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iPage is one of the most affordable site-builders that offers you hosting services and products that are cheap and takes care of its customers by providing valuable site-building plans. It not only helps you go through your site-building process but also fast-forwarding through marketing plans.

Review iPage

Name: iPage

Description: iPage owned by the international endurance group is a website builder with a plan to serve the top products in the minimum price range. It's data centres are located in Boston, and MA area consists of 2400+ servers.

IPage Overview:

The iPage promotes and has the back of small businesses who can't afford expensive hosting packages. iPage's shared hosting is packed with crammed features and customers using ipage are always satisfied with its shared hosting plan.

  • Server Location & Speed
  • Customer Support Team
  • Packages and Pricing
  • Web Hosting Space


  • Affordable
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • decent load speed
  • Uptime
  • Customer Service


  • Expensive additional services
  • No free site migration
  • No cPanel but vDeck
  • Not unlimited

Web Hosting Service by iPage

like many other hosting providers, iPage offers multiple options for you to build your Website through iPage at a lower price than others. The four major hosting products are:

  1. Shared Web hosting
  2. WordPress hosting
  3. Website builder
  4. Dedicated server

Shared Web Hosting

Unlike some web hosts, iPage offers its client to purchase domain names (no free domain name) directly from its page. You've got to pay $9.99 for the first time, and the renewal cost will be $17.99 if you are looking for a .com. However, there are many other options of domain names for you to choose.

The shared hosting plans are a talk-of-town as it offers an impressive initial amount, but here we are again, telling you that it's not as much cheap as you think. $8.99 per month is not cheap. And iPage shared hosting does not give the option of monthly payments; the contract usually is based on a minimum of one year.

WordPress Hosting

iPage's WordPress hosting plans are tremendous as it gives you a WP starter and WP essential. Both have Free SSL certificate, Free domain registration for one year, Unlimited storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Pre-installed themes & plugins and 24/7 WordPress support.

WordPress starter gives only one site is $3.75 per month. On the other hand, WordPress essential contains extra features like unlimited websites, /automatic malware removal and SiteLock professional security in $6.95 per month.

Website Builder

The three categories Starter, Business and eCommerce, are available to build your Website through iPage VPS hosting. iPage hosting options are cheap, but obviously, they don't have as many features as there should be.

The starter plan is free along with hosting, but it just gives you the features: Build up to 6 pages for free, Over 550k images available for use, Pre-built sections and page layouts, SEO tools, 24/7 support. Not less Not more.

Business Plan offers you + Starter features, Build unlimited pages for your site, Revision history for carriers, Analytics integration for $6.99 per month.

eCommerce Plan has + Business features, Sell products online, Inventory management and tracking, PayPal integration, Offer coupon codes and promotions for $12.99 per month.

Dedicated Server:

Startup, Professional and Enterprise are the three plans that iPage is offering you for a dedicated server.

Startup: 2 Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 500GB disk space, 5TB of bandwidth, 3 IP addresses, Free 1yr domain registration, CentOS 7, cPanel. For From $119.99/mo*

Professional: 4 Core CPU, 8GB of RAM, 1000GB disk space, 10TB of bandwidth, 4 IP addresses, Free 1yr domain registration, CentOS 7, cPanel. For From $151.99/mo*

Enterprise: 24Core CPU, 16GB of RAM, 1000GB disk space, 15TB of bandwidth, 5 IP addresses, Free 1yr domain registration, CentOS 7, cPanel. For From $191.99/mo*


Its security scans the malware from the internet to keep your website safe from viruses and blocklist. iPage offers two security options.

  • SiteLock
  • SSL Certificate

The iPage offer for your security and your convenience give you three categories: choose whatever suits you.

Essentials: Minimum recommended protection, Daily malware scan, Blacklist monitoring, Block automated bot attacks, Automatic malware removal Starting at $3.99/mo *

Prevent: Full protection against malware, + Essentials plan features, Database scanning, Faster response time Starting at $14.99/mo *

Prevent Plus: Continuous scanning & fastest response time, Prevent plan features, Continuous malware scan, Fastest response time, PCI compliance scanning, Website CMS† vulnerability patching Starting at $24.99/mo *

You will get daily scans to help stop hackers, Instant alert notification and Automatic malware removal to secure your Website from blacklists.


G Suite and Microsoft 365 is on board with iPage hosting. Email is an essential step that you can not skip while building a website for your business.

G suite will help you communicate through its Gmail, hangouts and meet feature, Drive and cloud will help you store your data, manage your account through admin, vault and mobile.

Microsoft 365 has offers designed according to your needs. Good, Better and Best respectively,

Email Essentials provide you with Business-class email and Calender, 15 GB of Exchange Online Storage, and Outlook familiarity, starting at $1.99/mo. per user*

Business Plus offers you + Email Essentials features, 50 GB of Exchange Online storage, Microsoft Office Online, 1 TB OneDrive For Business cloud storage, Private and internal social networking and portal, starting at $4.99/mo. per user*

Business Pro offers you + Business Plus features, Microsoft Office for desktop, Microsoft 365 apps for tablets & smartphones, Automatic syncing across all devices, Bookings for easy scheduling and appointments, MileIQ to track your business mileage, Starting at $9.99/mo. per user*


iPage does not only gives the services for hosting account but also helps in marketing your Website. You can contact their Experts to get the ideas and guidelines for Professionally designed and responsive Website for your business. It's essential to put forward engaging Website, and for that, your posts, items, and efforts must go hand in hand for complete results.

You can grow your audience through SEO, iPage will give you maximum visibility to optimize your Website through custom content and constructive keywords.

You can get your monthly reports to ensure you are getting the right traffic for your site, and Search engine optimization (SEO) is helping you grow.

iPage Review


iPage is Affordable

iPage's shared hosting plans are cheaper when you think of other web hosting companies.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Unlike many other site-builders, iPage gives you the option of the 30-day money-back guarantee. You can buy its product and check if it's fulfilling your needs, you can get the money back within 30 days if it doesn't suit you. As simple as that!

Decent Load Speed

Relatively a decent load speed for the websites of iPage's customers is what it offers. iPage doesn't give you a high-speed but acceptable speed performance.


first and foremost quality of iPage is its Uptime with a proven track record of giving 99% of Uptime to its customers.

Customer Service

Humane or we would not be hesitant to call its customer service the most friendly and supportive service, be it chat support or calls. As a host, the team helps you from understanding the plans to executing it.


Expensive Additional Services

iPage is affordable, but its additional charges are higher than the actual cost of its products. It does not give you extra security or backup in its basic plan. The primary goal is cheaper but with fewer features. To extend the elements (like disk space, web space, email addresses, Unlimited MySQL database and unlimited domains), you've got to pay a substantial amount per month.

No Free Site Migration

iPage is not offering the service of migration, and if you are not a technical person, you will have to pay extra for your site (one-time).

No cPanel But vDeck

Control Panel is as vital as any other feature that web hosts provide. The most asked question about the control panel is why iPage does not offer cPanel but vDeck. If you are a newcomer and don't know about either of them, you are good to go. The problem lays with the people who already have mastered cPanel, and there is no point in wasting learning a new platform.

Not Unlimited

Its web hosting services have made an image of the provider of the most affordable yet unlimited feature, but it does not work like that. Many of you might not know that it gives its essential plan in which there are fewer features, and not every part is unlimited such as unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email addresses.

Affiliate Program

iPage offers you Industry-leading payouts, Reliable tracking, Affordable for your customers, Unlimited earnings, Dedicated team and Unique promo code to join the team and spread the word. All you've got to do is sign up, share your affiliate link and get paid. It's clear that on 1-5 sales you will get the commission of $65/sale*, 6-10 sales for $75/sale*, 11-20 sales for $100/sale*, 21+ sales for $125/sale*.

Customer Support

You must choose a hosting service that fulfils your needs at any time. The customer service team of a hosting service provider must maintain communication between the customers and the company. As a web host, iPage web hosting and its customer support through live chat and calls 24/7 has kept its customers bound.


  • Easy WordPress install: Easier than ever! Easy steps for the manageable budget.
  • eCommerce functionality: Splendid features for your online shop waiting for you to avail.
  • Site analytics: iPage is there to monitor the traffic and productivity of your Website, sit back and relax.
  • Unlimited domains: Not free but infinite numbers of fields are available for you.
  • Search engine ad credits: Ad credits for $200 in your account, use it whether on google, bing or any other search engine.
  • Scalable Bandwidth: Limitless data transfer for your Website, what else are you looking for?
  • Free domain for one year*: New account? free domain for a year, not a bad option to avail.
  • Easy-to-use setup wizards: iPage wizards are certainly always available for you to guide throughout the installation process.
  • Content management systems: CMS is as essential as any other feature if one is a site builder. Matter of the fact is, iPage has also been serving with CMSs.
  • PayPal integration: Use the existing account through iPage's PayPal integration.
  • Email marketing integration: Email marketing feature for your business's promotion is also available but not free. You've got to pay for it too.

Final Verdict

We have mentioned details of features, and plans in this iPage Review and Customers who are new in the online store (e-Commerce website) might find it challenging to build and manage their business. In such cases, as a site builder, iPage helps its customers by suggesting WordPress hosting. The easiest way to develop your site, drag and drop the whole template.

Support of WordPress itself makes it easier for the customer to get it started. Irrespective of features like unlimited MySQL databases, ram, domain name, WordPress hosting, shared hosting and plans that are free or unlimited, but it is not. iPage seems like an affordable choice for the website owner, who is a newbie. Still, its hidden charges, renewal charges and yearly plan can make you regret your decision if you find yourself unable to manage your Website no matter if the control panel is not your cup of tea or its shared hosting or WordPress.

If you want us to give you an overall rating, we would say a healthy 4 out of 5.

We do not recommend iPage to those already into this business; it's not for you. But for those who are new to online businesses and want to start from cheaper plans, iPage support will get you through this.