & Device Connections

Be a Ghostie and surf with CyberGhost. CyberGhost 7100 serves in 91 countries. Also, it has 300 dedicated servers only for Canada. Moreover, CyberGhost provides 7 connections to use devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Privacy & Security

CyberGhost is based in Romania- a country outside the jurisdiction of data retention laws. This is the reason why CyberGhost has a no-log policy. It also has an AES 256-bit encryption to retain the security and anonymity of the user.

CyberGhost's Privacy Tools - Here's Everything You Need to Know!

Money-Back Guarantee & Free Trials

Unlike other VPNs, CyberGhost has 45 days on its 2-year and 6-monthly plans. The monthly plan has a 14-day money-back guarantee. Similarly, it offers a 3-month free trial on 2 years plan only.

CraveTV VPN Comparison

Features ExpressVPNNordVPNCyberGhost VPN
User Rating4.4/54.3/53.7/5
Total Servers3000+52347100
Number of Devices557
SpeedBestBetter Best
SecurityExcellentExcellent Excellent
Ad blockerNoYesYes
Split TunnelingYesNoYes
Customer ServiceBest BetterBetter
24 months plan$3.67$2.25
15 months plan$6.67$6.39
12 months plan$4.92
6 Months Plan$9.99
Monthly Plan$12.95$11.95$12.99
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Reasons behind the massive usage of VPNs in Canada

Being a multiethnic and multilingual country, Canada always supports privacy and freedom of expression. Canadian ISPs cannot track the data of the users. However, to curb terrorism, Canada is part of a surveillance agency – Five Eye.

Also, many of the well-known channels are geo-blocked. Therefore, VPN usage in Canada is increasing faster to retain privacy and surpass geo-blocks.

Canadians are using VPNs for the following reasons:

  1. Maintaining anonymity;
  2. Protecting privacy;
  3. Unblocking websites;
  4. Encrypting data.

What If the VPN is Not Working?

Sometimes, you cannot unblock websites even using a VPN. Below are some configuration settings if the VPN is not working.

  1. Clear browser caches and cookies
  2. Connect to another Canadian server
  3. Check your internet connection
  4. Reinstall and re-log into the VPN service
  5. Connect to a customer representative.

What Is CraveTV?

Crave TV is a video-on-demand streaming service and a child of Bell Media Group. It has 2.9 million users and offers streaming in more than one language, French and American. Other than the content of its channel, Crave also has other media:

  • HBO Canada;
  • Showtime;
  • Kids;
  • Starz.

However, the channel is not free at all. You need to pay subscription charges of $9.99 a month.


Popular TV Shows on CraveTV

Some of the most popular TV series, videos and movies are:

  1. The Handmaid's Tale
  2. Dexter
  3. Euphoria
  4. Big Little Lies.
  5. Billions
  6. Game of Thrones
  7. The Sopranos
  8. True Detective
  9. Band of Brothers
  10. Castle Rock
  11. Killing Eve
  12. The Wire
  13. Succession


Can you subscribe to CraveTV in the US?

Technically, CraveTV is only available for Canada only. So, you cannot subscribe to the channel if you live outside Canada, anywhere in the world or even the USA. So, it would help if you had a Canadian server to watch and subscribe to the channel.

How many devices can I use on CraveTV?

You can add 5 devices in one subscription on Crave TV.

Is CraveTV Free outside Canada?

No, CraveTV is not free at all. You must pay a specific fee or charge to watch its rich content. However, for your satisfaction, Crave offers you a 7-day free trial.
Its packages are as follows:
Crave Original + Showtime – $9.99 a month
Crave Original + Showtime +HBO – $19.98 a month
Crave Original + Showtime +HBO+Starz – $25.97.

How to Pay for CraveTV in the US Without Having a Canadian Bank Account?

You can get CraveTV in the US through a gift e-card by redeeming its code. Otherwise, you will need a VPN to log into its services.


No doubt, Crave TV is among the top-rated streaming services in Canada. With 2.9 million users, the platform is growing at a faster rate. However, as with other entertainment channels, CraveTV is geo-restricted. It does not allow users from another country to access its content.

To bypass such geo-blocks, a VPN is the best tool. From our recommended VPNs, you can use any. For more details, look for our page, the best VPNs for 2024.