Unblock and Watch Tubi TV Outside The USA

Tubi tv is the world's largest ad-supported and free streaming service, with more than 20,000 tv shows and movies. As per a rough estimate, Tubi tv has offered 20 million monthly viewers a video-on-demand content library of more than 132 million hours.

Based in the US, the Tubi app is available anywhere in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and is accessible on over 25 devices. Though Tubi offers the best content, its streaming service is unavailable in other countries, such as the European Union.

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Why Choosing Tubi TV?

  1. 100% free video streaming.
  2. Kids category with the additional option of parental control.
  3. Compatibility with typical electronic gadgets.
  4. Plenty of content.
tubi tv

Application Compatability To Watch Tubi TV

Suppose you have located inside or anywhere outside the US, i.e., Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. In that case, you may install the Tubi tv app or access its web services via:

  1. Roku
  2. Google Chromecast
  3. Xfinity X1
  4. TiVO
  5. Apple TV
  6. Consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation)
  7. Web via tubi. tv
  8. Android app via Google Play Store
  9. Rogers
  10. iOS app via App Store
  11. Hisense TV
  12. Playstation 4 and 5
  13. Xbox one
  14. Samsung smart TV
  15. Sony TV

Currently, Tubi tv is unavailable for the European Union, United Kingdom, Asian; African; and Latin American countries.

Why is Tubi TV Blocked In Other Countries?

Are you on your vacation outside the US? Are you facing an error in streaming Tubi tv by sitting on the beach of Seychelles? You cannot access American-based services, Hulu, Tubi or Vudu through any streaming device because these are geographically restricted and subject to license rights.

Even if you try to watch Tubi tv outside the US, a message may pop up:

“Tubi is the US's largest free movie and TV streaming service. We are not available in Europe due to changes in EU laws.”

How to watch Tubi TV Outside the US?

  1. Subscribe and install a VPN to unlock geo-restricted content (we recommend using ExpressVPN.)
  2. Download Tubi tv on your device.
  3. Connect your device to the US server through VPN.
  4. Your TubiTV is Unblocked.
  5. Sign in to Tubi tv and explore your content.
  6. Enjoy streaming.

How to Watch Tubi TV Through VPN?

A virtual Private Network is one of the most reliable methods to unblock the content of Tubi tv. It enables you to mask the IP address of your country with an IP of any other easily accessible land, such as America, Canada or Australia, to connect with the channel.

This way, you will access any American-based website or streaming channel by sitting anywhere in the world.

ExpressVPN – Recommended TubiTV VPN

ExpressVPN - Best VPN Provider

Express VPN is one of the well-renowned VPN servers to watch Tubi tv outside the USA. With a speed of 89.99 MBPS, the app lets you watch Tubi tv without disruption and completely encrypts your data traffic. It also blocks malware, scareware and cyber threats from the device.


Express VPN has more than 3000 servers in 90-plus countries. Its services are even working for the most challenging site like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, which makes us confident that you can easily unblock and access Tubi tv sitting far away from the USA.

You can also access the same VPN over five connections.

Unblock Tubi TV

You may access Disney, Netflix and even watch Tubi tv without hesitation because Express VPN unblocks geo-restricted websites.

No Log Policy

Express VPN server adheres to Zero Log Policy. Per the policy, VPN providers pledge to refrain from tracking or collecting clients' data. No log policy is vital to avoid third-party surveillance.

Internet Kill Switch

In sample words of electronic terms, Kill Switch functions in the software that switches off or shuts down the device in case of any mishap. For instance, if your ios or Android is stolen, the kill switch will be remotely activated.

The kill switch of Express VPN temporarily halts traffic over the web server if the connection drops. This may help you to watch Tubi tv without any concern about theft.

Customer Support

Express VPN also provides 24/7 customer support to its worthwhile clients. Its services are available via email and live chat.

Device Compatability

Express VPN is compatible with Android, ios and desktop versions to unblock and watch your favorite shows.

It's Expensive But Worth Spending.

Though the price of ExpressVPN is not that much, yes, for a free proxy user, it seems like a considerable amount. However, quality comes at a cost.

We recommend you subscribe to 15 monthly packages by paying only 6.67 dollars for a better streaming experience.

NordVPN – Unblock Tubi TV with Speedy and Reliable VPN

NordVPN Review - Top VPN Service

This user-friendly software is based in Panama with an unbelievable speed to unblock Tubi tv without any buffering issues. The VPN is privacy-focused and provides a safe internet interface to its valuable users.

Nord VPN has more than 5,500 servers successfully enabled in 59 countries, managing a range of more than 1900 clients in the US alone.

The VPN has speedy connections and incredible data-unblocking capabilities.

Cyber Security

Nord blocks malware, scareware and cyber threats from the device. It also provides Kill Switch Zero Log facilities and DNS protection.

Unlimited Data

NordVPN provides unlimited data to download video streaming. You may watch your favorite tv series with its complete data offer.

Double VPN

Nord surfs through your data from multiple servers for better encryption numerous times. It is known as the chaining of multi-hop, where even your IPS is unaware of such activities.

Surfshark – Low Cost VPN for Tubi TV

SurfShark - Best For Streaming

Surfshark is a pocket-friendly VPN. It is designed to hide your web traffic along with exceptional encryption services.

Surfshark is the best choice for those who spend the least on high quality.

Tubi tv and torrenting access

This versatile VPN with more than 3200 servers working in 65 countries, including the United States of America, can help you watch any series outside America.

Data Protection

You may watch Tubi or any other channel outside the US just by hiding your IP address and protecting your valuable information.

In a minimal amount, it provides multidimensional data encryption facilities.

Its 256-bit encryption, kill switch, DNS protection, and Zero Log policy are noteworthy as valuable features.


The company is based in the British Virgin Islands, which means it is out of the jurisdiction of inspection from Nine Eyes, Group 5. Its fast server can explore different sites of Amazon Fire Tv, Disney and even Tubi tv.

Split Tunneling

Through Whitelist, you may connect to any public-private network of US servers by obtaining an IP address through Surkshark.

What are the Criteria for choosing the Best VPN for Tubi Tv Outside the US?

It would help if you went through every factor before finalizing a VPN to unblock your geo-restriction error.

We have devised a checklist that may help you to find your preferred VPN service.

Compatibility: Your VPN provider should be compatible with devices such as Windows, Linus, MacOS etc.

Streaming Services: It should work on different websites like Netflix and Disney.

Money-Back Guarantee: It should have a money-back guarantee for almost 30 days. An offer of a 7-day free trial for devices would be a value addition.

Updatability: A VPN should frequently update to restrict clients from malware and scareware.

Connections: A VPN should offer a secure internet connection for at least five devices.

Most Popular TV Shows on Tubi

  1. The IT Crowd
  2. Taboo
  3. The Lost Room
  4. Teen Titans, Go!
  5. JoJo’s Bizarre
  6. Black Hawk Down
  7. The Andy Griffith Show
  8. The Dead Zone
  9. Afro Samurai: Resurrection
  10. The Transformers
  11. Attack on Titan

Most Popular Movies on Tubi TV

Tubi Tv is full of horror movies ranging from Ragdoll to The Army of Death. The channel has also offered classic films of the '70s and '80s for those who love old stories. Browse from horror to funny, romantic to suspense; you will get endless movies. Some other famous movies are:

  1. Ginger Snaps
  2. Train to Busan
  3. The Intouchables
  4. Memento
  5. How to Die in Oregon
  6. The Hunt
  7. Ghost in the Shell


Can I Watch Tubi TV with a Free VPN?

Free VPN is always risky. Also, it has insufficient servers to unblock content to stream Tubi tv completely.

Is Tubi App legal?

Yes, the Tubi app is legal to watch streaming online.

How Do You Improve VPN Speeds for Tubi TV?

Tubi tv does not require high ping to stream videos. However, you may download apps as Surfshark or ExpressVPN for speed problems.


If you are triggered to watch your favorite tv show or movie on Tubi tv by sitting on any other continent outside the USA, we have given you a complete manga Carta to apprehend what you should do at the first stage.

We hope the guide has answered all your questions and will help you unlock the channel without difficulty.