Surfshark vs. Private Interent Access VPN

Your business depends on its internet connectivity. Whether at the office or home, you need reliable access to the resources you rely on. If your internet service provider cuts off your connection, your business can come to a screeching halt.

In addition to losing productivity, you might even lose critical information if your company is connected to a centralized server. This isn't just a matter of losing access to your network. You also lose access to your employees' network as well.

At the end of the day, when it comes to ensuring business continuity, you need a reliable internet connection. You need the best VPN service. But which one should you choose?

Surfshark and Private Internet Access (PIA) are some of the most outstanding VPN services. Surfshark is new in the market but captures it whole in a short period; private Internet Access is quite old in the market and exactly knows what an individual demands.

Owing to increasing demand, we have compared both Surfshark and PIA VPNs. We compared their similarities and differences, so you can thoroughly analyze both services and choose one with your preference.

Surfshark – The Best VPN for Streaming Services


Imagine surfing the web without worrying that every site you visit could be watching you. Well, that's precisely what Surfshark offers. Surfshark’s VPN technology allows you to browse privately, securely, and anonymously on any device, even while connecting to public hotspots and Wi-Fi networks.

Released in 2018, Surfshark has headquartered in the Netherlands, a country outside the jurisdiction of data retention laws. It is famous for security, privacy and all other additional features.

Also, Surfshark performs independent audits. Surfshark apps covers vast areas with thousands of servers serving many privacy and unblocking capabilities. Surfshark VPN encrypts all traffic in its network using industry-standard OpenVPN, which ensures the highest levels of security and privacy while delivering blazing-fast speeds.

Surfshark VPN is a fully transparent service, so you don't have to worry about hidden fees or data limitations. Surfshark offers a free 30-day trial of the VPN and seven-day money.

Private Internet Access – With Split Tunneling Feature

Private Internet Access

If you're looking for a VPN provider, the private VPN that logs anything, PIA is precisely what is needed. It keeps all of its traffic encrypted and safe, allowing you to surf the web without worrying about hackers spying on your connection or anyone else on the internet peeking in on your activities.

All traffic through the PIA network is secure, and PIA doesn't track or log your browsing habits. Initially released in 2010, Private Internet Access is headquartered in Colorado, USA. It is owned by Kape Technologies- a company that owns many famous VPNs like ExpressVPN.

PIA owns an extensive network of servers encompassing all around the world. It is most recommended for unblocking, retaining privacy and security.

Similarities in Surfshark & Private Internet Access


NordVPN Vs Private Internet Access – Forbes Advisor

With VPNs comes encryption. VPNs have become famous for their encryption becasue people theme it to be anonymous and safe from cyber attackers and government surveillance. If there is no encryption, VPNs lose their persona too.

Encryption is an algorithm used in VPN tunnels. With this encryption, everything is impossible to leak out because it works as a guard on a VPN tunnel.

Both Surfshark and Private Internet Access own encryption along with other tools. It has 256-bit military-grade encryption, SHA-256 Hash Authentication, 4096-bit RSA Key Exchange and ChaChaAES-256.

When it comes to encryption, PIA is not left behind. It also has AES-128, SHA-256 Hash Authentication and 4096-bit RSA Key Exchange. Surfshark and Private Internet Access VPN have RAM servers.


Tunneling is a time taking process. So, an alternative is to be needed. For this, many VPN services use different protocols. Also, these protocols are not only for speed but also for retaining security and privacy. Some of the VPNs both Surfshark and PIA are using are:

  1. OpenVPN: It is an open-sourced VPN protocol. It does provide not only speed but also security to all VPN users. PIA and Surfshark VPN contain built-in OpenVPN.
  2. IPSec/IKEv2: Short for Internet Key Version 2, is also one of the fastest protocols. It is popular among mobile users and already has both VPN services.
  3. WireGuard: It is entirely a new protocol. WireGuard is famous for its fastest speed. Also, it can easily suspect vulnerabilities in security on the spot.

With these protocols, Surfshark uses shadowsocks protocols to retain a speedy connection, privacy and security.

Leak Protection

PIA and Surfshark are pretty famous for leak protection. Even our recommended VPNs have staunch leak protection thanks to the highly encrypted wall and the protocols.

Leaks are of many types. One of them is IP leaks. An Internet Service Provider can quickly get details of your IP and check through what you are doing, then, if required, block you from many platforms. IP address leaks you can easily protect through VPN.

The problem arrives when an ISP asks for DNS requests, known as DNS leaks. With this, an ISP can also ask for WebRTC leaks. Therefore, all our recommended VPNs have commendable leak protection, so you browse securely. Both IPVanish and Surfshark have staunch leak protection.

No Logs Policy

All reliable VPNs have a strict logging policy. It refers to a VPN service provider do not, at any cost, track your data becasue if it is followed, chances of cyber-attacks and surveillance may be increased.

We review the privacy policy of Surfshark and PIA VPN. From their terms and conditions to the guidelines on the website, it is crystal clear that neither PIA nor Surfshark have a no-log policy.

Surfshark also issues a warrant canary, a document revealing transparency of the VPN towards customers. However, PIA has not had such papers in issue until now.

Unblocking capabilities

unblocked capability

Most people usually purchase VPN service to unblock websites and apps. Many companies use geo-blocking technologies to block their content for copyright issues. If you are approaching it from blocked countries, the sites track your Ip address and block your entrance.

What does VPN? It changes your IP address with an auto-generated IP of another country, so it looks like you are approaching another country.

Through PIA VPN and Surfshark VPN, you can bypass blockages of any country. You can stream whatsoever you want from these platforms. Be it BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu or Tubi channel.

Whether it's US streaming services or Canada or Africa, get access to as many channels as possible through PIA and Surfshark VPN service providers.

Not only streaming platforms but also other sites like banks you can use through VPN, even the most restricted firewalls like China. It is a country famous for massive surveillance.

PIA and Surfshark VPNs work the best to surpass Chinese firewalls. All their servers are designed explicitly to bypass great firewalls, providing you with a complete streaming experience.


This is the gaming century. People are spending millions on buying dresses over games or even weapons. However, owing to many issues, many countries have blocked different games, but with a VPN, you can easily unblock them.

Whether playing a competitive game online or just trying to get a few rounds in with friends, a VPN will let you play without fear of having your account hacked and keep your info secure.

A VPN also allows you to access geo-blocked content, like Netflix in Canada, or Hulu in the U.S., depending on where you're located.

Be its Call of Duty, Free Fire or PUBG, you can unblock any game through Private Internet Access or Surfshark VPN.

Internet Kill Switch

Both Surfshark and PIA VPN have a built-in internet kill switch. This feature activates whenever the connection with the VPN server goes down. They added a built-in kill switch in their new VPN client app for iOS and Android.

The kill switch kills your connection if your device is stolen or lost (not just if someone is trying to hack into your network). It's essential to keep the device safe and secure from unauthorized access, especially if it's connected to the Internet.

It primarily benefits users since it prevents your device from being used by someone else who may be trying to gain access to your data. With the Kill Switch, you’re also protected from snooping on your activity by your ISP. Both PIA and Surfshark have an internet kill switch.

RAM Servers

RAM loses data at every power loss. This is the reason why VPN providers use RAM disks on their data. Whenever the user disconnects from the server, all the data is lost. Be it Surfshark or PIA VPN, both contain RAM servers means they use RAM disks to save data.

Split Tunneling

You can use the split tunnel on apps and websites you want to run a VPN. Rest will work on the regular internet. Surfshark and PIA have split tunneling. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows computers. For Surfshark, split tunneling is known as Whitelister.

Torrenting & P2P File Sharing

Torrenting and P2P file sharing are usually insecure. Whether you share a file with a colleague or a movie with a friend, it usually contains vulnerabilities of data theft. Both PIA and Surfshark support torrenting and P2P file sharing with complete encryption.

PIA has ultimately enabled P2P networks. All the servers of PIA and Surfshark allow P2P sharing over their servers. Also, in many countries, uTorrent and BitTorrent are blocked. You can easily unblock these VPNs and download whatever you want.

Device Support

In return, all reliable VPNs will pay back double if you take money from them. Both have dedicated applications for Android, iOS, Windows and so on. Also, Surfshark and PIA have browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Interface & Usability

PIA and Surfshark are both user-friendly. These both have simple interfaces. Both have taken the dark themes by default. On the contrary, you can switch to light pieces if wanted. Open the app, and a big button connecting appears in front of you. Rest settings you can find on side trays.

Private Internet Access VPN Review | PCMag

Ad Blocker

Surfshark and PIA VPN contain built-in ad blockers. Ad blockers do not only block ads or phishing spam but also keep a staunch check on malware and trackers. The adblocker on Private Intenret Acess is known by the name PIA Mace. Similarly, Surfshark'ss adblockers is CleanWeb.

Tech support

Not all users are tech personnel. Similarly, not all VPN service provide staunch customer support. First of all, their website contains everything that a user wants.

The website contains everything from assisting and helping through blogs and articles to the setup guides. Even though they have a dedicated community and FAQ section, people quickly get answers to their general queries.

Still, if the problem persists, you can avail of their customer support. Their customer representatives are available 24/7 for you to resolve all the technical issues related to bill payments.

Differences in Surfshark & PIA VPN Service


Private Internet Access and Surfshark have a special speedy connection; you can browse or stream anything you want.

Surfshark never comprised on speed. It is one of the fastest VPN services in the entire industry. However, PIA is a little bit more sluggish than Surfshark. For the USA server, the speed of Surfshark is, on average, 30Mbps, and PIA is 20Mbps.

Simultaneous Connections

Our recommended VPN service allows connections for not only one or two devices but many devices that could use VPN at once. One provides you with connections for up to 10 devices. On the other hand, Surfshark owns a different strategy. It offers unlimited simultaneous connections so you and your entire family can enjoy a secure connection.

Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN review | TechRadar


When it comes to servers, both VPN providers perform pretty well. More server me, it's easier for VPN to hide your location and provide you with speedy connections for streaming.

In between their war, PIA is taking the lead. It has 35,000 servers in 78 countries. On the contrary, Surfshark has 3200 servers in 65+ countries.

Multi-Hop Servers

You can be connected to two servers at a time through multi-hop servers. You can connect to one server in the USA while the other is in Canada.

Through this, not only the best streaming experience you would get, but also your data passes twice through servers, hence adding a layer of security over your network. However, these servers are only available in Surfshark.

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Alert System

Surfshark has a robust alert system. Its Alert system monitor cyber breaches to your system, then alert if any occur. With these alerts, you can easily detect if any breach could occur. Surfshark also has Hacklock. This tool informs you of every security breach.

Pricing Comparison of Surfshark & Private Internet Access

In comparing Surfshark vs. Private Internet Access, pricing also plays an essential factor. Its 3-year package costs you around $2.03 per month with a 3-month free trial. On the contrary, Surfshark has a 2-year package for $2.49 per month.

Both VPNs have a yearly package too. Surfshark is $3.99 per month, and PIA is $3.33 per month, available for 12 months. With this, their monthly boxes are slightly expansive.

You can buy Surfshark for $11.95 per month and Surfshark for $12.95. Also, both the VPNs have a 30-day money-back guarantee, whcih means if you do not like their services, you can ask for a refund.

Quick Review

FeaturesSurfshark VPNPrivate Internet Access
User Rating 4.6/54.5/5
Total Servers320035000
Total countries 6578
HeadquarterThe British Virgin IslandsUSA
Number of DevicesUnlimited10
Logging Policy Don't keep logsDon't keep logs
Unblocking SitesYesExcellent
Leak ProtectionYesExcellent
Kill Switch YesYes
Split TunnelingYesYes
Double VPNYesNo
Dedicated IPNoYes
24 months Plan$2.49$2.19
12 months Plan $3.99 
6 Months Plan  $7.50
Monthly Plan$12.95$11.99
Money back guarantee30 days 30 days 
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Is Surfshark Better Than PIA?

Be it Surfshark or Private Internet Access, and both are the best VPN provider. However, it depends on the customer which they should choose. PIA has the most extensive coverage, while Surfshark has its speed and additional features.


In conclusion, my top picks for VPN Service Providers are 1) Surfshark VPN – The best service for beginners who want to learn how to use a VPN. 2) Private Internet Access – An excellent VPN service for advanced users. I prefer PIA because it has more features and a better overall experience than SurfShark.

Both have huge network coverage and dedicated mobile apps. There's no such thing as a free lunch. There is always a trade-off between value and price. You can avail of their services at affordable rates.