Review StrongVPN – Best VPN Service with Multi-Device Support

Virtual Private Network or VPN helps to ensure a secure connection with another network. Ideal to use when accessing region-restricted websites. Thus, it protects the browsing activity of an individual from those using public Wi-Fi. VPNs are not only for secure connections but also for forwarding network traffic and accessing network resources remotely.

Through VPN, it is easier to connect devices like tablets, smartphones, and PC to another server as a computer. Thus, it allows browsing the internet even if the server is from a different country.

There are many Virtual Private Networks available and claiming to provide the best service. Not all can attest to their claims. That’s why it is essential to find the best one. StrongVPN is a classic VPN that has wide platform support.

Getting To Know StrongVPN

StrongVPN can offer solid VPN service with all the features necessary in the industry. Despite the location, StrongVPN guarantees an excellent performance, browsing, and streaming on different devices simultaneously.

StrongVPN launched its service in California in 2005. They started as a PC store and eventually expanded to the internet service business. But they have teams assigned in various parts of the world such as Japan, Malaysia, France, Australia, and the United States.

StrongVPN Review

Name: StrongVPN

Description: If you plan to subscribe to StrongVPN, worry no more because setting up the VPN is a lot easier. It comes with a detailed Setup page link that will guide you on how to download iOS, Android apps, Windows, and Mac.


StrongVPN provides a server network of more than 950 units across over 20 countries throughout the world. The good thing about subscribing to StrongVPN is you can access geographically restricted services like Netflix, YouTube, ABC, Spotify, Crunchyroll, HBO, SkyGO, Hulu, and more. It also supports torrenting.

  • Streaming & Torenting
  • No Logging Policies
  • Ping & Server Speed
  • User Interface & Apps


  • Works with Netflix
  • Allows torrenting
  • Quick customer support
  • No logs policy
  • Uses AES 256 encryption


  • Works slow on many servers
  • The user interface is outdated
  • Higher subscription price compared to other providers
  • U.S jurisdiction is dissuading many customers

What StrongVPN Offers


Through the 256-bit military-grade encryption, using StrongVPN guarantees utmost privacy. It is easy to connect to the server through OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv2, and SSTP protocols. WireGuard technology also helps in ensuring privacy. This new privacy protocol ensures the best features and faster speed. An additional safety feature of this provider is the kill switch. It works when the connection drops. It eventually blocks the internet connection to avoid data leaks.  

The provider considers itself as a “zero-logging VPN.” It means the server will not store or track your browsing activities and data while using its service. Rather, this VPN gathers the necessary information essential for creating an account while promising not to sell them to third parties.

StrongVPN Encryption

Encryption is significant for the privacy of your device. Involving encryption prevents access without the special code. StrongVPN is using different methods to protect your data.

1. AES-256

This encryption method offers the highest standard in encryption and is difficult to decrypt. The United States government has been using AES-256 to encrypt top-secret data, thus keeping everything safe.

2. IKEv2

Using the Internet Key Exchange or IKE version 2 automatically re-establishes the VPN connection after disconnecting from the internet. This can be helpful if you want to switch between mobile hotspots and Wi-Fi.

3. IPsec

This method is used to improve security in combination with other protocols. IPsec uses the transport mode to encode the data packet message and the tunneling method to encrypt the whole data packet.

StrongVPN Protocols

Through Internet protocols, it is easier to determine how the data packets are transported throughout the network. It also measures the safety and speed of the VPN service. Choose a VPN that can provide both security and speed.


This protocol offers an impressive combination of performance, security, and speed. But it requires third party software and a complicated process to set up. OpenVPN is open-source and helps to improve the code and prevents tampering.


Another protocol is the SSTP or the Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol that boosts efficient speed and performance. It supports all Windows devices and easily bypasses firewalls, thus guarantees a secure connection.


This is a seven layers protocol that delivers smaller packets of data to the proper place. It works well with UDP by integrating the data together.

StrongVPN Review


When it comes to performance, StrongVPN works well in terms of download speeds and connection times.

Speed Test

The main objective of using a VPN is to improve internet speed. When VPN uses internet protocols, it ended up slowing down the internet. The good thing is that the StrongVPN is compatible with Mac OSX and Windows 10 computers. The results of both the upload and download speed are more than enough to stream on other networks.

Subscribers from North America can expect 101 Mbps speed, 53Mbps in Europe, and 59Mbps in Asia. However, the speed is just a general indication and definitive. Obviously, the speed will also depend on other factors such as the internet. If the user has a faster internet connection, he can also expect better results on the speed test.

Split tunneling allows diverting part of the device app traffic to the server. In contrast, other devices maintain direct access to the internet—less bandwidth to use when a device is connected to a VPN. Unluckily, StrongVPN offers split tunneling only for Android applications.


If you plan to subscribe to StrongVPN, worry no more because setting up the VPN is a lot easier. It comes with a detailed Setup page link that will guide you on how to download iOS, Android apps, Windows, and Mac.

You can find the sideloading and installation of the app in the Android section. Study the manual setup of routers, Chrome OS, Linux, Kodi, and Amazon Kindle. You can also install the mobile apps and Windows client the usual way.

StrongVPN App

Connecting with the VPN requires an app that can help identify the current location for easy connection to an external IP address nearest to the server. A Search box is an app that can provide a quick process of determining the location.

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps of StrongVPN have a similar interface with desktop clients. It is essential to familiarize mobile apps to get along well. The mobile apps don’t have the kill switch but perform well. Another thing is the Android app that doesn’t support SSTP and L2TP protocols. But you can use the WireGuard, IKEv2, or OpenVPN. It is easy to use the mobile app because of its simplified interface you need to run.

Desktop app

The features of the desktop app are more on the aesthetic part. The subscriber can click the location button to search for the server location. Through the default option, the app automatically picks the location according to server load and proximity. It can consume a lot of time because there are no labels on the servers.  

Benefits of Using StrongVPN

Aside from protecting privacy and online freedom, Strong virtual private network also offers other benefits.

Access to an unrestricted and uncensored internet

Some places have restrictions or censorship implemented by the government to internet access. What if you happen to visit such a place? This makes sense using StrongVPN that can help to identify the location appropriate for your IP address. Thus, it allows you to connect regardless of your geographical location.

Peace of mind using public Wi-Fi

Most public places offer Wi-Fi to allow internet access. Public Wi-Fi is useful, especially for those who need to access the internet without paying for the data used. However, public Wi-Fi is not secured, and many online criminals are on the lookout.  Be extra careful when using public internet connection because it puts your identity, credit card, and banking data at stake. Hackers can easily access and exploit those data. We recommend investing to StrongVPN prior to accessing public Wi-Fi for your safety. It features an encrypted tunnel that protects your private information.

Prevent intrusive online advertising

VPN prevents third party cookies from tracking your searches on the Web. Otherwise, they will flood you with advertisements. Through StrongVPN, the traffic is encrypted, but you can still share your IP address. This way, you can stay away from stalking advertisers.

Prevent Malware

Malware is a form of cybercrime. It is an act when an unauthorized individual intends to access a computer or data without the permission of the owner. An example of malware is a malicious website. There are instances of identity theft caused by malware. Thus, using StrongVPN is the best solution to prevent such cybercrime, and it will serve as firewall protection.

Stops government spying and ISP

When online, you enable the ISP or Internet Service Provider. It allows unscrupulous people to view their data and, worse, gather them for other purposes. StrongVPN will help protect against invasion of privacy by shielding your activity from the spying eyes. You can ensure your browsing secretly with encrypted traffic.


There are two subscription packages offered by StrongVPN. The subscriber can apply either monthly or annually. You can save an enormous amount if you choose the annual package of $69.99 while the monthly package is $10.00. They offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days of subscription. You can pay through Alipay, bitcoin, and PayPal.

When you subscribe, the platform comes with a manual setup guide, including Chrome OS, Amazon Kindle, Kodi, Synology NAS, and Linux. You can also find the router model with enabled StrongVPN.  Though the provider says to serve a maximum of 12 devices, there’s an increasing possibility that the server can accommodate in higher number.

Money-Back Guarantees and Free Trials

StrongVPN offers a free trial for any subscription within 5 days. This way, the potential subscribers can check if the service is suitable to their needs. The subscriber can also cancel the subscription in case of unsatisfactory service and can expect a money-back guarantee within 30 days. They also offer flexible plans, but some subscribers complain the price is higher than the others.

Customer Support

The customer support that StrongVPN has to offer is impeccable. The customers can ask a question any time of the day using the live chat. The support team is accessible 24/7. You may not get help instantly, but they guarantee to provide answers within the day. The support also uses different languages, including Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, and English.

Final Thoughts

Considering the features and other offerings of StrongVPN, many subscribers are giving positive reviews to its services. If you are fond of streaming to other networks like Netflix, this VPN is a good option. It offers versatile and user-friendly service, especially for beginners. The privacy and security features will give you peace of mind. Every subscription made comes with a cloud backup service called SugarSync, and it also supports WireGuard protocol.

If you want to achieve full protection while browsing online, take time reading reviews, so you will know if it is worth the subscription. There are other VPN alternatives available, and you can compare them with StrongVPN.