Surfshark Coupon Codes And Discounts 2024

Surfshark is also a renowned Virtual Private Network launched in 2018. In such a short time, it has become famous to many users. It concerns your security and can unblock as many geo-restricted sites as possible with uncompromising speed.

However, our article is not about how good Surfshark is but about its deals, discounts and coupon codes. If you also decide to purchase Surfshark and want to save an extra sum of money, the article will help you find the best possible deals compatible with your taste and pocket.


Brief Information About Surfshark


Surfshark has a vast network of servers. Its 3200 servers are located in more than 64 countries of the world. Most of these servers are based in the US at almost 23 locations. We need servers because this helps retain speed; you can also unblock as many geo-restricted sites as possible by connecting your device to the preferred servers.

It also has servers in highly surveilled countries like Vietnam, Turkey, and Russia. Its virtual servers are primarily located in Chile, Costa Rica and Argentina,


Many paid VPNs support multiple devices because they are interested in protecting all your gadgets. However, Surfshark is a step ahead of many VPN services. Usually, VPN providers offer 5 to 10 devices, but Surfshark has unlimited simultaneous device connections in one subscription.

Surfshark also supports numerous platforms and operating systems as

  1. Android – smartphones, tablets, smart tv
  2. iOS – iPhone, iPad, Smart tv
  3. Linux
  4. Windows
  5. Routers


All VPNs are used to unblock geo-restricted sites. Many sites employ geo-blocking technologies to restrict people from accessing their content. For instance, if HBO MAX can identify, through your IP address, that you are not a US citizen, it will soon block you from accessing its website.

Surfshark can also unblock many streaming websites. Just connect to any region and start enjoying its privileges. It also uses the Shadowsocks protocol to meet streaming demands.

Also, for streaming services, speed matters. For this, Surfshark offers extraordinary speedy connections. It first bypasses ISP throttling by hiding your IP address. Also, Surfshark uses a protocol like WireGuard for the best connection.


Surfshark is quite famous for its security features. Firstly it uses AES 256-bit encryption to create a secure tunnel where your data passes. It doesn't encrypt your data once but twice because all data passes through double servers known as Multihop.

Also, all its servers are RAM-based means no single chuck remains with the server's software. Surfshark protects against DNS, IP address, and WEB RTC leaks, secure torrenting and P2P file sharing. The kill switch is an extra privilege that adds a layer of security and protection.

Likewise, Suefshark has a built-in adblocker called CLEAN WEB to track and remove malware, trackers and scareware. It also blocks irritating ads while watching a video or playing a game.


To retain privacy, Surfshark has a staunch no-log policy. This means the VPN provider does not keep any logs of your data to save it from cyber hackers and snoopers. It can retain its policy just because of its location.

Surfshark is located in one of the countries free from data retention laws and surveillance, i.e., the British Virgin Islands. Also, Cure53- a German-based cybersecurity firm, conducts an independent audit of Surfshark to confirm its no-log policy.

Not only this, but Surfshark's Camouflage mode, also known as obfuscation, removes traces of VPN from your network so that no one, even an ISP, can figure out whether you are using a VPN online or not.


The usage of Surfshark is extraordinarily remarkable. It is easy and intuitive. All the apps are well designed; all features are correctly categorized. It also has split-tunneling to add websites and apps on whcih a user wants to run a VPN. Also, Surfshark's alert system will alert you if any data breach could occur.


At first hand, you won't face any problems while dealing with Surfshark's applications. Secondly, the website has articles, tutorials, setup guides, and faqs for all issues.

Still, if you need professional support, you can speak to their customer representative, who is available 24/7 through live chat and email.

Surfshark Subscription: Coupons, Offers and Promo Codes

Surfshark Sale

Since Surfshark is unlike Walmart and Home Depot, it doesn't need any summer or winter clearance sales. However, Surfshark provides promo and coupon codes with discounts, which you can consider a sale. For instance, you can save 81% for a purchase of 24 months.

Surfshark Military Discount

Surfshark does not offer any military discount. They believe in giving equal opportunities to every citizen. If interested, try it for 30 days with a money-back guarantee.

Surfshark Cashback

We do receive messages about whether Surfshark offers cashback facilities or not. Surfshark does have a cashback offer, but not in its true essence. It gives all your money back after 30 days if you dont like the services.

Surfshark student discount

Surfsahrk does offer student discounts. The procedure is quite simple. Go to its website or download the app to verify your student identity. You will get 15% flat off. Plus, if you are a new subscriber, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark Coupon Code

Surfshark does offer many coupon codes. Firstly, the company offers many coupon codes as it has a complete list. Rest, you can get through referral programs or from particular partner websites. You can check coupon codes on the website of Surfshark too.

Surfshark sign-up

Unfortunately, there is no Surfshark newsletter coupon or sign-up coupon code. Do not worry. There are plenty of other discounts, deals, and offers when purchasing a VPN.

The Surfshark rewards program

For now, Surfshark is not offering any reward program. However, you can avail of its yearly subscription with a unique coupon code and discount to save lots of money.

Refer a friend to Surfshark.

Surfshark does value your efforts. You can get up to 12 months of free subscription for referring a VPN to your friend. Your friend will also get 1 month of free services from Surfshark. If you refer to multiple friends, you can be upgraded to their Silver and Gold levels and take advantage too.

Below is the procedure through which you can avail free month through Surfshark's Refer a friend program

  1. Go to the Surfshark app
  2. Go to settings and click Earn free months
  3. Copy the referral code and send it to your friend
  4. After a period, go to the Reward Section to check how many friends have activated it.

This advantage is only available for Windows, Android and iOS apps

Surfshark Promo Code for First Order

Many online deals are available for the first order of Surfshark VPN. You can take advantage of its different deals. Also can get free trials with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Through Surfshark promo codes, discounts and coupons, you can save money and use it somewhere else.

Black Friday sale

Customers can get an unlimited advantage through Black Friday sales. Surfshark also offers excellent discounts on Black Friday. If you use any promo now, you can get a Surfshark membership for less than $1.99.

Surfshark's public holiday sales

Besides Black Friday, Surfshark sells on holidays such as Christmas, Memorial Day and Labor Day. Get a full opportunity from this day, try Surfshark coupons and promo codes and subscribe for the VPN in the least amount.

The best ways to save at Surfshark

  1. You can get Surfshark discount codes
  2. Subscribe to its newsletter or check its website to get all the latest updates for discounts and deals.
  3. Try to purchase the VPN during discounted periods such as Black Friday sales or holidays.


How do I apply my Surfshark coupon?

To apply for Surfshark Coupon, follow the simple procedure
Get a promo code or referral link to discount
Select your desired service level and the months you want the VPN.
After selecting the service, go to the payment page, add a promo or discount code, and pay the amount.

What do I do if the Surfshark coupon isn't working?

If your Surfshark coupon isn't working, there is a high chance that the code is expired. If not, recheck whether you use the correct code at the right place. Sometimes not all Surfshark plans support promo codes. Only specific do so. Re-read all the details again, then apply.

An I get a Surfshark brand ambassador discount?

Surfshark can sponsor you if you are a YouTube Creator. You need to promote Surfshark on your channel, and you can get exclusive discounts, promotions and many more as an ambassador.

How can I use Surfshark to earn money or customer rewards?

Surfshark also has an affiliate program. You can earn cash by promoting Surfshark through your site or channel. It takes less than two minutes to create an affiliate account. Earn cash from every click of customers through your site to Surfshark's account.

Final Verdict

SurfsharkVPN is one of our top choices. It contains everything a digital user wants. From privacy to streaming, everything is just perfect. Also, the deals and discounts are excellent. You can get it all services and save some extra pennies.