Review IPVanish – Strong & Tested Encryption Methods

IPVanish is a VPN provider that guarantees customers a “zero-logs VPN policy.” A zero-logging policy refers to not keeping any records of the customer’s data upon browsing activity on the internet.

IPVanish VPN company has undergone a thorough investigation regarding their privacy policy if it is legit or not. After the said investigation, it was found out that it is clearly-written with fair transparency and explicitly shows that it’ll never keep the traffics or even the record of the metadata logs in the browsing history.

Aside from that, IPVanish VPN does not control the collection, monitoring, or logs of any traffic of its Virtual Private Network to whatever kinds of platforms are used.

In summary, it only shows that IPVanish’s logging policy is considered to be transparent as it is. The user’s email address and payment method details were the only information collected to process the payment transaction.

IPVanish VPN does not:

  • Log any user’s traffic details when using the VPN service.
  • Rent or even sell out user’s information to any third parties.

Users don’t have to be worried about the in-documents because it is an enforceable logging policy that gives due course and prioritizes the anonymity of the user’s privacy, as well as the security.

Since IPVanish is one of the competitive VPN providers today, they are ensuring every customer has the safest VPN through external investigating audits by the use of a third party.

IPVasnish Review

Name: IPVanish

Description: As per reviews, most of the VPN providers’ logging policy could still track at least the server load and the login details for their maintenance purposes. However, this IPVanish VPN stands out amongst the other VPNs as it never does track the privacy of the user.

IPVanish Overview

The IPVanish is different from any other VPN provider as it has widely rented infrastructure to assure the VPN connection server is highly good. At the same time, some of them are upfront on how they are going to keep control over their network upon renting to the third parties.

  • Privacy & Protection
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Data Transfer Speed
  • Options & Features


  • Best VPN for Firestick & Kodi Users.
  • Easy to connect using mobile devices, PC, and many other operating systems.
  • The connection from the server is consistent around the globe.
  • There are top-notch privacy and security options.
  • There will be no leakage of logging policy to any IP address provided.
  • Anonymous torrenting won’t be a problem.


  • Limited options.
  • No Browser Extensions.
  • Blocked Streaming Sites.
  • It lags when using Chromebook.


Know More About IPVanish

Did you know that all IPVanish reviews would not be completed without the incident of the data-sharing that happened in 2016? It is shown that the company’s previous owner was the Highwinds Network Group with the collaboration of the FBI. Before, the no-logs policy was not yet undertaken as complexities between the data-sharing companies.

Why should you need to know about this case? It is because IPVanish provided the information that was only collected by the logging information, which means that the IPVanish VPN provider cannot access the metadata without making conflict on its logging policy.

Who owns the IPVanish VPN Provider?

IPVanish is one of the longest-commercial VPN services founded in the year 2012 through Mudhook Media and partly owned by Highwinds Network Group.

In 2017, Stackpath, one of the popular CDNs providers, cloud services, and top firewall company, has gained the IPVanish. Two years later, J2 Company, a giant online media acquired Stackpath Company.

In short, IPVanish transferred the company’s ownership several times in the past. This move has led to drawbacks, which took many times for IPVanish VPN providers to establish trust. Customers’ trust is very important to establish reliability. It would be impossible to gain trust from the customers if the company is not reliable and established.  

IPVanish VPN Security

In terms of their security, their VPN has supported IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, and Open VPN for TCP and UDP. About their encryption, they have integrated it with AES-256, DNS Leak Blocking, First Party DNS, IPV6 Leak Blocking, supports of TCP Port 443, and has VPN Kill Switch app, while their protocol is PPTP with the advance feature of SOCK.

Using such a VPN means the user can ensure all the private data and information are protected and concealed whenever browsing the internet. The leakage of information is at bay because of the encryption technology.

Complete List of IPVanish Pros

  • Provides the same speed as what other countries offer.
  • If you are using a Firestick and Kodi, this is the best VPN app that you can use.
  • Anonymous torrenting won’t be a problem.
  • There will be no leakage of logging policy to any IP address provided.
  • There were over 50,000 anonymous IP Addresses.
  • Supported with simultaneous connections of at least 10 bond
  • It allows you to secure all your applications using strong encryption.
  • It was tested with all servers, that the speed was excellent among any providers.
  • Guarantees better connectivity as it is supported directly in the VPN apps.
  • The provider developed Chameleon protocols.
  • You can entirely self-owned this server network.
  • They rated the applications as user-friendly and functioning with all devices and platforms.
  • In terms of features and pricing, there are lots of subscriptions to avail upon using the IPVanish VPN; however, it has its data usage limitations.
  • Unbelievably simple but fast connection. No one can beat the IPVanish in terms of connection speed, even at very remote places.
  • It offers simultaneous connections and is good for multiple users like in business, but with limitations.
  • Upon using IPVanish VPN, the recorded IP address will be removed at all times.
  • Upon subscription to the plans, the internet has no limitations until it expires.
  • Easy to connect using mobile devices, PC, and many other operating systems.
  • There is an anonymous option for the payment. You can use online payment if you wish to make payment online.
  • Refundable within one week up to the second week provided your subscription prior to publishing.
  • One of the promising VPNs can assure users of zero logs upon browsing the history search, traffic destination, data content, and search preferences.
  • The connection from the server is consistent around the globe.
  • There is an impression of data connectivity rate even if you are using out of the areas it was located.
  • It is more eminent as it covers a massive array of servers with at least 10000+ spread across the globe.
  • In terms of applications, in all fairness, the IPVanish is available in any kind of system.
  • There are top-notch privacy and security.
  • IPVanish can allow you to screech halt whenever your internet communication drops out.
  • Upon testing the speed connection, the server guarantees they mask your IP before the installation of the VPN.
  • On their plans, IPVanish scores in every high category covered thus far, and upon noticing the plans in the mix, this VPN provider is getting even better.
  • They include the updates and improvements every time the team building occurred.
IPVanish Review

Complete List of IPVanish Cons

  • There is inconsistent access in some apps like Netflix.
  • Unblocking for BBC iPlayer and Disney + is unavailable sometimes.
  • China is excluded and does not work within its area.
  • There are no browser extensions.
  • Subscribers can see the updates and improvements after several months.
  • Limited options.
  • Their “simplicity” logo is best described with no options once you avail of their services.
  • Most of its subscriptions were good at once and not functioning well in the connection in some areas.
  • Sometimes, speed is arguably slower, and long speeds have always occurred.
  • Limited features if you are going to use mobile devices or macOS.
  • Strictly not intended for child’s use as it cannot bypass the aggressive censorship.
  • It lags when using Chromebook.
  • Ineffective subscription to block the advertisement.
  • The IPVanish VPN can’t support peer-to-peer connections and file sharing, and there is a need for multiple servers.
  • Abysmal speed in some areas, especially in the USA.
  • Most of the users encountered an unacceptable loss of connection upon performing the speed test.
  • For the new users, they can fix the server loss after three to four consecutive days
  • Slower apps connection. When the user uses Windows, it may take some time to hook a server.
  • Clients are not advised to use Windows for this VPN.
  • The Fastest server, but not always.
  • Lack of nearest server options that’s why the user will automatically encounter terrible and dismaying results after installing the VPN apps and logging in the needed credentials.
  • No alternative server options.
  • Aside from the server, there are no other options after logging in.
  • Sometimes cryptocurrencies and online payment were not supported.

IPVanish VPN Summary

Data Cap: Unlimited
Speed: 84Mbps
Logging Policy: No Logs at all
Jurisdiction: US (Five-Eyes Member)
Date Leaks: No Data Leaks
IP Addresses: 50,000+
Servers: 1,400
US Netflix:  Yes
Countries: 50-60 countries
Torrenting: Unlimited
Supported in China: No
Cheapest Range Price: $2.19 within one year.

About their Server Ownership & Geolocation Testing

Over the past years, some VPN providers overextended their server networks in many countries, which caused connection vulnerabilities. One example of this situation is the Nordvpn that was hacked in 2018.

In recent years, many VPN companies have been renting a large portion of the infrastructure for them to provide tons of servers in several locations around the world.

The IPVanish is different from any other VPN provider as it has widely rented infrastructure to assure the VPN connection server is highly good. At the same time, some of them are upfront on how they are going to keep control over their network upon renting to the third parties.

In VPNs Company, it is always common for them to use the virtual server locations because this might be the chance to provide the user’s IP addresses in a certain area, even though the physical server is built elsewhere.

IPVanish VPN Review Conclusion

According to the summary of various reviews, the IPVanish VPN provider is one of the high quality, fast, and secure VPNs that can be used by the customers. There are huge chances for the customer to enjoy every single day with impressive lists of applications.

IPVanish VPN is considered secured, scalable, reliable, and user-friendly. They have their technical supports available 24/7 every time the customers need help with the installation and the setups.

This VPN provider is supported by the national government and has already been audited through the public. The result of the said audits was the reason for enlightenment for them to be more prominent for a better focus with regards to their privacy compared to what happened before. The trust of the people has been there.

Because of public demands, this VPN comes into an elite group of third parties like NordVPN and ExpressVPN. These two VPNs were some of the top and great providers in the VPN industry.

More than that, IPVanish VPN has a good value, good prices, and money-back policy if ever the customer’s plans have not been used and publicized. Every user has given a 30-day guaranteed refund and makes it a better value again.

Furthermore, their services have reached over a hundred countries all over the world. The main reason why they remain at the top among all VPN providers is the assurance of speed connectivity and is now very useful for the government, businesses, and other facilities. It is by far the most reliable VPN provider all over the world.