Watch 7TV/Joyn Tv Outside Germany.

Are you an Expat German travelling outside Germany for a job? Are you struggling to connect 7TV from your workplace abroad? You may be because 7tv does not have global rights to stream services outside Germany. Its streaming services are only reserved for a German audience.

But you do not need to worry. This article will give you a solution to continue to watch 7tv outside Germany without any hassle.

Let's start.


7tv, which has now been replaced with Joyn tv, is one of the popular streaming services of Germany. It is famous for rich and exclusive content. The company is owned by ProSiebenSat.1 Media company.

Like Netflix, it includes everything from factual programs and documentaries to entertainment and reality shows. Live sports is a plus of the channel.

This network includes other channels, such as SAT 1, DMAX, ProSieben, SAT.1 Gold, Sixx, Eurosport, and many more.

joyn tv

Devices To Watch 7TV Outside Germany

You can watch 7plus or channel 7 with numerous devices. Some of them are:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Apple Tv
  4. Samsung Smart Tv
  5. Android Tv;
  6. Amazon Fire Tv;
  7. Window;
  8. Chromecast.

Why you cannot watch 7TV outside Germany

7tv employs geo-blocking methods to restrict the access of networks outside Germany. The platform does not hold global rights to stream its video services outside Germany.

Even if you try to watch 7tv outside Germany, an error message appear as:

“Aus Lizenzgrunden ist die Wiedergabe im Ausland leider nicht moglich (For licensing reasons, playback abroad is unfortunately not possible)” 

If you are Expat German or someone who wants to learn about German culture, then you cannot stream the channel by any means except one. Which is VPN

Steps to watch 7TV outside Germany

You need to follow simple steps to watch 7tv outside Germany. This will not take more than 5 minutes.

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service provider. (we recommend using Nord VPN)
  2. Download Vpn.
  3. Connect VPN server to German server.
  4. Download 7 TV or browse on the website.
  5. Enjoy your video content.

What is Meant by Virtual Private Network?

The software of the VPN server is a middle-man between the device and Internet Service Provider.

On one side, VPN helps you to surpass geo-blocks and watch tons of your favourite movies. On another, it encrypts all your data and valuable information from third-party surveillance.

It is compatible with many devices such as Android, Apple or Windows.

Reliable VPNs to Watch 7TV outside Germany

Virtual Private Network is the most recommended medium when it comes to unblocking geo-restricted websites. However, you are required to choose astutely because every VPN provider is not as reliable as we thought.

Therefore, Besturate has enlisted the 3 most reliable VPNs for users to watch their favourite shows on 7TV or Joyn tv anywhere outside the world.

1. Nord VPN- Best VPN for Germany Overall

NordVPN Review

Servers: NordVPN has over 5,300 servers in nearly 60 countries. 240+ servers are dedicated to Germany only. These are located in Frankfurt and Berlin.

Device Compatability: You can get the best streaming service of 7tv on up to 6 devices through NordVPN. It supports all kinds of devices.

Unmatched Security: NordVPN has unexceptional security features. Firstly, It comes with a kill switch and no-log policy. Secondly, it provides 256-bit AES encryption. Thirdly, Nord offers double protection from data theft with its Double VPN servers. Lastly, it creates PG keys to protect communication between Nord and customers.

P2P Sharing: When it comes to peer to peer sharing, Nord can be your right choice. It provides hundreds of P2P specialised servers with faster speed to connect with your partners.

Offshore Privacy: Nord VPN provider is headquartered in Panama, a country that has refused to join Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes. Therefore, it is free from any restrictions.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions: As other reliable VPNs, masks your IP address with the IP of its server, and you can watch your favourite shows on 7TV.

Split Tunneling: Many internet services do not work on VPN. NordVPN has solved your problem through split tunnelling. You can add activity to split tunnelling when you do not want them to regulate on VPN.

Ad Blocking: Nord blocks all kinds of advertisement, phishing scams and malware to continue your smooth streaming experience on 7TV.

Speed: Nord has tremendous speed. We would recommend you to choose Nord from either Frankfurt or Berlin for better internet connections.

2. ExpressVPN – A Complete Package for Germany


One of the most reliable and trustworthy VPNsis Express VPN. The VPN is not only famous for unlocking geo-blocked sites but also for protections of your valuable data.

Borderless Access: Express provides borderless access to its customer for better streaming service. It offers more than 3000 servers in 90 countries. This means whether you are sitting in Australia or America or anywhere outside Germany, you can access 7TV anytime.

Device Compatability: Express VPN is compatible with up to 5 devices on one subscription. It is device-friendly means can be used over any streaming device such as Windows, Linux, Apple or Ios.

Stream Whatever You Want: ExpressVPN is famous to unlock geo-blocked websites. It does not only supersede blockage of 7TV but also most stubborn sites like Hulu or Tubi tv.

Offshore Privacy Protection: Location matters. VPN service providers located in non-members countries of Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and 14Eyes are preferred. They are free from any jurisdiction or inspection.

ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands, which is a non-member country about inspection laws.

Military-Grade Encryption: It provides 256 bit AES encryption. It creates a secure tunnel between you and your Internet Service Provider.

Secondly, like other reliable VPN providers, ExpressVPN pledge not to track your data.

Thirdly, it comes with the Kill Switch facility means you can watch 7tv, but connections automatically drop out in case of a mishap.

Fast Connectivity: Another feature for which Express is famous is its fast connectivity. First of all, Express provides unlimited bandwidth facilities because it hides your internet activity from ISP. Therefore, an ISP cannot cap your download or speed limit.

Secondly, Express will surpass your expectations with fast connections without any disruption. You can watch 7tv outside Germany without any buffering issue.

Split Tunneling: ExpressVPN also provides split tunnelling facilities.

Live Support: ExpressVPN provides real-time support to its valuable customers with 24-hour chat a day for a whole week.

DNS leak: A client masks their IP from the website. Nord protects that IP from any leak to Internet Service Provider.

Ad-Blocking: Nord is best for ad-blocking. It blocks annoying advertisements, malware or phishing scams.


Nord supersedes your expectations when it comes to speed. It offers a rate of 480-820Mbps. Through

Nord, you can easily watch 7tv abroad without any buffering.

3. Private Internet Access VPN- An Economical Solution for Expats

Private Internet Access

Servers: PIA has 35,000 VPN servers across 78 countries. It also has dedicated 941+ servers for Germany- especially in Berlin and Frankfurt.

Accessible on all Your Devices: It can be used up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Dynamic IP: PIA provides dedicated and passionate IP on a private server, which only you can use. It saves a client from overcrowding of severe with fast speed.

Open Source Software: Anybody can customise PIA as per their requirements. It is an open-source VPN.

Ad-Blocking: It has extraordinary ad-blocking features.

Customer Support: As Express VPN, it provides real-time customer support.

Get VPN Provider with these features.

To watch 7tv abroad, you need a VPN, but the right VPN should be selected on some criteria.

  1. Separate German servers.
  2. Fast Speed.
  3. Unlimited bandwidth.
  4. Bypass geo-restrictions.
  5. Encryption of data:
  6. No log;
  7. Kill Switch;
  8. Free from inspection.
  9. Ad-blocking.

What are the Benefits of VPN

The usage of VPNs is growing at a rapid pace, particularly in Australia. Most of its channels are either geo-blocked or subject to other license rights. Therefore, people are using VPNs for:

IP Masking: The VPN allows you to appear from Germany rather than the country you are located in by hiding your IP address.

Privacy Concerns: Cybersecurity is a severe issue facing internet users. VPN protects and encrypts from third-party surveillance.

Unblock Websites: VPN unblocks not only 7tv but other German entertainments channels as well.

Accessibility: You may watch any content or drama from anywhere outside Germany just by signing in to your VPN service.

Access 7TV with a Free VPN

Though you can access 7TV with a free VPN, I would not suggest this. Free VPN is not a reliable source to watch your favourite series on Joyn TV.

FeaturesPaid VPNFree VPN
Servers all over the
Strong Encryption Yes No
By-Pass Geo-
Fast and Stable
Yes No
Unlimited Bandwidth Yes No
Replace your IP
No Log Policy Yes No
24/7 Customer
Yes No

Most Popular TV Shows on 7TV

7tv offers exclusive content for the entertainment of its customers. From sports to dramas, reality shows to movies, it covers all dimensions free of cost. From a vast list, some of its popular tv shows are:

  1. Refuge Roads;
  2. Jerks;
  3. Two and a Half Men;
  4. Young Sheldon;
  5. Homeland;
  6. Cherish the Day;
  7. Love is Blind;
  8. High Fidelity;
  9. To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You;
  10. Elementary;
  11. WWE Raw.

Renowned Tv Channels of Joyn/7tv

Some of the prominent channels of Joyn or 7tv are:

  1. ProSieben;
  2. Eurosport;
  3. DMAX;
  4. Food Network;
  5. Sport 1;
  6. Sixx.


How to Watch 7TV or Joyn?

If you are in Germany, you can watch 7tv anytime. If not, then you require a VPN to surpass geo-restrictions.

Can I sign up for 7TV outside of Germany?

You do not need to register, but to mark your favourite shows, you can sign in.

Can I stream 7TV life?

No, 7TV does not offer any live streaming owing to license restrictions. Several of its channels (Sat.1,
Kabeleins, Sat.1 Gold, and ProSieben) Allow you to watch live on their respective sites.


7tv is changing the future goals of the broadcasting industry. It is already streaming content of ProSiebenSat.1 Media and Discovery Communications. The network is also aiming to add more channels in the future.

For those who want to watch 7tv outside Germany, the guide will help them out.