How To Unblock & Use Whatsapp in China [Updated 2022]

China restricts many apps and sites since the great firewall, including WhatsApp, perhaps because of its easily watched content. They control the internet traffic through deep packet inspection (DPI) to stop unwanted actions. Unfortunately, there is work all around for this. Though WhatsApp is banned in this country, you can use a safe VPN that unblocks this app without negotiating safety. VPNs control your online activity, so the Chinese government and service providers can't see what you're doing online. If they can't see your actions, they can't ban you.

Yet, not all these VPNs work in China. We have tested 20 VPNs and learned ExpressVPN is the safest, offering individual servers for use in China. 

It is quick and trustworthy; you can try out this VPN because it appears with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get a repayment swiftly if ExpressVPN doesn't meet your wants. 

Unblock Whatsapp in China

How to operate WhatsApp in China – Step by Step

If you want to choose between all VPNs, I advise you to use ExpressVPN. It offers high-speed service and is safe; you can unban WhatsApp reliably. 

  1. Download ExpressVPN before reaching China or install it from its mirror site later. 
  2. Choose any server from where ever you are, such as the United States. That encodes your traffic, so no one can monitor what you do. 
  3. For the quickest speed, select a server nearer to you. Get started using WhatsApp and benefit from making voice messages and calls and sending texts to your family, friends or business partners.

Why Do You Need A VPN To Use WhatsApp In China? 

China is a country that has high censorship. It uses a mixture of firewalls and laws to lead you. The firewall uses deep packet inspection to keep track of network traffic. If it sees that you're trying to use WhatsApp, it will block your access. Even though this may seem a significant inconvenience, you can get around this censorship using a VPN. 

VPN encodes your information to keep your on-screen activity private; thus, whatever you do on your gadget stays hidden. If the government of Chinese and the ISP cannot see the sites, you're opening, they can't ban you. You can access WhatsApp and bypass the firewall to search and visit places. 

Encryption encodes your data so only the person you're sending it to can read it. Obfuscation conceals that you're using a VPN in the first place. That's key since China bans all foreign VPNs and only permits ones run by its government.

Securely Install And Use WhatsApp in China

To confirm this security and speed when using a VPN, the service usually sets it up to balance the two by default. Though, if you want to access WhatsApp in China with privacy and safety, you must:

Install Premium VPN like ExpressVPN before departing for China. ExpressVPN even has a mirror site in case you can't download it while you're there.

If you want help, the ExpressVPN support team is willing to assist. It can forward you an installation link to use the VPN in China. Make sure to start all the developed security features, like the kill switch and IP leak protection: these will keep your link safe no matter what.

Choose any server to connect to, but pick one near China for the quickest speed. For example, if you're operating ExpressVPN, you can join a server in Hong Kong etc. 

When you've effectively joined a server, you're all set to use WhatsApp in China like you frequently use everywhere. 


Although WhatsApp is banned in China, there are still ways to access and use the app within the country. Using a Virtual Private Network can encrypt your data and bypass government restrictions to use WhatsApp in China safely. Installing and configuring a VPN can be done quickly and only takes a few minutes. With a VPN, you can access WhatsApp without worrying about being tracked or censored by the Chinese government.