Is 123Movies Safe to Use?

You must have crossed to at least once in your streaming life. You may know what this site is all about. The recognized online site streaming 123movies creates an easy way to find and watch all the newest movies and television shows.

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Luckily, 123movies holds everything millions of people are looking for in amusement. The central part of 123movies is the excellent recordings it presents to the viewers. Nevertheless, of the sort of content, the quality of the content on this site is never negotiated.

A few years ago, America's most trustworthy company, the motion pictures association, published a statement stating that this site is a well-known entertainment website that gives everything a tv show fan or movie could want. A few years later, an inquiry revealed that this site holds illegally pirated content.

123movies' official site was removed from the net for many years due to this piracy. Many duplicates of 123 movie sites arose at its conclusion to fill the space left by the original. Though the official site is now inaccessible, the copies attempt to entertain you even when the parent site is down.


Remarkable Features of 123Movies

What composes this fantastic site a work of art? It is the spectacular service it offers and the many features it possesses. What do they mean? Let's investigate them!

User–Friendly Interface

123movie site is simple to understand and has an appealing area that is very easy to explore. It doesn't take long to locate what you want there.

The matches will show after you input the movie title you want to stream into the search box. Plus, you have other choices that are similar to it. “123 movies” lets you watch movies with similar or slightly different names.

The collection, as well as the page, are well–planned. Television shows and films of many genres are entirely characterized to escape mistakes when searching for the one you want. Your content can is checked by date, name, language, genre and other criteria.

It is Free of Cost Site

The critical benefit of 123 movies is that it is an entirely free site. You don't even need to sign up to stream what you want. Just visit the website and start streaming. It is as easy as that, and you won't get such good facilities on any other site.

Better Family Bonding

Though everybody is engaged with their timetable, this website interfaces them all. This site guarantees a memorable time with your loved ones by giving you everything you want. As a result, you'll be capable of spending quality time with your adored ones while binge-watching.

Is 123movies unsafe to use?

We took the chance to stream content on websites like 123Movies. Though, we must talk about the risks of utilizing these sites, other than the possible large files.

It is hard to ensure your safety when using a website like 123Movies. That is because they are run by many changed people, with lawbreakers who can rob your data or put malware on your device. The most excellent way to stay safe when using the site of 123Movies mirrors is to use protection software like antivirus and a VPN.

In 2018, this site was removed and was no longer accessible online. In contrast, databases on mirror (or clone) sites can be retrieved. The difficulty is created because these sites are supervised and hosted by third parties not linked to the leading 123Movies site. The owners have the skill to track your data or infect your device with malware, and there is no quality control.

Precautions of Mirrors

As stated above, 123Movie's official site doesn't exist online anymore. So, every place you see with the 123Movies on its address or looks like the official site is possibly a copy/mirror website.

The disadvantage is that this website can be kept by a mischievous actor who can utilize it for bad things, like spreading malware. These websites can come back with a different name even if authorities shut them down.

Is it possible to be sued or imprisoned for using 123movies?

Every state holds its own rules concerning streaming copyright content on unlawful sites like 123movies. So, you should check your country's rules on this matter.

How can I get rid of a virus from 123movies or its Mirrors if it infects my computer?

Illegal ads and push notifications are the essential sources of viruses on Yet if you take security, the never stopping the stream of pop–up and ads is difficult to ignore. If you click the incorrect link, it may install malicious software or send you to problematic sites. Other ads will try to deceive you by stating that your device is affected and that you must install virus removers.

Your device will be affected by Spigot Virus if this “Cleaner” is connected. Your on-screen safety is compromised after you install the promoted software. This specifies that information leaks are possible.

Also, doubtful and insensitive pop-ups will get to appear everywhere on your monitor. But there's extra: Many types of malware can affect 123movies and its mirrors.

Other mutual signs that your device was affected while streaming on 123movies contain the following:

Unidentified as the default search engine

If you open up your browser and discover a new unidentified search engine that you did not set up, you may be a target of browser takeover. When the malware from 123movies passes through your device, it allows a fake defaulting search engine to save your personal information.

In what way can you fix it?

Firstly, remove all the latest extensions or apps.

Next, run an antivirus test on your gadget.

You will need to reset your browser to detach any scum.

How can you do so on the most popular browsers;

Google Chrome:

  • Open up your settings.
  • Go to higher grounds.
  • Restart the sets and clean up.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open the menu button.
  • Open Help.
  • Choose More Troubleshooting data.
  • Rest Firefox (Refresh Firefox).
  • End.

On Windows:

  • Separate your device from the internet.
  • Start up again into safe mode.
  • Scan your gadget with your antivirus.
  • You can isolate the virus or get rid of it.
  • Make copies of important files and documents: 3-2-1 rule: Make three copies, placing two off-site and one on an external hard drive.
  • Get rid of any temporary files and clear the browser's cache.
  • Change PIN
  • Reinstalling your operating system is recommended (only if necessary).

Utilizing MAC OS:

  • Run your anti-malware and scan your computer.
  • In your task monitor, look for rare tasks from an app that consumes too much processor when it should be idle.
  • Before escaping the activity monitor, click “Quit process” after you locate it.
  • Instantly, drag it to the “waste” and type its name into the “finder.”
  • Clean out the “waste.”

Most secure Site to Watch Free Motion pictures?

The securest possibilities to stream your favored movies and tv shows are frequently the official ones.

But yet, if these official streaming facilities are safer than 123movies and other unlawful streaming sites, your safety cannot be 100% promised.

Though using the security methods we advise above improves your safety on screen.

Furthermore, to keep your save as secure as possible, we aimed the best alternatives to 123movies:

Kanopy and Hoopla

Kanopy and Hoopla are double-split-up streaming apps, yet they both operate similarly.

The obvious troublesomeness here is that they are equally only open and accessible if you are already a library cardholder.

Thus, if you stay, it is certainly worth the try.


IMDb TV has a good deal of content you stream for free on Primevideo's platform, containing popular movies, original movies, and TV series.

Therefore, it is available to both Amazon Prime followers and non-followers.

With a lot of HD pictures and TV series, the video feature is good.

Some live TV places are similarly accessible.

Later IMDb TV is only officially accessible in the United States; you will want a VPN to avoid the geo-restriction.

Pluto TV

By Pluto TV, you can access on-screen broadcasts of more than 250 streaming sites and steady on-demand TV.

Plus, all the content of Pluto is free.

The only slight problem we found is that the most awesome content is external HD.


Even though 123 movies may not be an illegal site, it is not a safe site to use. There have been many reports of malware and viruses being found on the site, and there is also the risk of getting caught downloading copyrighted material. If you decide to use 123 movies, use a VPN and antivirus software to protect yourself.