How To Watch ITV Hub outside the UK

Were you busy yesterday? Did you miss “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” No problem. We have come up with a solution. ITV Hub is widely using for its catch-up series for the programs you may have missed previously. You can log on to ITV tv anytime and watch your favourite series.

ITV Hub is a UK based video-on-demand streaming service accessible through the ITV website. The tv station offers its viewers a wide variety of programmes through its broad content library.

ITV hub covers notable events and the latest news, such as a royal wedding. You can watch live or on-demand British TV shows on ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, CITV, and ITVBe

However, the channel is not available outside the UK. You cannot watch your favourite shows from Spain, the USA, France, Australia, and Canada. Therefore, you need a VPN to unblock the content of ITV Hub.

Let's dwell more on the article to understand how VPNs can enable you to watch popular shows on ITV Hub.

Why Choose To Watch ITV HUB?

  1. Catch up series for users.
  2. Kids category with the additional option of parental control.
  3. Compatibility to typical electronic gadgets
  4. 100% free video streaming with a vast content library.

Application Compatability To Watch ITV HUB

Many devices assist users in watching ITV Hub. Such devices are:

  1. Apple TV.
  2. Amazon Fire.
  3. Smart TVs.
  4. Set-top boxes.

You can also watch ITV Hub through an app on your:

  1. Xbox One.
  2. PlayStation 3, 4.
  3. iOS.
  4. Android.
  5. Mac OS.
  6. Windows.

Currently, ITV Hub is not available for countries outside the United Kingdom.

Why is ITV HUB Blocked In Other Countries?

Are you trying to watch “Britain Got Talent” on ITV Hub from Ireland? Your efforts will be in vain. You cannot access ITV video streaming because it is geographically restricted outside UK and subject to license rights.

If you try to watch ITV Hub outside the UK, a message may pop up as:

“Oops! It looks as if there’s a problem. Please refresh your page or check out our ITV Hub Help.”

This happens because the webserver of ITV Hub detect your IP address as of outsider and does not give you access to use the channel.

itv hub

Steps to Watch ITV HUB Outside UK

  1. Install a VPN to unlock geo-restricted content (we recommend using ExpressVPN.)
  2. Download ITV Hub or explore its web on your device.
  3. Connect your device to UK server through a VPN.
  4. Sign in to ITV Hub.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions of ITV through your email.
  6. Enjoy streaming of ITV Hub sitting outside UK.

How to Watch ITV HUB Through VPN?

If you have been hit with the message “ITV Hub is only available to viewers in the UK”, you must be wondering how to unblock ITV Hub. Fortunately, there is a way around to watch your drama on ITV Hub, even by sitting in Ireland, and that way is VPN.

VPN is the most trusted technology that can help you to watch the ITV hub without any disturbance. It enables you to connect with a secure network from any location and mask your IP address with the address of the United Kingdom.

Choosing the right VPN could be a tricky task; therefore, we have already enlisted for you some widely using VPNs along with their features.

1. ExpressVPN – Whole Package of Encryption


ExpressVPN is a complete package to beat your leisure time with solid encryption and extraordinary connections.

Maximum Connections For up to 5 Devices

You may install and connect ExpressVPN to up to 5 devices. However, we suggest you connect your ExpressVPN with the router to watch ITV Hub outside the UK.

You may use the VPN over devices like:

  1. Window.
  2. Mac.
  3. iOS
  4. Android.
  5. Amazon Fire Tv.

Prevent ISP Throttling

Throttling is a process when the Internet Service Provider restricts or slow down the speed of your internet connection.

Secondly, in the case of multiple users peering to one ISP, internet speed also slows down because it causes to exceed traffic ratio while you are streaming videos.

Therefore, ExpressVPN is widely suggested to keep ISP from throttling. It is the easiest and volatile solution to watch your ITV Hub shows and movies without buffering.

Accessible Content Library from Anywhere in the world

Enjoy the unlimited content of Disney, Netflix, Hulu and even watch ITV hub anywhere from the world. Through ExpressVPN, you may unblock geo-restrictions from as many streaming websites as you want.

Unlimited Bandwidth

ExpressVPN provides unlimited downloading facilities to its users. It creates a two​56-bit encrypted SSL­-secured tunnel between you and the ISP, which means, after connecting to ExpressVPN, your ISP will not sneak into what you are downloading.

In this way, The VPN removes caps that Internet Service Provider sets.

Speedy Connections

Conscious about speedy connections? ExpressVPN provides you with the best solution. You may use its Speed test before connecting to the server and compare it after connecting with a VPN. You will satisfy with its speed.

24 Hours Customer Support

ExpressVPN provides real-time 24/7 customer support to resolve their queries.

Worth Spending

Express VPN is worth spending for users. The VPN is available only for USD 6.67 per month first 15 months. Hurry and grab an exciting opportunity to get a 49% discount to start your rollercoaster ride of ITV Hub.

2. Nord VPN – A frighteningly Strong Contender


NordVPN provides all the right buttons in crucial areas of security, privacy and speed.

Unexceptional Privacy and Security

Location: Nord VPN is based in Panama, where the government does not carry out surveillance.

PG Keys: Nord also creates PG keys in customer account to encrypt communication between clients and Nord, which is uncrackable.

Kill Switch: Through its kill switch facility, a user can terminate complete internet connections in case of dropout.

Protection from DNS Leaks: One of the primary reasons for clients is to mask IP addresses through VPN service. NordVPN protects your IP address from any DNS leak for ISP.

Double VPN: Nord provides you with double VPN services for better encryption of your traffic. Your device connects to the first and second VPN server before moving to your desired website.

Double VPN NordVPN

Multiple Connections

As ExpressVPN, Nord also provides five connections to device-crazy people. Now, you can access ITV Hub on your Mac, Android, Ios and even Windows.

Stable Connections

We guarantee that Nord will surpass your expectation in terms of speed performance. Its downloading speed soars to 480-820Mbps. You will not be facing any difficulty while accessing the service of ITV hub abroad.


Nord also provides exceptional support for torrenting. It is the best VPN for P2P users. It provides P2P friendly servers for clients of the UK, USA and many other locations worldwide.

3. Surfshark VPN – Pocket-Friendly Defender


Surfshark is an economically feasible VPN for users. Its great protective shield provides you with access to watch the ITV hub without any trouble.

Multiple Devices

Surfshark does not restrict device usage. Your the entire family can enjoy ITV Hub with only one subscription.

Split Tunneling

There may be some websites that do not work with VPN. Surfshark has come up with a solution. Only limited services go on VPN rest work on usual internet.

If an app does not work on a VPN, you may add that to split tunnelling.


Strong Encryption

Surksghark has 256-GCM encryption. Surfshark has a strict no-log policy which means a VPN service provider will not reveal your data.

It also contains Kill Switch and also protects against DNS leaks.


Surfshark provides clean web services while you are streaming your favourite videos on channels. It blocks ads, malware, phishing scareware, and tracker when watching “Who Will be a Millionaire” on your ITV Hub by sitting at the beach of Ireland.

Pocket- Friendly

The Surkshark VPN is available just for USD 2.49 per month for an exclusive package of 24 months. It also offers 30- days money-back guarantee with free trials.

What are the Criteria To Choose the Best VPN for ITV HUB Outside the UK

Have you used a VPN before? Are you confusing about the selection of the right VPN? If that's the case, we have enlisted specific criteria to help you find VPN as per your choice.

Unblocking Content: The right VPN should unblock geo-restricted websites such as Netflix or ITV hub.

Device Compatibility: Your VPN provider should be compatible with devices such as Windows, Linus, MacOS etc.

Speed: It should have enough speed to stream videos on ITV Hub.

Streaming: It should work on different websites like Netflix and Disney.

Reliable Payment Mode: It should have a money-back guarantee for almost 30 days. Offer of 7 days free trial for devices would be value addition.

Upgradability: A VPN should frequently update to restrict clients from malware and scareware.

Device Connections: A VPN should offer a secure internet connection for at least five devices.

Most Popular Shows on ITV TV

ITV Hub offers unlimited content with some of the best movies to watch on its live six channels, including ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3, CITV, and ITV4. Some of its famous shows are:

  1. Take Me Out.
  2. Buying and Selling.
  3. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  4. Britain Got Talent.
  5. The Voice Kids.
  6. Dinner Date.
  7. Beecham House.
  8. The Voice Kids.
  9. Dinner Date.
  10. Coronation Street.
  11. Emmerdale.


Can I use ITV Hub with a free VPN?

Yes, you can use and watch ITV Hub with a free VPN. We recommend you using ExpressVPN for a better streaming experience.

I am abroad and can't watch programmes.

ITV Hub is only available outside the UK. You cannot access ITV Hub without connecting to any safe and secure VPN.

Does a VPN slow down streaming speeds?

It depends on which kind of qualitative VPN you are using. The best VPN, such as Nord or Express, can prevent a user from Bandwidth throttling.

I'm in the EU and can't watch programmes with ITV Hub.

Since the UK has left European Union, laws to access digital content outside the UK are no longer apply to EU countries. Therefore, If you are residing in Italy or France, you need to download a VPN to access ITV Hub.

Am I being throttled?

Running a speed test is the best way to know whether you are being throttled or not. Check the speed before and after downloading VPN. If it increase means your ISP is throttling you.


ITV Hub is the best tv to watch all your favourite content within the UK. Those who want to access outside the UK may take the help of VPNs.

We hope we have solved all your queries about how to unblock the ITV hub. Now, you may explore its content library even by relaxing in Ireland or France.