The Best Anime Torrent Sites in 2024 – Download Your Favorite Anime Easily and Safely

Anime torrent sites allow fans to download their favorite anime series, movies, and other content. However, with the popularity of anime torrenting, many sites have faced serious legal issues or shut down entirely. This article provides an updated list of the best anime torrent sites still working in 2024.

We'll cover information on features, content libraries, availability, mirrors/proxies, and more. Most importantly, we also provide tips on safely torrenting anime with a VPN service to avoid legal consequences from copyright holders or your ISP. Anime fans, find your new go-to site for convenient anime downloads!

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Best Anime Torrent Sites 2024

Overview of Anime Torrenting

Anime torrenting refers to downloading anime video files through torrent clients and torrent sites. Torrenting has become popular for anime fans to access the latest shows and movies without restrictions.

How Torrenting Works for Anime

Torrenting uses peer-to-peer file-sharing technology to distribute files. When you download a torrent file, you connect to a network of other users (peers), downloading and uploading pieces of that file. Once all the pieces are downloaded, the file is reassembled and available on your device. This allows large files like anime videos to be shared quickly without relying on a single server.

Why Fans Torrent Anime

There are several key reasons fans choose torrenting over streaming anime:

  • New episode availability: Fans can download torrents of new anime episodes shortly after they air in Japan, rather than waiting months for streaming services to license and release them. This allows them to avoid spoilers and join fan discussions.
  • Uncensored versions: Many legal streaming sites only offer censored versions of anime. Torrents often provide uncensored anime with better fidelity to the original Japanese broadcast.
  • Larger libraries: Hundreds of older or niche anime series are unavailable on mainstream streaming platforms. Anime torrent sites offer the most comprehensive libraries.
  • Higher video quality: Anime video files can be encoded at higher bitrates and resolutions like 1080p through torrenting. Streaming services typically max out at 720p.
  • Offline viewing: Users can store and watch downloaded anime on their devices without an internet connection.

Risks and Legal Issues with Anime Torrenting

However, anime fans should be aware of the potential risks:

Copyright Infringement: Downloaded anime through unauthorized torrent sites violates content creators' copyright protections in most countries. Fans risk facing legal warnings or penalties.

ISP Throttling and Warnings: Internet service providers track and discourage torrent usage. They may throttle connection speeds or suspend accounts after repeated copyright violation notices.

The Need for a VPN: To protect their privacy and security, anime torrent users require a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN encrypts internet traffic, hides the user's IP address, and prevents tracking by ISPs and copyright enforcers. Without one, fans risk fines or lawsuits for illegal anime downloads.

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11 Best Anime Torrent Sites

Nyaa – The Largest Public Anime Torrent Tracker emerged as the most popular public anime torrent tracker community after significant sites like TokyoTosho and AnimeBytes were shut down. Despite facing its own domain changes and legal challenges over the years, Nyaa remains the top anime torrent resource in 2024.

Content and Features

As an open anime tracker site, Nyaa offers an extensive catalog of both new and older anime series ripe for torrenting. Fans can find torrents shortly after Japanese broadcasts for the latest subbed episodes across genres – harem, isekai, shonen, slice of life, and more.

In total, Nyaa indexes over 2.5 million torrents spanning anime, manga, music, and other media. Key features include:

  • Huge database of anime torrent files, properly tagged and sorted by season.
  • Active community of over 200K members sharing and commenting on torrents.
  • Easy search function plus advanced filtering by quality, type, status, and trusted uploaders.
  • Torrent health indicators show number of seeders/leechers and completed downloads.
  • Links to magnet files for quick additions to your torrent client.
  • Mobile-friendly interface and experience.

As an open indexer dependent on users' uploads rather than a private tracker site, older torrents may lack seeders. However, Nyaa's sheer user base ensures most new releases have strong seed numbers for fast downloads. Just be vigilant of fake torrents, and use a VPN when visiting Nyaa for anonymity.

AnimeTorrents – A Private Anime Torrent Tracker

AnimeTorrents (AT) is a private anime torrent tracker that requires an invitation to join. While less accessible than public sites, AT provides anime fans with a safer, higher-quality torrenting experience.

Content and Features

AnimeTorrents enforces strict quality control and standards for all torrent uploads as a private community. Moderators verify each torrent for legitimacy, video fidelity, and accuracy of metadata/tagging before approving. This results in a clean, curated anime library with:

  • Over 43,000 verified torrents spanning new and classic anime series, OVAs, movies, and OSTs.
  • Content is sorted by season, release year, resolution, source, and fansub group for easy browsing.
  • Daily updates with the fastest upload speeds for the latest anime episodes from Japan.
  • High-definition 1080p and 720p torrents are encoded in x264 and x265 for smooth playback.
  • 100% English subtitled library.
  • Active forums and IRC chatrooms for anime discussions.

Additional perks for members include bonus point rewards, freeleech periods, and internal rankings based on the community's strict ratio rules. These incentives facilitate more seeding for healthy long-term torrents.

While joining requires an invitation from a current user, the improved quality and safety make AnimeTorrents worth the effort for serious anime fans. Use a paid VPN for additional protection when accessing this private site.

AnimeTosho – A Reliable Anime Torrent WebSite

AnimeTosho is a long-running best anime torrent site withstood the test of time and turbulence in the torrent landscape. It remains a reliable source for the latest releases and older anime series.

Content and Features

As one of the oldest anime torrent sites still active today, AnimeTosho boasts an extensive media library with the following:

  • Over 740,000 torrent files spanning anime movies, OVAs, OSTs, and series across genres.
  • The latest anime episodes from the current season are typically uploaded within 24 hours of the Japanese broadcast.
  • Dedicated sections for raw videos and English subtitled or dubbed content.
  • Anime is sorted by season and guest-curated collections for easy discovery.
  • 100% free downloads supported by community donations rather than intrusive ads.

While the site design looks dated compared to newer platforms, AnimeTosho makes up for its reliability. Moderators verify all torrents before publishing to prevent malware. Additional perks include IRC channels for anime discussions and custom RSS feeds to track new uploads.

In an uncertain landscape, AnimeTosho remains a trusted staple source. Use adblockers to avoid malicious third-party ads, and stay secure with a paid VPN subscription when accessing this public site. – A Niche Anime Torrent Community is a lesser-known anime torrent site that caters to a niche audience – fans of East Asian cinema, anime, manga, music, and more. As a private tracker community, Bakabt enforces strict quality control and specialization compared to mass-market sites.

Content and Features

As a private tracker, Bakabt's curated torrent library privileges quality over quantity with:

  • Over 125K verified anime torrents spanning series, movies, and OVAs – focused specifically on East Asian content.
  • Content is sorted into granular categories: region, genres, source, resolution, and fansub group.
  • Strict vetting of all uploads – no fake, corrupted, or malware-infected files.
  • The bonus point program rewards seeding, uploads, and community participation.
  • The requests section allows members to seek specific rare/old anime and music.
  • Rich forums facilitate discussions around East Asian media.

While the site may seem less exciting compared to giant indexes like Nyaa, Bakabt's tight-knit community provides a safe, specialized haven for fans of Asian anime and cinema. Use adblockers and a paid VPN subscription for optimal security when accessing this private site.

HorribleSubs – A Popular Anime Fansubbing Group

HorribleSubs is one of the most well-known anime fansubbing groups that provides free English subtitled releases of the latest anime episodes shortly after their initial broadcast in Japan. While HorribleSubs does not actually host torrent files themselves, their subtitles are distributed through various anime torrent sites and communities.


Some key features that make HorribleSubs a popular choice among anime torrent users include:

  • Speed: Subtitled releases are typically available within hours of an episode airing in Japan. This allows fans to avoid spoilers.
  • Quality: The subtitling is handled by experienced translators and uses proper English grammar and wording.
  • Library breadth: HorribleSubs covers a wide range of new anime series across genres each season.
  • Consistency: New episodes are subtitled weekly for the series HorribleSubs.

While HorribleSubs do not provide torrent files, their subtitle releases can be bundled with raw anime video files on Nyaa, Anidex, TokyoTosho and other leading anime torrent sites.

Fans should pair HorribleSubs releases with a premium VPN service when torrenting for maximum privacy protection. As a fansubbing group operating in a legal gray area, HorribleSubs has faced disruption attempts in the past.

1337X – A Popular Public Torrent Index

1337X emerged as one of the most popular public torrent indexes after the shutdown of sites like The Pirate Bay and KickassTorrents. It indexes various torrents across movies, TV shows, music, games, software, etc.

Content and Features

As a public torrent site, 1337X sources uploads from its user community. Key features enabling its rise in popularity include:

  • Massive torrent database with well-seeded files across media categories.
  • Intuitive category browsing and search functionality to find torrents.
  • Torrent health and quality indicators show number of seeders, leechers, file size, etc.
  • Links to magnet files for quick torrent client additions.
  • Minimal ad interference due to lack of profit motive as a piracy site.

However, as an open indexer dependent on user uploads rather than a private site, 1337X suffers from a mix of fake/corrupted torrents diluted among legitimate files. Users should read comments and double-check torrent details before downloading.

To stay protected when accessing 1337X or other public torrent sites, a premium VPN subscription is highly advisable to encrypt traffic. Users also risk accessing malicious ads from third-party networks.

9Anime – A Popular Anime Streaming Site

9Anime is a popular free anime streaming site that allows fans to watch subbed and dubbed anime episodes shortly after their release in Japan. While 9Anime itself does not host or link to illegal torrent files, its legal status remains questionable.

Content and Features

Some key features that drive 9Anime's popularity as a streaming site include:

  • Massive content library with both classic and latest anime series across genres
  • New anime episodes are typically available days after the initial Japanese broadcast.
  • Support for mobile devices and Smart TV platforms
  • Minimal ads compared to legal streaming sites

However, 9Anime's operation in a legal gray area comes with risks:

  • Site blocks in some regions due to copyright infringement allegations
  • Increased threat of malware from third-party ads and links
  • Need for adblockers and antivirus protection while streaming

Rather than torrent downloads, 9Anime offers free streaming accessible to any internet user. Fans should be vigilant of suspicious links and secure connections with a VPN service when streaming. As laws evolve, 9Anime may face increased crackdowns.

AnimeUltime – A New Anime Torrent Site

AnimeUltime is a relatively new anime torrent site that has quickly grown in popularity thanks to its large content library and community features. As a public site, it provides free access to anime torrents without an account requirement.

Content and Features

In a short period, AnimeUltime has expanded its torrent database to over 200,000 files, including:

  • Latest anime episode torrents shortly after Japan airing
  • Extensive back catalog of popular anime series
  • Movies, OVAs, and OST albums

Additional features that drive its popularity:

  • Active forums and blogs fostering an anime fan community
  • Minimal ads compared to other free public sites
  • Easy to navigate interface and search/filter for torrents

As an open indexer reliant on user uploads, AnimeUltime suffers from occasional fake torrents and lacks older niche series than private trackers. Users should check comments and use protection before downloading.

To stay secure, pair AnimeUltime with antivirus software and a premium VPN subscription to anonymize activity. As a newer site attracting more users, AnimeUltime may increasingly face copyright violation allegations in the future.

AniArena – A New Anime Torrent Site

AniArena is a relatively new anime torrent site that has quickly gained traction in the community. As a public site, it offers free access to anime torrent files without requiring an account.

Content and Features

Despite its recent launch, AniArena provides:

  • A growing catalog of the latest anime series shortly after Japan airing
  • An existing library of popular classic anime torrents
  • Movies, OVAs, and anime OST collections as well

Additional aspects driving its emerging popularity:

  • Intuitive design and interface for easily finding new and trending anime
  • Active discussion forums fostering an anime fan community
  • Minimal intrusive ads compared to other free public sites

However, as an open indexer dependent on user uploads, AniArena suffers from occasional fake torrents and lacks older niche anime content on private trackers. Users should read comments and use protection before downloading unfamiliar torrents.

TokyoToshokan – A Defunct Anime Torrent Giant

TokyoToshokan, often abbreviated TT, was once one of the most popular anime torrent sites before its shutdown in 2017. At its peak, TokyoToshokan enabled fans to download hundreds of thousands of anime torrent files spanning licensed series, raw videos, and manga scans.

Content and Features

As a public anime torrent site, TokyoToshokan offered:

  • One of the largest anime libraries of both new releases and older niche series.
  • New anime episodes typically available days after initial Japanese broadcast.
  • Both raw video files as well as releases fansubbed in English.
  • Easy to navigate interface to browse and search anime content.

However, TokyoToshokan's scale likely led to its demise amidst intensifying anti-piracy crackdowns. While the site lives on through unofficial mirrors, fans should exercise caution and use protection when accessing them as the content is no longer moderated.

The legacy of TokyoToshokan serves as a reminder — while major public torrent sites offer convenient access to vast anime libraries, they often struggle to survive long-term against legal pressures. For alternatives, specialized private trackers may provide safer havens for anime torrenting.

Shana Project – A Niche Anime Fansubbing Group

Shana Project is a lesser-known anime fansub group specializing in translating and subtitling niche Japanese anime series into English for overseas fans. They distribute their work through anime torrent communities.


Some key aspects that characterize Shana Project within the anime fansubbing landscape:

  • Specialized niche content: Shana Project focuses on select older and lesser-known anime series ignored by mainstream groups. This helps bring exposure to forgotten gems.
  • Small team: As a minor fansub group, Shana Project consists of a tiny team of skilled translators passionate about niche anime.
  • Quality over speed: Releases focus on accurate translations and grammar over racing for first publishes.
  • Ethical distribution: Shana Project subtitles are found on private anime trackers and forums rather than public indexes, which are more vulnerable to copyright issues.

Fans of classic, forgotten, or obscure anime appreciate Shana Project's dedication to niche content other groups ignore. Users should still exercise caution and use a VPN service when accessing their subtitles through private torrent communities for optimal privacy and security.

Safely Downloading Anime Torrents

Using a VPN Service

The best way to stay safe and avoid legal trouble when torrenting anime is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN encrypts all your internet traffic and routes it through an intermediary server, hiding your IP address and online activity from your internet service provider (ISP) and third parties.

Here are the key benefits of using a VPN for anime torrenting:

Hide IP Address: A VPN masks your IP address, so copyright enforcers can't identify your internet connection and location. This prevents them from monitoring your torrent usage or directly targeting you with legal threats.

Encrypt Traffic: VPN encryption secures your web browsing data and downloads. When connected to a VPN, your ISP cannot see what torrent files you access and download.

Bypass ISP Throttling: VPN encryption prevents internet providers from detecting and throttling your connection speeds based on torrent usage. This allows for faster anime downloads.

When selecting a VPN for safe anime torrenting, prioritize privacy protections, fast speeds, and reliable connections. Top VPN choices like NordVPN and ExpressVPN meet these criteria.

Additional Safety Tips

In addition to using a VPN, anime fans should adopt the following practices:

  • Run updated antivirus software to scan all downloaded files for malware and viruses before viewing.
  • Use private trackers instead of public ones when possible – they have smaller, vetted communities and less risk.
  • Check user comments before downloading unfamiliar torrents to avoid fake or corrupted files.

By taking the right precautions, anime fans can safely access their favorite shows through torrenting without worrying about legal repercussions or cyber threats. Be sure to use common sense and stay vigilant!