How To Watch Hotstar in USA or Anywhere Outside India


Star India is an Indian media platform that launched Hotstar in 2015. An online streaming service based on the demographic of Youngsters of the country. Hotstar has gained the list of most used streaming server for its commendable content in India since it came in the market.

The two paid features, i.e. VIP and Premium air content from all categories. Its subsidiary is The Walt Disney Company India which makes it more interesting; it features international range from original series from Disney Television Studios. Its content is accessible in India, The USA and Canada only due to geo-restriction.

5 Steps to watch Hotstar outside India

If you are not located in India, the USA or Canada, and you want to access the Disney+ Hotstar, you can follow the five easy steps to stream its content(dramas, movies and shows).

  1. Select a user-friendly VPN (We Recommend Express VPN)
  2. Install, subscribe and sign-in a VPN in your device
  3. Connect to an India server
  4. Sign-in to create a free account on Hotstar Website
  5. Stream your favourite Hotstar content

About VPNs

VPN-Virtual Private Network is used for shifting control. It's a secured way of establishing a connection between the internet and you. It's a route that encrypts your data traffic. It hides your IP Address or you can say, invisible to your ISPs.

It keeps you safe from viruses and hacks attacks. But your VPN can be hacked if you share your username or password or even the info about the VPN service you are accessing. Your presence will be encrypted from any device, be it your smartphone, laptop, tab or TV.

Learn more about Best VPNs

You can access any geo-restricted content anywhere in the world. Content of many streaming services like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon, Showtime, Zee5 is not accessible worldwide. VPNs are the most used platforms for online streaming. All you have to do is, Get a VPN, set your location, log in to your account and start streaming, as simple as that.

VPNs to watch Disney+Hotstar

Many VPNs lists on the internet will help you see your desired tv show, but VPNs give you easy-access have a low ratio. You can find the top 10 VPNs here for streaming your favourite movies and shows. The VPN services will provide you with access to your desired files.

We highly recommend the following VPNs if you want to watch Hotstar content.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. SurfShark

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the most promising VPN servers that offer No activity logs & no connection logs, Best-in-class security & encryption, CleanWeb, Ultra-fast servers in 94 countries. It will hide your IP Address while you access to any streaming server.

ExpressVPN helps you access Disney+Hotstar India for free even if you are outside India. Sign up for ExpressVPN, Connect to an ExpressVPN server location in India, Log in to your Hotstar account and stream from anywhere! And you are good to go. It's as easy as it seems. Check the pricing list and comparison.


2. NordVPN

NordVPN is most trustworthy VPN servers that offer Strict no-logs policy, access over 5,500 servers worldwide. It will hide your IP Address while you access to any streaming server. NordVPN can also help you access the Hotstar outside the USA, India and Canada.

Get NordVPN, Download the app, connect to a VPN server, Surf the net without limits, and that's it! You can watch Hotstar outside-accessible countries through Hotstar app. Check the pricing list and comparison.


3. SurfShark

SurfShark is a popular VPN server that offers Strict no-logs policy, Industry-leading encryption, Kill Switch, Whitelister, CleanWeb, 3200+ servers in 65 countries. It will hide your IP Address while you access to any streaming server.

You can watch Disney+Hotstar also, and for that, you have got to Get Surfshark VPN, Install Surfshark app, Access Hotstar and you are ready to access the movies and shows of Hotstar India. Check the pricing list and comparison.


Pricing Comparison of VPNs for streaming

Devices UnlimitedUnlimited56
24/7 suppor
Money-Back Guarantee30-day30-day
Netflix libraries15 Libraries7 Libraries
Get It NowGet It NowGet It Now

SurfShark ExpressVPN NordVPN

Devices Unlimited 5 6

24/7 support Check Check Check

Money-Back Guarantee – 30-day 30-day

Price $2.49/mo $8.32/mo $3.71/mo


Netflix libraries 15 Libraries Check 7 Libraries

ExpressVPN To Unblock Hotstar from anywhere

ExpressVPN is one of the most used platforms for torrenting and surfing on the web. VPN service like ExpressVPN works for those who are concerned about their ISPs. Using a VPN makes it easier to browse geo-restricted content, shows and movies.

Watch Hotstar with a VPN to access the Indian version of it will work if you want to watch Hotstar other than India, US or Canada. ExpressVPN has all plans ready for you to stream outside India without any hustle. It might seem expensive but the money is worth the while.

Device for Hotstar

You can log in Hotstar from five devices at a time. If your smartphone, tab, laptop or tv can download the Hotstar app, you are good to go. All you need is a VPN for your tv show if you are not in India, the USA or Canada. Use any Indian version of Hotstar service for movies and shows in your device. ExpressVPN has all plans ready for you to stream outside India without any hustle. It might seem expensive but the money is worth the while.

Share Hotstar VIP

You can not share Hotstar VIP, and users can not log in from the same account on two or more devices but a single device. This version of Hotstar service can be accessed in a single device even if you are in India. You can share Hotstar and can use a single account in any device at a time if you have a premium subscription of Hotstar outside the USA, India or Canada.

Disney+Hotstar and Other Streaming platforms

If you watch Hotstar and you are outside India, you must check out the platforms that India airs for entertainment. All the following platforms are available on Android, IOS, Windows, Linux and macOS. You can access any platform on any device, your smartphone, laptop, TV or tab. If you are a fan of an Indian tv show and don't know how to stream, we will help you.

  1. Disney+Hotstar
  2. SonyLIV
  3. Voot
  4. Zee5
  5. ErosNow



Hotstar is giving exclusive entertaining Indian content like Movies, Tv shows, sports, news and LIVE IPL STREAMING, and the international content for the viewers on Hotstar app or Web. Watch disney+Hotstar by subscribing to any of the following plans.

  • Disney+ Hotstar Premium for Rs29.91
  • Disney+ Hotstar VIP for Rs39.91 per month
  • Disney+ Hotstar Premium for Rs 1,49.91 per year


sony liv

SonyLIV is a streaming platform for the Indian content only. It streams Indian TV serial and soaps, sports and matches, news and reality shows. The two new annual subscription plans are:

  • LIV Special for Rs199
  • LIV Special for Rs399

learn more about the plans



Voot is one of India's most-streamed platforms as it offers a lot of Indian content from Bollywood movies to the English TV shows, shows from different Indian Channels in other languages. Be it MTV, Colors or films produced by Viacom18 motion pictures. Voot offers free unlimited streaming content for all users who do not want to buy any subscription plan. You get the access of Indian entertainment content if you subscribe to the following plans get

  • A monthly subscription with a free trial for three days for Rs. 99
  • A yearly subscription with a 14 days free trial for Rs. 499.



Zee5 stream web content is restricted to its platform and the other Indian movies and shows. Zee5 produce its high-class content for its viewers. It gives you 1-month free trial and the services continues through billing as per your selected plan from the following.

  • ZEE5 Premium services at Rs. 99/- per month (you can get a discount from ACT Fibernet)
  • ZEE5 All Access plan for Rs 99/ month
  • ZEE5 All Access plan for Rs 299/ 3 months
  • ZEE5 All Access plan for Rs 599/ 6 months
  • ZEE5 Club plan for Rs 365/ year


eros now

ErosNow is another Indian streaming platform but can be accessed outside India. You can watch your favourite movies, TV shows and other ErosNow Original content. The basic plan gives you free subscription but limited access to the film, songs, shows and tv serials.

However, the paid plans are more accessible with exclusive features. You can subscribe to watch and download over 11,000+ HD Movies, TV for:

  • USD 7.99
  • USD 4.99
  • Pay Bi-Annual USD 19.99.

Disney+Hotstar or Zee5

The significant differences are the content and plan that Disney+Hotstar and Zee5 have to offer.

Disney+Hotstar offers Indian shows, movies, new and not to forget the live IPL streaming. It not just only provides Indian content but also international. Disney+Hotstar is available on Samsung & LG Smart TV app, Fire TV app, Android TV app, Apple TV app, and Chromecast support for big-screen viewing and apps, IOS and Android Platforms.

Technically, the platform has a User-friendly UI with limited options on the header. It offers eight languages. The movies and shows usually expire in 7 days, but if you download something, you have to finish watching it within 48 hours, and you can download this video for once.

Zee5 offers Original content that is made and owned by the platform and not reposted content. All the news, shows and movies of Zee5 are exclusive. You can access the Zee5 from Playstore, iOS platform and its website.

Technically, the platform has a User-friendly UI with a lot more options than disney+Hotstar on the header. It offers 12 languages. You can access free content within 48 hours only.

Geo-Restricted countries for Disney+Hotstar India

10 Countries in Asia that are geo-blocked:

  1. Thailand
  2. Nepal
  3. Turkey
  4. Pakistan
  5. Sri Lanka
  6. Singapore
  7. Bhutan
  8. Qatar
  9. Iran
  10. Bangladesh

Streaming services in Canada

Canada is a multicultural region and people around the globe lives there. People who want to watch international content, Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, BritBox, disney+ and many others. Disney+Hotstar are available for Canadians. Netflix is running in the lead of best streaming service worldwide, so does Hotstar. Hotstar is giving commendable subscriptions for its content at reasonable prices.

Streaming services in the United States

The United States set the bar for throwing high-level content for entertainment. From Tv to movies, the US has been entertaining the world through various platforms. The streaming services that work in the US are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO, Hul, Vudu etc. Hotstar India is also giving subscription service in the US now through Hotstar app and web.


Is it illegal to watch Hotstar in Uae?

VPNs are not illegal in the UAE, but its misuse can cause you offence charge and fine of lifetime imprisonment. However, you can find any VPN service of your choice to access Hotstar app and another streaming service. You can get Express VPN and set the server to India to watch Hotstar India content.

How can I watch Hotstar outside India?

You can watch Disney+Hotstar in your region. All you have to do is find the best VPN server. ExpressVPN works for all areas as a VPN provider if you can't connect to an Indian Hotstar.

Can I watch Hotstar without using a VPN outside India?

You can watch Hotstar in US and Canada without using a VPN, but in other areas, Geo-restriction applies on the content which means Indian server would need a VPN in your place if you are not located in India, the US or Canada.

How can I buy a Hotstar premium outside India?

You can buy a Hotstar premium even if you are not located in India if you wanna watch Hotstar outside India but only through a source located in India. You connect to an Indian citizen to pay on your behalf, and you transfer the money through any online money transfer. VPNs don't give the option of banking and payments.

How can I watch Dil Bechara outside India?

Dil Bechara streamed on disney+hotstar which is generally seen outside India like The USA and UK and Canada. For other countries, You can download ExpressVPN to watch Dil Bechara.
Here is how you can download ExpressVPN and access Dil Bechara.

What's the best show on Hotstar?

Here are some shows recommendation for you
Special OPS (8.5 ratings on IMDb)
Criminal Justice (8.1 ratings on IMDb)
Sarabhai VS Sarabhai (8.8 ratings on IMDb)
Modern Family (8.4 ratings on IMDb)
You can watch the best shows on Disney + Hotstar through ExpressVPN.

Is Hotstar free outside India?

Hotstar is free in India, and if you use ExpressVPN, you can get a free subscription for the USA, UK, Canada or wherever you live if you use it through a VPN. You can also subscribe to Disney+Hotstar Premium plans through ExpressVPN in lowest prices with a money-back guarantee and watch Hotstar outside India. You can watch Hotstar from anywhere, but prices vary depending upon your location.

How to Unblock Hotstar outside India?

You can unblock Hotstar outside India by using a VPN. VPN helps you access the restricted platforms in your area. If you avail ExpressVPN monthly, you might find it costly. Yearly packages are 35% off, and you get 100% assurance on a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Who is the best among VPN service providers?

Well, You can choose the best VPN connections to access Hotstar or any other streaming service. But to make the right choice, you must go through the Best VPNs list.
Top three best VPNs for you
If you want to watch Hotstar (any version of Hotstar) using a proxy, your obvious choice should be ExpressVPN. It is the best VPN to access Disney+Hotstar in the USA or anywhere in the world. You will get three fastest Indian servers to unblock any geo-restricted streaming server. ExpressVPN offers five concurrent connections with dedicated platform support your streaming. The Plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How can I access Hotstar from anywhere?

ExpressVPN offers you to access Hotstar and 3000+ other servers in 90+countries. You can subscribe to an ExpressVPN plan and get the best rates for the best services. To access any streaming server, you must use a VPN; you can not access otherwise if the server is geo-restricted.

Can I use Premium Hotstar through ExpressVPN?

If you get videos from a friend and your server or your device (be it a laptop or the cellphone) is not supporting it, it possibly means that the content is geo-blocked. And when we talk about the Premium Hotstar, users can access Disney+Hotstar through the best VPN.

How to hide IP Address while using Hotstar?

Your IP Address reveals almost everything about you, from your location to online activities, everything! VPN Servers in India can access international platforms, and international locations can access Indian server likewise. But if the streaming server is geo-blocked, it can not be accessed from the play store be it the Hotstar app or any other platform without a VPN service.
If users watch Hotstar outside India and users are connected to an Indian server, it is apparent that they are using a VPN. When you use a VPN, it automatically hides your IP Address.

How to access Hotstar India in Android?

You can watch Hotstar India on your android through the Hotstar app from your app store. You can access Hotstar on your phone even If you are outside India by using Indian server to unblock Hotstar (any Indian version of Hotstar) through the best VPN service for your favourite tv shows.

Final Verdict

Anybody from anywhere can watch Disney+Hotstar and access to its new and updated content in HD quality. Treat for IPL fans who can watch Disney+Hotstar outside India through Hotstar app or web. It's available on app store and Play store also. However, you would need a VPN to stream Hotstar outside India. The plans and subscriptions are relatively pocket-friendly.