How to Watch Telemundo Outside the US: A Step-by-Step Guide

Big Brother” is a famous reality show and perfect for boredom. It is aired through the Telemundo TV channel.

Telemundo was initially launched in 1984 as a TV network in the United States of America. It is a Spanish-language American channel that telecasts the unique content of sports, dramas, reality TV shows, Comedy and more. Its shows target a Hispanic/Latin-American audience.

However, like other elite platforms, Telemundo's streaming service is blocked outside the United States. The guide below will help you surpass geo-restriction through a magical Virtual Private Network tool.


Why Telemundo is Blocked outside the US

Due to its legal and copyright issues, Telemundo has restricted its broadcasting services to the USA. If you still try to be stubborn and attempt to access Telemundo from Reykjavik, Maldives, India, France, Australia or anywhere in the world, you receive an error message:

Geographic Restriction. “This content is not available in your location.”

What are other Streaming Services That Offer Telemundo?

You can watch Telemundo live if you subscribe to any of the following TV channels. These channels are:

  1. FuboTV
  2. YouTube TV
  3. Hulu Live Tv
  4. PlayStation Vue
  5.  AT&T TV Now (for live streaming)

However, ensure your VPN is “tuned ON”; otherwise, your data may be at the stack of cyber theft.

How does a VPN Work?

Your device is assigned an IP address that reveals your location, like your home address. When a website restricts a location, say Malaysia, and if you appear from Malaysia, Telemundo will locate your address through your IP and block your access.

What VPN does it assign you to a fake IP? Let's say you are in Malaysia and trying to access Telemundo in the USA; the VPN will allocate a US-based IP address, so the website cannot detect your location.

However, the main task of a VPN is to encrypt, protect and secure your data from hackers, government agencies and advertisers.

What Are The Steps to Watch Telemundo outside the US

  1. Firstly, Google for reliable VPNs. You may check the details of ExpressVPN– one of our highly recommended VPN services.
  2. Download the app and purchase the subscription plan.
  3. Create a VPN account.
  4. Connect the VPN to the US server to surpass the geo-restrictions of Telemundo.
  5. Download a Telemundo app from Apple or Android Play Store or browse its Web version.
  6. Start watching your favorite TV shows and movies.

What are the Reliable VPNs?

Every VPN is not reliable. Therefore, we have devised a checklist that assists you in purchasing the most reliable and trustworthy VPN. These points are:

  1. 3000+ servers in 50+ countries
  2. Multiple device connections
  3. No log policy
  4. Military-grade encryption
  5. Unlimited Bandwidth
  6. Speed
  7. Easy to use
  8. Unblocking capacities
  9. 24/7 customer support.

Unblock Telemundo with VPNs

Based on the above criteria, we have selected the 3 most reliable VPNs from the list of best VPNs for 2024, which are better applicable in the USA and have 24/7 customer support.

1. ExpressVPN


Network Coverage for Streaming Telemundo

Express has the most comprehensive coverage in half of the world. This is the reason it is well known for speed and encryption. It has 3000 servers in 94 countries and 23+ servers in 14+ US cities, which means you can access Telemundo from South and Latin American countries and European, African and Asian cities.

Additionally, ExpressVPN offers multiple connections for device-crazy people. You can connect up to 5 devices using Android, Apple or Windows. Express applies to all kinds of operating systems. It also has split tunneling through which you can run certain apps and websites without a VPN.

Security and Privacy While Streaming Telemundo

As far as security is concerned, Express has proved its abilities. Express is a staunch privacy advocate. Headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, Express is outside the jurisdiction of any data retention laws. It has a no-log policy, which means the VPN service provider does not keep your log at any cost to protect your data.

Also, its Trusted servers are operating on RAM, which needs a power connection to retain data. Express's obfuscated servers remove traces of VPN.

It has stringent security policies. Express has end-to-end military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, through which it creates a secure tunnel to save your data from third-party surveillance. Express also has protected digital leaks such as DNS, WebRTC etc. Not only this, Express covers your public Wi-Fi and encrypts your onion routing for anonymous browsing.

Speed for Streaming Telemundo

Express is renowned in the entire VPN industry for its unbelievable speed. An ISP can put your cap on and slow down your internet speed. Express helps to surpass ISP throttling.

It also uses “Lightway Protocol” to retain speed as per the user's preference.

Subscribe to Start Streaming Telemundo

Price/ monthMonth(s)Money-Back
Free Trial
$ 6.671530 days3 months
$ 9.996 30 days
$ 12.951 30 days

2. NordVPN


Network Coverage for Streaming Telemundo

Nord is another alternative in the VPN industry. It has 5460 servers in 60 countries, including 1970+ servers in 15 US cities for a better Telemundo experience. Furthermore, Nord offers 6 connections in one subscription, which you can operate on Android, Apple and Windows.

Privacy and Security While Streaming Telemundo

Nord VPN server is famous for keeping privacy and securing your data from third-party surveillance. Nord also has a no-log policy based in Panama– a non-member of data surveillance organizations.

Similarly, Nord offers you dedicated IP addresses, which you can use to protect yourself from overcrowding and its obfuscated servers, maintaining anonymity. For security, NordVPN uses double VPN facilities.

Data passes through two servers to add an extra shield of protection. Similarly, Nord has a built-in ad blocker-CyberSac to remove malware, scareware and phishing spam. It also has military-grade encryption. It also secures leaks, onion routing and public Wi-Fi.

Speed for Streaming Telemundo

NordVPN surpasses ISP throttling. It also uses NordLynx, a WireGuard protocol. WireGuard is famous for its unexceptional and commendable speed. You can also watch other sites like Netflix, Hulu, Tubi TV, etc., with Nord without any buffering.

Subscribe to Start Streaming Telemundo

Price/ monthMonth(s)Money-Back
Free Trial
$ 3.6724 30 days3 months
$ 4.9212 30 days
$ 11.951 30 days

3. CyberGhost VPN


Network Coverage for Streaming Telemundo

CyberGhost is another VPN with the lion's share means it has the most significant number of VPN servers. It has 7100 remote servers in 91 countries, including 1227 servers for the US alone.

Moreover, you can use its services on not less than 7 devices. It also has split tunnelling.

Security While Streaming Telemundo

For security and privacy, CyberGhost is not leaving Express and Nord behind. It is based in Romania– a non-member of data retention countries.

CyberGhost has military-grade encryption, a no-log policy and leak protection services. It also encrypts your public Wi-Fi.

Speed for Streaming Telemundo

CyberGhost is famous for its unthrottled speed. It also uses protocols such as IKEv2, WireGuard, and L2TP to retain your connection speed when watching your favourite series on Telemundo.

Not only this, but you can also watch other sites like Netflix, Hulu or Tubi TV, etc., through CyberGhost.

Subscribe to Start Streaming Telemundo

Price/ monthMonth(s)Money-Back
Free Trial
$ 2.2524 months45 days2 months
$ 6.3912 months 45 days
$ 12.991 month 14 days

Can I watch Telemundo Outside the US with a free VPN?

The temptation for free VPNs is growing faster—however, not all gold glitters. Free VPNs come at a horrendous cost. The cost was commendably estimated by Daniel Markuson, Nord's expert, as follows:

There is no such thing as a free lunch. An alternative price must be paid if a user does not pay for a service. And, very often, it's privacy.

First, free VPN service providers can sell your data to advertisers or any third party. “A study revealed that approximately 40% of free VPN providers leak your data to a third party.”

Secondly, they have limited servers, maybe 10 or 15, which always remain crowded. This does not only decrease your speed but also is a big hurdle in geo-restricted sites. Netflix can never be unblocked with such websites.

Lastly, these VPN providers do not charge any price but keep their premium services on subscription. Later on, you are pushed to purchase unblock Telemundo.

Compatible Devices for Telemundo

  1. iPhone
  2. iPads
  3. Apple tv
  4. Android mobiles
  5. Android tablets
  6. Android Tv
  7. Roku
  8. Amazon Fire Tv
  9. Google Chromecast
  10. Xbox 360
  11. Xbox One
  12. Nintendo Switch
  1.  Premier League
  2. The Bible
  3. Big Brother
  4. La fan
  5. la reina del sur
  6. Tell Me What You Know,
  7. Lady of Steel
  8. Eva La Trailer
  9. Senora Acero
  10. Celia
  11. Fearless Heart
  12. El Senora de los Cielos
  13. Pasion de Gavilanes
  14. Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso
  15. La querida del Centaur


How to Watch Telemundo Online in English?

You can stream Telemundo through a YouTube channel with English subtitles. This is the only way. Otherwise, Telemundo is not available in English dubbing.

Can I watch Telemundo on Netflix?

On Netflix, you can watch many Telemundo shows like Playing with Fire, Luis Miguel: The Series, and 100 Dias Para Enamorarnos. However, you must use a VPN to unblock Netflix and complete encryption.

Final Verdict

For Telemundo enthusiasts, the guide above will help you watch its TV series and movies outside the US from anywhere in the world. The VPNs we have mentioned above are the most reliable. Still, you can visit our website for more information or comment below for queries.