Nordvpn 3-Year Deal and Other Coupon Codes 2024

Our previous blogs discussed how good NordPN is for digital-conscious people to hide their web traffic and stream whatever they want. We even compared Nord with other VPNs such as ExpressVPN for brief glimpses to better understand and acknowledge.

Now, in this article, we are moving ahead and helping you explore the best NordVPN coupon codes, promo codes, discounts and deals.

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Some Little Details about VPN and How it Works

Virtual Private Network is now a familiar term. It performs two functions

  1. Unblock geo-restricted sites
  2. Secure web traffic

it performs these functions by hiding your IP -which reveals your location. Likewise, every device is given an IP address indicating a particular area, and only through an IP address can an ISP track all your activities. A hacker can also snoop on your data for a cyber breach.

To save from such problems, a VPN, through its tunneling process, not only secures your device with encrypted algorithms but also masks your IP to ensure no one else can trace your activities.

VPN tunneling creates a secure tunnel by acting as a middle person between your device and ISP. VPN does take your original IP but masks it with server-generated IP.

Now the question is; are all VPNs performing the same function? The answer is a slight Yes. If you are using any of our recommended VPNs, all of them will achieve the same parts mentioned above, even with many other add-on features.

However, suppose you are moving toward any free VPN service; in that case, you may be in hot water becasue free VPNs sell your data to advertisers, and their continuous tracking is an open invitation to third-party surveillance agencies or cyber hackers.

So always be careful. Only use the reliable and recommended VPN even if you want to pay for it; don't hesitate. Spending a small amount to hide is better than leaving yourself open for insects and worms to eat.

You can avail of all these features at a small price. Below we have also discussed the NordVPN coupon code, a discount code helping you benefit from the best price.

Is Nord Worth the Money

Nord is our second choice in the list of Best VPNs, followed by ExpressVPN. Headquartered in Panama, Nord is the best solution to digital anonymity and privacy. To learn much about Nord, Let's see some of its features and how they are benefitting you,

Server Coverage

Wide server coverage guarantees VPN user security, speed, and unblocking capabilities. Nord also has comprehensive server coverage. It has 5282 servers in approximately 60 countries of the world. These servers encompass the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and India.

Device connections and compatibility

Simultaneous device connections help you connect VPN your multiple devices at a time. It offers 6 device connections in one subscription. Not only this, you can download the NordVPN app on any of your preferred devices.

  1. It works on laptops and PC supported by Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook
  2. It does have a browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge
  3. It also works on smartphones and tablets of Android, iOS
  4. It does support other devices like Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Raspberry Pi, Chromecast, Kindle Fire

Unbreakable Encryption

Why we are keeping Nord on top, it's not only because it is the best for speed and also the unbreakable encryption. Nord creates a tunnel and sends your data in small packets which look like gibberish to the ISP or third-party observer.


Firstly, all its servers work on RAM and are diskless means do not use hard drives for the software. Why becasue hard drives retain data until it is erased or written over and chances of cyber snooping are higher. Many VPN companies are changing their servers to RAM because RAM loses data at every OFF or Disconnect.


Secondly, all its servers use military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. AES is an algorithm also recommended by NASA to protect data from every cyber-criminal. AES is operating in a tunneling process of Nord, which is almost impossible to break by anyone.


Also, for encryption and device protection, Nord uses renowned protocols such as IKEV2 and OpenVPN to enhance security and stability.


Also, Nord's multihop chaining system means the data passes twice through 2 different servers. Giving data from 2 servers adds an extra layer of internet security over the network.


Nord also has a solution for its servers' speed. It uses an entirely new, industry-leading WireGuard-supported protocol, NordLynx, available on all platforms. While IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN are available for iOS and macOS users, OpenVPN. It is available for Windows, Linxus and Android users.

Strict Zero Logging Policy

For any VPN, its logging policy is quite essential. A zero-logging policy means when a VPN service provider pledges not to track your data to safeguard it against third-party surveillance agencies and snoopers. NordVPN also has a strict no-log policy.


The VPN is based in Panama, free from jurisdiction for data retention laws. Panama is also free from the jurisdiction of surveillance organizations such as 5 Eye or 9 Eye alliances.


Even Nord does accept cryptocurrencies to let you sign up and pay anonymously for not even tracking or collecting your credit card details.


However, let us confirm that no VPN can claim such big words without confirmation from any third party. This is why many reliable and recommended VPNs believe in conducting audits of their no-log policy. Nord is also one of them.

It hired PricewaterhouseCoopers AG to conduct audits of its no-log policy in 2018 and 2020. If you also like its no-log approach, you can get an Exclusive NordVPN coupon code to stream and secure your device in the least amount.

shared ip address vs dedicated ip address explanation

Dedicated IP Address

Many VPNs give rotating and static IP addresses on their servers. Few of them support dedicated IP addresses, and Nord is one of them. Dedicated IP can save you from overcrowding on servers, blocking sites and giving much better speed.

Ultra-Fast Speed

As mentioned above, speed is essential while playing a game or watching a video. If the VPN has failed to provide the expected speed, no one ever considers that VPN. We have also mentioned NordLynx, which gives you the fastest speed on its server.

Another point that you should know is about ISP throttling. An ISP usually restricts your speed limit. By masking your IP address through VPN, ISP cannot limit your speed, and you can stream with unlimited bandwidth,

Streaming Support

Nord is famous for giving the best speed to streamers. Yes, many only use VPNs to unblock all geo-restricted sites, let's say, Netflix, Disney Plus, and many other channels which are blocked regionally.

Nord support streaming all such content without any issue. Its speed protocol gives lightning-fast streaming services to watch all your favorite series and even access essential sites without any problem.


Nord's SmartPlay helps you access all kinds of content securely without any DNS or IP leaks, and you can access as many sites as possible.

Kill Switch

Kill switch is designed against any Mishap. Mishap here doesn't mean a disaster or a Tornado but something much more than this. What if you find your data on dark webs?

Sometimes a connection with your VPN server drops for any reason. This is where the kill switch comes to rescue you; it protects your data from exposure by dropping your connection to the internet in case the device loses its connection to the VPN. NordVPN offers a kill switch.

It works by

  • Observing the connection with the VPN
  • Detecting is the connection with VPN server drops
  • Blocking all web traffic coming across at oyur networks through internet
  • Restoring connection once your device connected to the server

Nord has a kill switch for Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows.

Thread Protection through CyberSec

Your internet traffic is filled with malware, scareware, worms, viruses, cookies and so on. Not only this, your video streaming gets worst if the ad appears again and again. Nord detected all these problems too and came up with another advanced level technology; CyberSec. Built-in protection against malicious sites, worms, trackers, and ads.

DNS Protection

No matter how much you conceal your IP address, an ISP can eventually determine your activities through DNS leaks. ISP can request DNS leaks from your system, and if this could happen in any surveilled country where using a VPN is illegal, you will face high charges.

Against these leaks, Nord comes up with DNS protection. No matter how much they try, no single leak can be moved to the ISP DNS server.

DNS server IP resolve process scheme

Customer Support

NordVPN understands that everyone isn't from an IT background. No matter how easy and intuitive Nord is for use as laymen, problems may arrive anytime without looking at who is using what. Especially those who are not aware of technical information face more issues.

The website of Nord is loaded with video tutorials, articles, blogs and even a dedicated FAQ section to resolve their general issues.

Still, if the problem remains, you can avail of their 24/7 live chat and email option. You can speak to their real-time customer representatives to discuss your concerns.


Can I use NordVPN coupons for an existing subscription?

You can only use NordVPN coupon codes when you sign up for the first time. However, Nord does offer many discounts, deals and NordVPN promo codes to save a certain amount of money.

Can I use more than one NordVPN coupon to save on my VPN subscription?

Only one coupon code is allowed at a time. However, a NordVPN discount is also available, which you can choose for an extended period to get a more valued price.

How often does NordVPN offer new deals and discounts?

Nord does offer deals, discounts and promo codes frequently. It has New Year arrangements, Black Friday, and Reference discounts on every NordVPN subscription.

NordVPN free?

NordVPN is not free but offers a free trial with unlimited data. The company also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try out the risk-free VPN service.

Final Verdict

NordVPN is one of the industry-leading VPNs, satisfying thousands of customers since its inception. Not only this, it cares about the user's pocket and offers different coupon codes, deals, and discount codes to save money.

Also, it has free trials and a money-back guarantee for those who would not get satisfied and want their money back.