Best 10 Torrent Sites For 2022

What Do You Understand By A Torrent? How Does It Work?

The word “Torrent” refers to files shared through a suburbanized, peep-to-peer (p2p) coordinating network. The sites of P2P file sharing allows users to exchange files. Torrent sites may also refer to the file name extension or metadata that tells trackers, programs that coordinate torrents sharing. You can download numerous movies in your device that you wish to watch from torrent websites. You can share content from the sites without relying on a single source for downloads by a torrent.

Which VPN Is The Finest And Leading To Use For Torrenting?

ExpressVPN is one of the most famous and largest names in the VPN business. It was established in 2009 run by a British Virgin Islands-based company and had been offering security and privacy for quite long, which is the best VPN service provider for torrent sites. As it is by no means, the cheapest service existing, but there is much you can do in ExpressVPN from their unique chance at privacy to no-logging policy.

Their features, combined with a large spread of server locations, make it a service hard to beat as it has a massive number of server locations. It can connect up to 3 devices and is super easy to set up on various torrent sites. Our recommendation to you is ExpressVPN if you want to use the best VPN for torrent sites. It indeed is the finest and leading with best customer support. The other specs and features are mentioned further down in the article for you to choose one of the best torrent sites.

The Top 10 Best Torrent Sites Are As Under,

1. The Pirate Bay 

pirate bay

 Pirate Bay is a torrent site founded in 2003 by a Swedish developer called Piratbyran. The Pirate Bay makes it easy to find content on such torrent websites because they differ in Applications, Audio, Games, Video, and many other categories if you wish to spot – visit The Pirate Bay.


YTS (YIFY torrent solutions) is a torrent site which was YIFY adopted YTS logo in 2014 by Yiftach Swery. Its a torrent index, peer to peer P2P, and a magnet link provider kind of website which can find a great deal of content than other sites. 



RARBG is a torrent site founded in 2008. Initially, the torrent websites have been serving an international audience since then specializing in English-language, high-quality video releases with many likes and either list other content.

4. 1337x


1337x is a torrent site with English-language high-quality video releases, this torrent site also lists other best content, including games, software and music launched in 2007.

5. Zooqle


Zooqle is one of the essential torrent sites which has verified file. It a new name in the ecosystem of BitTorrent. It is an excellent way for people to make use of Zooqle proxy & mirror websites. The proxy & mirror sites are clones of the dedicated Zooqle from torrent websites for a user.

It has a great amount of latest new list of web and tv shows, new popular movies, a number of hard to watch files are easily available by searching from this torrent site, it also has, movie, music and tv shows from old years. Visit them, search and find music and everything you may need to download from this working torrent website. 

6. Dirty Torrent

dirty torrents

A torrent website that provides movies, tv shows, and links to the other torrents offers a broad category to choose within a wide range of content, find your favorite original listed content videos and have pleasure watching. It can enable on android, mac, google, windows for free.



Nyaa Torrents, named after the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat's vocal is a BitTorrent website focused on East Asian Japanese, Korean and Chinese media. It’s basically one of the most extensive started public anime-dedicated torrent indexes for some time.



Torrentz is a Finland based metasearch engine for BitTorrent, owned by Flippy founded on 24 Jul 2003, which serves you the torrent of latest movies, games and document files.

9. Torrent Downloads

torrent download

Torrent downloads have a neat interface, and it also serves exclusive torrents in every category and niches possible. Torrent users prefer to download movie torrents from this torrent website, however Torrent Download's community uploads torrents in every category ranging from Movies, TV Shows, Web Series to Software, Video Games, and Ebooks.

10. Limetorrents


You can get access to an extensive information page for each torrent sites. Old torrent sites are mostly unavailable at this site, and therefore the site can be used as a backup option for a downloading torrent. It is a torrent search engine and directory that is official and copyrighted. It allows you to install your original favorite leads to listed videos and contain other products worldwide. Access top popular search list in one updated torrent site on your android, mac and windows device.

Why Should You Have A VPN To Use Torrent?

VPN (a virtual private network) allows you to have privacy while searching so your online search activity stays hidden. A VPN site enables you to have the proper amount of comfort regarding useless ads even when you're on a torrent site. It also hides your entire online activities from your Internet service provider (ISP) from a torrent site. Using a VPN to download movies from a torrent site can help you stay anonymous online, and keeps you safe from cyber attackers due to its best privacy software.

How To Choose A VPN That Works The Best For Torrent?

Torrenting itself can be a bit risky as it sometimes consists of various types of advertisements that you do not want to see. Sometimes the VPN you choose makes installing a file crucial, which means it hasn't equipped with the right features. If you are having trouble downloading movies, it probably is because of the slow speed, which is a complication.

You want a wholly encrypted VPN protocol and secured which does not exhibit your IP address to the torrent website. If you are using Static IP to use the sites, there is a privacy concern. An individual can also see your IP address at what you've installed from a torrent site which a good and reliable VPN would never permit. 

 Well, not a problem anymore as we've harvested nothing but the finest out for you.  

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN - Best VPN Provider

Why Use ExpressVPN For Torrenting?

ExpressVPN is recommended to most users for torrent sites because it allows P2P and torrent traffic over its network. ExpressVPN means that you can stay anonymous and hide your IP address while surfing from torrent sites. It is connected to any ExpressVPN server and use it to route your torrent traffic.

There is no difficulty to set up the app and to configure, so even if you have never used VPNs, you'll be able to protect yourself in minutes. The connection speeds offered by ExpressVPN are breakneck, so you'll be able to download large files quickly from torrent sites.

How To Torrent Safely With ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN allows P2P downloads including torrents on all of its servers, downloading speed. With no bandwidth capacity with 256-bit AES encryption with an elliptic curve, the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protects your data from outside observers, which is as powerful as the NSA uses top-secret files piracy.

There are also extra security features essential for torrent users like a kill switch, the use of shared IP addresses, IPV6 leak protection, and the option to use their DNS servers. There is no logging policy to preserve your privacy and prevent copyright issues when using torrents. Its military-grade encryption and DNS leak protection work together to keep your personal and location data private when file sharing.

Is ExpressVPN Worth The Price?

It has super-fast servers, supports ALL devices, has no personal data logs, and has excellent support (24/7 chat). But it is a little pricey and comes with a high cost for month-to-month users. ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee so for sure you will not be facing buyers remorse. Their monthly package costs 12.95$, and comes with a better option for the value this VPN provides no restrictions, offshore privacy protection, DNS IPv6 leak protection and a 24/7 Support Via Email & Live Chat

2. Surfshark

SurfShark - Best For Streaming

Does Surfshark Work Best For Torrent Websites?

Surfshark is secure and reliable for torrent sites. All servers allow P2P sharing, and many will optimize for fast torrent websites. Double-VPN is surfshark's updated version which allows routeing your traffic through the ultimate two servers instead of one. It adds an extra layer of encryption works best for torrent sites, but it also slows your connection down. Surfshark states to be the best all-round VPN, great for torrenting, anonymous browsing and staying safe on public Wi-Fi. The native apps and browser extensions are easy to use. They feature a neat and less interface that anyone can navigate. The installation process is quick and straightforward. You only need to login credentials which will let you set a new device.

 Quick Connect is a feature that makes it easy to find a quick server. A single click can manually select a server location.

  There are also some advanced features to improve your browsing experience, including an ad blocker. Advanced features are clearly labelled and easily accessible in the Settings menu.

Is It Safe To Use For Torrenting?

DNS leak protection is vital because it avoids security glitches in the browser from routing a DNS requests through an ISP instead of a VPN in a torrent. Similarly, IPv6 leak protection stops IPv6-enabled requesting an IP address and finds your location on the sites. It guards your traffic with 256-bit encryption. It is the most satisfactory level of safety available. It means that other people, including your ISP, cannot see any of your activity or personal data on the torrent sites.

The automatic kill switch kicks in and often temporarily disconnect your Internet if your VPN connection fails on the websites. It also prevents data and IP leaks on the torrent sites or anywhere else.

Surfshark Value And Price  

Surfshark's some subscription plans come with the same premium features and differ only in length. The month-to-month subscription is a bit pricier, which is 12.95$ and works fine for the torrent sites but not the best.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN Review - Top VPN Service

Does NordVPN Work For Torrents?

NordVPN is the most known VPN services on the market, thanks to various speciality servers, security features, and privacy policies. Beyond that, many users go for NordVPN because it is openly supported and provided infrastructure dedicated to peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing. They combine with strong DNS leak protection and a proven no-logs policy. NordVPN uses servers to create a secure tunnel between your computer.

When you connect to the VPN service, the IP address replaces then with the server's IP address that you click through. Traffic also gets encrypted. NordVPN uses AES-256-bit encryption for both incoming and outgoing requests. With encryption and a hidden IP address.

Can You Torrent Safely With NordVPN?

NordVPN protects data and internet activity in case DNS inquiries sends outside of the VPN tunnel. NordVPN automatically blocks access to the Internet and prevents any of your data and IP address location from being compromised. The entrance to the torrent site returns once the server connection restores or the kill switch is disabled. NordVPN does not keep records of your online activity ever. It has a zero-log policy—NO DATA LEAKS.

NordVPN Subscription Information

NordVPN gives three options, ranging from one month up to two years, with a sliding scale for cost. Their package month-to-month option is $11.95 billed monthly to compare the other VPNs, not expensive to use, tremendous at low cost.