iQIYI Outside China

Do you want to watch Chinese and Korean romance, thriller, comedy, emotions? You can watch all Chinese dramas on china's famous channel iQiyi. It is the most popular streaming channel to manage your favorite shows, series, and movies.

Sadly, these contents are available only for Chinese viewers people outside china can not watch iQiyi.

iQiyi is a highly demanding Asian entertainment service provider for international viewers. This channel was based in Beijing and Shanghai, bust on the entertainment industry on April 22, 2010.

Gradually it becomes a popular online video streaming site worldwide. It has around 500 million active users; in just a month, people spend 6 billion hours on this channel.

IQIYI is the most amazing online video streaming website their features of TV shows are a wide array. As we know that many countries have their specific channel, and they applied some geo-restriction for the outsiders, the same iQiyi built geo-restriction techniques so no one can watch their contents outside China because of copyrights issues.

But do not need to worry; you can access iQiyi by connecting to a Virtual Private Network. It will bypass the geo-blocked streaming services and let you watch your favorite shows.

There is also good news for UK and Ireland viewers they can watch iQiyi outside china. The iQiyi and THEMA partnered and launched Netgem TV channel service and attracted a global audience. This step makes the iQiyi reach 106 million viewers worldwide in 191 countries.

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Why iQiyi applies geo-restrictions techniques

Channels applied geo-restrictions techniques because they did not want to show their contents to any outsider of their coverage area. Unfortunately, iQiyi is one of them.

You can not watch iQiyi outside china due to copyrights and license issues. If you try to access iQiyi, you will be blocked or receive an error message.

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Well! Now you can watch iQiyi outside china by connecting to a reputed VPN. It will bypass the geo-restriction and make it visible for you to watch Chinese streaming services from its limitations.

How to unblock iQiyi channel outside china

There are many options to unblock the iQiyi, but the best and most reliable option is a Virtual Private Network. It will shield your actual IP address and give you a Chinese IP address so no one can know your real identity.

It will protect your data and privacy and provide you with advanced features and services. You can enjoy the Chinese streaming service by following a few steps.

Step1: Explore a VPN

Please make a list of VPNs that give reliable Chinese servers and choose one from them. (We Recommend ExpressVPN)

Step2: Download VPN

Download and install the VPN app, take a subscription, activate the software, and fill in your credentials.

Step3: Connect to the Chinese Server

Make sure you are connecting with the Chinese server

Step4: Enjoy Your Stream

Now you can enjoy VPN service by watching iQiyi outside china.

Best VPN service provider to watch iQIYI outside china

Many VPN providers give you access to iQiyi, but I will review 3 reliable VPN services that you can choose to unblock the Chinese streaming websites.

1 ExpressVPN

2 NordVPN

3 Private Internet Access VPN


ExpressVPN - Best VPN Provider

ExpressVPN is famous for its premium streaming VPN service. It bypassed multiple geo-blocked channels such as Voot, BBC iPlayer, Stan in the USA and abroad and can easily unblock the iQiyi with its Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong servers.

It has fabulous features, including dedicated apps, Unlimited bandwidth, split tunnelling, kills switch. This strict no-log policy lets you enjoy your content with HD streamings quality and protect your data from snoopers.

You can use the single ExpressVPN account on 5 devices simultaneously. It also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee offer; you can enjoy their service within the first 30 days and return it until the free trial period ends.

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NordVPN Review - Top VPN Service

NordVPN is the most reliable streaming VPN provider and the alternative option of ExpressVPN. It can also give access to watch iQiyi from anywhere in this world through its multiple servers in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Its features like give you a fast internet connection, strict no-log policy, double VPN protection, CyberSec, split tunnelling; with these features, you can enjoy watching iQIYI outside china.

NordVPN supports significant apps and applications, including Windows, IOS, Andriod, Linux, macOS. You can connect 6 streaming devices with one single account.

It gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee offer, and you can return the subscription within 30 days and take your money back.

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private Internet Access VPN

Private internet service is also known for its streaming service and affordable prices than other VPN services. PIA can easily unblock the iQiyi with its Chinese servers and clear other streams like QQ and Baidu.

PIA is a pack of advanced features including open source software, dedicated IP, customization settings, kill switch, advanced split tunnelling, gives you fast internet speed, protect your data, block ads and malicious sites.

PIA gives you the benefit of one account with 10 devices capacity. It supports Chrome, IOS, Linux, Firefox, Android, and windows.

It also gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee offer where you can enjoy all their features and services.

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Best shows watch on iQiyi

There is a lot of content iQiyi offers, from anime series to drama, Tv shows, movies. Few best shows of iQiyi

  1. The Flowers are blooming
  2. Forever and ever
  3. Moonlight
  4. Bad and crazy
  5. Arsenal Military Academy
  6. Poisoned Love
  7. Love Designer
  8. My Dear Guardian
  9. The Legend of Zu

Besides, Now you can stream iQIYI content in regional subtitles, including Malay, English, Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese.


Can I watch IQIYI free?

Yes, you can watch iQiyi free for the first month of your subscription. For this, you need to create an account of a Chinese or Taiwanese phone number; then sign in to your iQIYI account. After a month, you have to subscribe to its monthly deal.

Can I watch iQiyi in Malaysia?

The users of Malaysia can not access the iQiyi because of geographical restrictions. Even if you are a resident of China and traveling to Malaysia, you still can not access the iQiyi. But don't worry, you need a premium streaming VPN that can give you access to iQIYI in Malaysia.

Can I choose a free VPN to watch iQiyi?

Yes, you can, But a free VPN is not secure and reliable for your streaming device. It will bypass the geographical restrictions, but it will not protect your online privacy and data; you will always find difficulty when you start streaming your contents, buffering issues, and, most importantly, leakage of your data. 
There are chances that free VPN providers can sell your data to a third party and earn money. We recommend the best VPNs servers of china you can check out and enjoy your streaming without any hurdles.

Can I watch iQiyi on a smart TV?

Yes, you can watch iQiyi on smart TV. You need to download the iQiyi app from the app store, or if you are using Android TV, then download the app from the play store and enjoy your shows.

What does mean of iQIYI region lock?

Many services are available in their region or countries but blocked outside their coverage area. IQIYI is one of them. You can not access it; if you try, then the channel will block your IP address. The only way to unblock these services is to connect with the reliable premium streaming VPN that connects you with China's server.


iQiyi is one of the best streaming sites in China where you can watch your favorite content but sadly blocked outside of china due to geographic restriction and copyrights issues. You can not access iQIYI outside of china's boundaries.

But do not be upset; there is always a solution. It would help if you connected with a reliable VPN to access iQIYI. A VPN will mask your original IP address and give you a new Chinese IP address so you can watch iQIYI anywhere in the world without any interruption.