Get US IP Address From Anywhere & Unblock American Streaming Content

If you are not a resident of the US or traveling abroad and want to watch your favorite streaming content, including glamorous broadcasts of American awards shows, Netflix, HBO Max, American Amazon Prime, Hulu, Peacock, etc., read this article.

You want to catch up on American sports events such as NFL, NHL, or NBA, or wish to access your American account for business or any other stuff. You must use USA IP addresses to run everything outside the US.

Search some American websites outside the United States. You will find that you are blocked from that website or receive an error message like this video or website is unavailable in your region. Many websites use geo-restrictions techniques to restrict visitors in their license regions.

It is irritating when you badly need access to these things for your business purpose or spend quality time watching your favorite series, movies or anything else. You can not care because you are out of their region.

Well! You can make it easy by connecting to a virtual private network. A reliable VPN can easily bypass the geo-restrictions and unblock the sites you want to access. It will convert your IP address into an American one by diverting your online traffic to a US server. It gives high speed by preventing your throttling and encrypting your connection.

us IP address

How can you get an American IP address from anywhere, anytime

An IP address is like a digital fingerprint and tells the website from which country you are browsing and can tell your current location and country within seconds, and this is how the website knows the outsiders and blocks them. Even the ISP internet service provider can see what you are doing online and quickly link it to your identity.

You can get an IP address in the US by connecting to a VPN service; It protects you from cyberattacks and snoopers. When you are connecting with a VPN server, it changes your IP address and matches it with a US server (as per your requirements), So you can access US content. It will also give you the security to encrypt online data using public WIFI.

Let's go through how a VPN changes the IP address, enhances your security, and unblocks websites in the United States. This article can help you choose the reliable and secure VPN provider for the united states IP address.

Follow the step-by-step guide which we are mentioning below.

Step1: Choose a reliable VPN (We Recommend NordVPN)

You must see which VPN providers provide HD quality streaming, reliable and secure connection and fast Internet speed.

Step2: Download and Install the VPN

Download and install the VPN you choose as per your requirements on your device. Few VPNs offer multiple device connections at the same time.

Step3: Activate the account

Create the account, fill in your credential and sign in.

Step4: Connect It with the US server

Please find the US server and connect to it to change your IP address with the US. Now you can search with a US IP address.

What is an IP address?

An Internet Protocol is an individual address recognizing the Internet or local network device. It is an arrangement of rules governing the data sent through Local networks or the Internet.

However, an IP address is a platform where devices and networks send information. They trace the transmission of location and allow the devices to communicate.

As every individual has a different identity, the Internet must also identify other routers, websites, and computers. The Internet verifies everyone's identity through an IP address and how the Internet works or reacts. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority assigns the IP addresses.

It is in numeric form. In the United States in 1998, the ICANN non-profit organization was established when the dissertation of the Internet Corporation Assigned names and numbers for the security of the Internet and made it usable for everyone. Those people can register the domain and pay a small amount of money.

IP address uses the guidelines to cross information for communication like other languages. Every device sends, finds and travels the info to the additional devices through this protocol. Any device can talk to each other using the same language from anywhere.

How and why do you need a VPN to change your IP address

Outside the US, you want to watch the streaming shows on their websites, including Amazon Prime Video, American Netflix and others, or access online banking but can not reach their content limitations.

Many websites and services use geo-blocked techniques to restrict their content from outsiders. The sites trace your IP address to identify your current location. It's the digital address of your device to know your identity.

In many cases, when you access their websites, firstly, they match your IP address to their website limitations, and if it does not fit, they won't allow you to watch their content and block you. But now, you can easily access USA websites and services from anywhere in the world through a VPN.

It will change your IP address when you connect US server and redirect your online traffic to that server. A VPN hides your current location completely; Websites won't recognize that you are out of their region.

Besides a new IP address, a VPN can give you multi-benefits through its privacy features and security, a kill switch, no-log policy and military-grade encryption.

When you connect to a secure VPN, you do not need to worry about cyberattacks and snoopers; It will protect you from these attacks and maintain your privacy.

How can you feel safe online through a VPN

A VPN is an essential instrument of online safety. It not only bypasses geo-blocked websites but also preserves your data to encrypt from cyberattacks, hackers and leakages.

Connecting your device with a VPN protects all your messages, banking details, browser history, and data from snoopers.

There are higher chances of cybercrimes in this era, and everyone wants to keep their data and personal information safe from all these attacks.

A virtual private network is a great option to secure your data with multiple security features. It is a private connection you can use on your Laptop, smartphone, computer or tablet.

Benefits of having an American IP address

There are multiple benefits of having an American IP address. It can unblock entertainment, business content and many others, for example, Netflix.

Netflix is the favorite streaming website where you can watch blockbuster movies, series and shows; you need a Netflix subscription in your country. But do you know that Netflix content offers from region to region?

The US has substantial selections of movie series and shows that can not access from other sides of the world. It is just one reason to get an American IP address. From an exhaustive list, some of the benefits of having an American IP are:

  1. Bypass the geo-restricted to unblock Netflix.
  2. Unlock the US YouTube TV videos.
  3. Take benefit of US discounts on their product and services for supposing video games, software and many more.
  4. Watch US live sports online on American TV.
  5. You can access US online TV channels such as Hulu or DirecTV.
  6. Get access to American gaming servers to unlock the US online play games.
  7. Listen to music on locked sited like apple music, SoundCloud, Pandora and Spotify.
  8. Book rooms and flights at a lower price.

Recommended best VPN services to get an American IP address

Many VPN providers can give you a lot of American IP addresses. There are reliable VPNs and free VPNs, But how will you know which is the best service provider and suitable for you? Don't worry. We are here to give you the solution. 

Free VPN is a risky choice to use. It may help you watch blocked content, but it will not guarantee to protect your data, won't give you high-speed network, or HD streaming, maintain your privacy, and won't give you advanced features.

You constantly find it challenging to run your content, and most importantly, there are higher chances of your data leakage; they can store your data and sell it to a third party.

We recommend reliable and secure VPN connections to get US IP addresses.

List of top 5 VPNs.

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Surfshark VPN
  4. CyberGhost VPN
  5. IPVanish VPN
  6. Private Internet Access VPN


NordVPN Review - Top VPN Service

NordVPN is the most reliable and secure VPN in the world. It has 5201 ultra-fast servers in 60 countries and 1970 in the USA. It has 2000 servers in North America, provides the best options for American servers, and covers east and west coast locations.

It gives you a speed of up to 800Mbps. Suppose you want access to American streaming services. NordVPN is the best option to subscribe to because it is easy to use and offers incredible features and services, including a fast speed network, strict no logs policy, kills switch, and secure internet connection.

It supports split tunneling, has a dedicated IP address and double VPN protection, turns on the CyberSec to avoid malware and annoying ads, and gives you DNS leak protection. If you are a New subscriber, NordVPN gives you a unique, risk-free trial 30-day money-back guarantee.

That means you have a complete chance of testing NordVPN features, services, deals and discounts; if you are unsatisfied, you can return the subscription and take your money back.

You can easily download it on your desktops, computer, laptops, smartphones and tablets. It has Android and IOS devices; you can connect 6 devices simultaneously.


ExpressVPN - Best VPN Provider

ExpressVPN is an outstanding VPN service provider to give you the USA IP address. It easily bypasses the many popular streaming sites. It has 3000 VPN servers in 94 countries and 100 US servers. This VPN server speeds up to 600Mbps.

ExpressVPN is very reliable and easy to use. Its security features include VPN split tunneling, kill switch, strict no-log policy, DNS leak protection, public WIFI safety, unlimited bandwidth, and encrypted internet traffic.

It gives you access to unblock their streaming contents through IOS throttling and gives you 24/7 live chat support; if you find any queries, you can quickly contact them. If you are a new subscriber and do not know about ExpressVPN and do not want to waste your money, do not panic; this VPN gives you a free trial of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

You have 30 days to know their features, services, deals and discounts; if you have any problem, you can return the subscription and take your money back within 30 days.

It supports the Linux, IOS, Mac and Windows operating systems. It also supports major web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox and supports the streaming system and consoles such as Xbox, Apple TV, PlayStation, and Amazon Fire TV. It can connect 5 devices simultaneously.

Surfshark VPN

SurfShark - Best For Streaming

Surfshark VPN is one of the top 5 VPN lists to get US IP addresses and has military-grade encryption. It has 3200plus servers in 65 countries and 600 plus in the USA. Its server speed is around 500 to 700Mbps in UK and US areas.

It is more reliable due to its outstanding features, such as the clean web. It gives you a USA IP address to run their apps and website, a kill switch, a no-logs policy, private DNS and leak protections, no boarders mood, unlimited device benefits and HD streaming sites.

It uses its antivirus security to save your documents, apps, and files from harmful things and sustain your privacy on your devices when you install or download something.

It always gives you an alert email message to be aware that someone has breached your online stuff and tells you that someone is breaching your password.

Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee; you can use their features and services if you find any issues or do not satisfy their work. You can take your money back. It is a free trial offer for the first 30 days.

You can use this VPN service in Windows, IOS, PC, Android app, Android TV, and Mac, but it is tricky to use in Smart TVs.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost Review - Free VPN Plans

CyberGhost is a more reliable and cheaper VPN service than other VPNs. It has 7500 VPN servers in 91 countries and 1101 in the United States.

You don't need to select the best server CyberGhost will automatically provide you with a convenient service. It is the best VPN service to get a US IP address because of its outstanding features. It protects your data with high-class protocols and military-grade AES-256-bit encryption.

It automatically generates the Kill switch option, supports split tunneling, and makes its DNS service to protect your device from data leakage and a strict no-logs policy.

It has the benefit of a 45-day money-back guarantee free trial offer; you can try their services and features for 45 days freely; if you want to return the subscription, you can return your money within 45 days.

It hides your IP address and safe your data in your gadgets; It supports desktop applications, Mobile apps, Browsers, TV apps, console apps, routers and more. It also connects you to Amazon fire TV, smart TV, Apple TV, Android TV, and extension on chrome and Firefox.

You can quickly contact them; their support team is available 24/7. It will help you troubleshoot connection problems and find a suitable VPN server.

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish - Strong Encryption

IPVanish VPN secures your environment for online activities; when you connect to the VPN service, all your online traffic, like file sharing, video streaming and downloading, protects everything, giving you a solid network to use the Internet anonymously.

It has 1900 VPN servers in 75 plus locations and 40,000 IP addresses. It features such as VoIP VPN, which can easily connect worldwide. It gives you a high network and maintains your video and audio quality. You can stop online censorship and connect yourself from anywhere.

With IPVanish, you can secure your mobile device data, like banking information, emails, and social media, from hackers or cyberattacks.

It prevents you from deep packet inspection, zero traffic logs, proxy web servers, multiple connection protocols, no data transfer caps, unmetered device connections, and advanced encryption, and it gives you secure access to media.

IPVanish offers multiple monthly and yearly plans for unlimited devices and high-speed bandwidth and provides you with a free trial of a 30-day money-back guarantee. First 30 days, you can enjoy their services and features freely and without restriction.

It uses user-friendly software for windows, IOS, Linux, macOS, Android and router firmware and supports Amazon, Apple and Google.

You can reach them quickly; they are available 24/7 to serve you and give you the best solutions to solve your problem.

Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access - 10 Multi Device Support

Private Internet Access PIA has fast servers in America and 78 countries worldwide. PIA is good at bypassing streaming sites and is a good option for torrenting. It gives fast speed and the best network.

It has packed with advanced features to help you protect your online privacy and freedom. It gives you open-source software, advanced split tunneling, dedicated IP, secure kill switch, reliable automation rules, highly customizable settings, block ads, trackers and malicious sites.

It also gives you world-class protocols. It provides fast and reliable servers globally and has a domestic focus in the US. It has 10 Gbps and lightning speed, unlimited bandwidth and no throttling speed.

You can connect PIA VPN to 10 devices simultaneously, protect all device's data, and maintain their privacy, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and routers. It supports IOS, Linux, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Andriod and macOS.

PIA offers you many plans with one constant offer of a 30-day money-back guarantee; you can enjoy their services and features first 30 days freely.

An alternative option to get a US IP address

Proxy server

A proxy is a web machine translating traffic between protocols and the network. This server provides you with security, functionality, and privacy per your requirements. It separates the end-user client from their browsing.

proxy server

Proxy servers change your IP address when you send them a request; firstly, the request goes to the proxy, then collect the response from the web on behalf of your proposal so you can see the page in your web browser.

It changes your data slightly and still gives you the desired results. It changes your IP address so no webserver can recognize you from where you are; it encrypts your online traffic. You can choose any Proxy server to get a US IP address, bypass the geo-restrictions, and control children and employees' usage.

It Improves speed, saves bandwidth, improves security and privacy, and gets access to unblock websites. VPN and proxy are pretty similar. However, VPN is more expensive than a proxy server. There are a few risks while using a broker.

Using a proxy without encryption means sending requests in plain text so that anyone can use your name, password, and personal information from the other side. Be careful and use an encrypted proxy server.

An accessible proxy server is risky to use. You will face security issues, privacy leakage and many other issues. They can steal and sell your personal information to others to generate revenue. It is how free services make their profit and run their business.


Can you get a US IP address for a specific city?

Yes, you can choose any US-specific city, and through VPN, you can get their IP address. But as we know, the US is a large country, so there are several chances of speed differences between the servers, like the east and west coast. New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are the most providers of servers.

Getting a US IP address is Legal?

Yes, getting the IP address that ISP provides is legal. You are safe while using VPN until and unless you do not commit crimes online like harassing someone, downloading copyright content, get to accessing illegal material.

Can you access online banking in the united states through a VPN?

While many VPNs work for your digital privacy, many banks are still not allowing them to access online banking services while you connect with a VPN because there is a high chance of fraud. If you are traveling outside the US and want to access online banking, then forcefully, you need to connect with public WIFI, which is highly insecure.
The Chinese government has been trying for years to get a solution, but they did not succeed, so banks do not take risks. Many VPNs can have access to your bank. It's a collaboration between banks and VPN services. You can shift to another VPN if your VPN service does not access your bank.

Can a US IP address hide your Internet activity from Internet service providers?

The US ISP can see what you are doing online, which website, and how much time you spend on them. But don't worry; a VPN can hide your online activities from your ISP.
It encrypts your online traffic so ISP can not recognize and see your online moves. It also has a strict no-log policy feature, which means it won't share anything with anyone without your permission.

Can a US proxy hide my IP address?

Yes, a US proxy can hide your IP address, but it does not work as a VPN when discussing privacy and security. Proxy encrypts and secures your online traffic in your browser, but a VPN protects your data from any apps on your devices.
Furthermore, when you connect with a reliable VPN provider, you know that your personal information is safe and secure, while you do not have any guarantee in a proxy.

Can you get a free US IP address, and why is it not a good idea?

Yes, you can get a US IP address free, but it is not a good option for some reasons. Free VPNs are unreliable and trustworthy; they can see your online activities, quickly sell your data to the third one, and blackmail you by targeting your personal information; this is how they make money. 
Next, the lack of robust security features and imposed restrictions such as data caps and limited server option gives you low internet speed; you can not watch your content without buffering issues.
The best option is to use a reliable and trustworthy VPN, and now many VPN services give you free trial options with all features and services. If you ask them to return within their free period, they will return your money without asking for anything.


It is always hard to watch American Netflix; friends reunite episodes and other US streaming shows. You should get a US IP address for streaming your shows, online business, and other stuff.

You can get the IP address from different methods, but the best and most secure method is VPN. It is an easy and simple way to get an American IP address. You can get it by connecting with a reliable and trustworthy VPN.

We recommended the top 5 VPNs above. Have a look. A reliable Virtual private network bypasses geo-blocking and allows you to watch US streaming content. It hides your IP address and generates a US IP address so no one can know where you are from and enjoy your content without hurdles.

It gives you HD-quality video, and fast internet speed, protects your data and provides multiple features and services; it gives you the most secure online experience.

On the other hand, free VPN services and proxies have limited servers and risk of leakage data, and low internet speed. Using a reputable VPN service is the best option, unlike alternative and cheap options.