Inmotion Review – Secure Web Hosting Provider with Premium Plugin

After experiencing multiple Web Hosting providers, we came across Inmotion along with several others. Inmotion is a site builder and serving from around 175 countries to their customers.

It has a lot to offer you, but the speciality that makes them worthy enough to try is the Sucuri plugins and google integrations. Their services are perfect for beginners and bloggers as they have to offer limited products and services. If you have a business to run on a large scale, It is not for you. Read our Inmotion hosting review before you purchase any one plan.

Inmotion Hosting Review
InMotion Hosting

Name: Inmotion Hosting

Description: Inmotion has a consumer base of almost 300,000 worldwide, The two cities of the US, i.e. Los Angeles and Virginia Beach, where Inmotion's data centres are based. And they are still running to serve the services and products for site-building.

Inmotion Overview

Inmotion hosting has Interconnected, open-source digital services and infrastructure technologies such as Ultrastack support to increase performance for four years. The team continues to assist WordPress-CLI, Linux, NGINX and fail2ban to serve quality tech support to the customer.

Inmotion is known for its Uptime, load speed and customer support as they offer limited but quality products and services. WordPress hosting services are their best side to experience if you are a beginner and ready to get into the business.

  • Uptime and Load Speed
  • Customer Support
  • Security and Privacy
  • Plans and Packages


  1. Excellent Uptime
  2. The user-friendly interface of the software
  3. Feature-packed WordPress host
  4. Free Sucuri Plugins for WordPress users.
  5. 90-day money-back guarantee
  6. Customized plans to serve in all categories of businesses


  1. High renewal prices
  2. AMP interface
  3. Plan limitation
  4. Delayed response time
  5. Limited services

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion has categorized the shared hosting plans into three.

  1. The Essential Webhosting: Shared web hosting
  2. WordPress Solutions: WordPress hosting, Website Builder
  3. Server hosting: VPS, Dedicated server.

All three have different plans and products to serve the customers and somehow manage to satisfy them with their web hosting services.

Shared Web Hosting – The Ultrastack Server

Inmotion shared hosting has Lite, Launch, Power and pro as shared hosting plans. The similarities in all programs are; Free domain, unlimited bandwidth, security suite, and free SSL certificates. They do not offer free email account neither unlimited email accounts is an option for all plans. However, the prices vary in the overall shared hosting plan. The starting price of all programs in shared hosting is reasonable as compared to the services. Inmotion is offering, but the renewal prices are a bit too much for those services.

For instance, the Lite plan's starting price is $2.49 per month, but the renewal is $7.49. Launch plan's starting price is $4.99 per month, and renewal is $9.99. Power- the most popular one's starting price is $7.99 per month, and renewal is $13.99. Pro Plan's starting price is $12.99 per month, and renewal is $22.99. The matter of the fact is, there is nothing much to offer at such prices as compared to other hosting companies.

WordPress Hosting

Inmotion is also offering plans like other hosting providers, but again, prices vary. Commonalities of these hosting plans between WP-2000s, WP-3000s and WP4000s are Free domain, Free SSLs, Unlimited emails, staging, minimum id 100GB SSD storage and security suite. WP-2000s is for $7.99/mo ($10.99 after renewal), WP-3000s is for $10.99/mo (13.99 after renewal) and WP-4000s is only available for two years or 1-year terms, and the prices are based on the services the customer's avail.

Inmotion Website Builder

Inmotion works incorporation with BoldGrid for WordPress server. The easy-to-use drag and drop designs, No codes in your way to building your site. All three plans are serving Free domain, free SSL, minimum of 4x performance and speed, Unlimited emails, staging and security suit, in common. BoldGrid is an acceptable option for the beginners, and paying a handsome amount for the ease of building a site can be considered acceptable.

Still, if you know the technicalities and you are aware of the worth of products, you might not want to go for it and that only because of the renewal policy.

Server Hosting -VPS

Like many other web hosting companies, Inmotion being a hosting provider is also offering decent packages for VPS hosting. The minimum services of VPS hosting are 4GB RAM, 4TB Bandwidth, three dedicated Ip's, free SSLs, enough disk space, cPanel and WHM included for least $17.99 (renewal: $59.99 per month). With VPS/reseller plans, you can manage and customize your website according to your needs.

Dedicated Server

Inmotion hosting plans have Managed dedicated hosting server to configure your critical business functions, websites and apps by giving you more RAM and storage. High quality comes with high prices, Essential, advanced and Elite are the plans where the least you have to pay is $139.99/mo for a 1-year subscription, and the renewal of this package goes for $169.99/mo.

Hosted Private Cloud

Suppose we review Inmotion hosting as cloud servers, Inmotion, as a hosting company has managed to provide the cloud services. It works with the flex metal cloud, which automatically gives you full private cloud capabilities.

The service team for this side of hosting works fine. Prices are based on your consumption of products and services, but we find it as ordinary for beginners, and there is nothing such as business class hosting in terms of their plans. However, prices may have gone too far from the budget for a beginner.


Excellent Uptime:

Uptime is, and load speed is what matters to have if you want to build a website for your business, and you want your customers happy and not frustrated when they visit your website. Inmotion hosting's services claim to provide 99.99% Uptime proved it to many servers. It is not 99.99% every time for everyone, but it's Uptime cross 92% mostly.

The User-Friendly Interface Of The Software:

Inmotion kept an eye on the customers' interface to have ease while using their platform for the business. If the interface is user-friendly, it's likely to have better experience in working for your site. A better understanding of backend will lead to a professional website.

Feature-Packed WordPress Host:

Inmotion, unlike other platforms, provides more services in WordPress. Free migration of WordPress sites, Performance optimization, CDN integration and staging. Also, it allows BoldGrid to bring in the results for the customers as a hosting provider.

Free Sucuri Plugins For WordPress Users:

Inmotion offers you a free sucuri plugin if you avail the service of WordPress. All you have got to do is go to the dashboard, install it and activate. You do not have to pay extra for this security plugin—one best option to stay safe from malware.

90-day Money-Back Guarantee:

Inmotion gives the option of 90 and a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it does not apply on all products and services. The 30-day policy applies to most of the products. It is a fair time to judge the services they provide as a site builder.

Customized Plans To Serve In All Categories Of Businesses:

Inmotion customizes the plans according to the needs of the customer. As a website builder, Inmotion knows how to keep the customers happy.

Inmotion Hosting Review


High Renewal Prices:

Inmotion has three plans, and you will get the best saving opportunity only in its Power and pro plans. Launch plan has essential services to with the starting price of $2.49 per month, but its renewal price is 7.49 per month, which means you will have to pay $2.49 for the first time only.

AMP Interface:

The account management panel doesn't work as efficiently as it seems. Most of the icons open different links, operates slower due to unwanted tabs. It's not easy to get the required information due to its ill-designed interface.

Plan limitation:

The launch plan and Power plan have a limitation of 10 and 50 emails. Only the Pro plan has unlimited emails which push back the customers from buying their launch and power plans.

Delayed Response Time:

Inmotion customer service has led the customers to frustration. Poorly responsive services, you will have to wait almost 24 hours to get the response as a site builder, its not a slight move to keep the customers happy.

Limited Services:

The services Inmotion hosting offers in their plans is not really out of the box. There is nothing Free or Unlimited unless you pay a hefty amount at the end of the month. The most crucial part that many new-in-business customers need to give attention to is no free email accounts, enough disk space and free automated data backups. You will have to pay a $2 per month for 10 GB, but this is not it, this price is just for the first time.

Inmotion Affiliate Program

Inmotion also has an Affiliate Program, but they do not give a particular amount for the purchases as affiliate commissions. Either its Unlimited Commission or Up to $120 per sale. All you have to do is sign up, get the tracking link, take part in campaigns and once you're a quality product purchased, you will get the affiliate commission (amount varies).

Other Features:

Plan For E-Commerce Website

The option for an E-Commerce website is available but in the Power and Pro. The Launch doesn't entertain E-commerce website and if one is beginning your business online, go for Power.

Security Suite

The first and foremost question that comes to one's mind is, Will I get an SSL certificate in all plans? Well, Yes! and other than that, you will get Hack & Malware Protection, DDoS Protection and Automatic Backups.

Hidden Clauses

You will only get 50,000 files per account limit. A few upsells Account activation can take a while. After filing the Account activation application, You will have to wait for a call from the representative of Inmotion (US timing). They will activate your account on the phone call, might one or two working days.

Control Panel: cPanel, feasible for bloggers and beginners.

Final Verdict

We have come across this web hosting company, and Inmotion review was a must for multiple reasons. The goods and the bad are going hands in hands if we talk about Inmotion hosting review. From their customer services and customer support to shared business hosting and other hosting services. Power Plan is the only hosting service for shared business hosting that we would recommend for your website compared to other web hosts.

The performance tests took us a while to evaluate the servers and test site. This review is unbiased and based on personal evaluation and not the summary of other hosting reviews. As a company, Its a reliable web host if we talk about security as it has sucuri plugins and google integrations.

  1. Is Inmotion hosting good? Yes! But not the best.
  2. What is Inmotion hosting? Just a US-based Site builder but serving worldwide like many others.
  3. Would we recommend Inmotion hosting? Yes, if you are a beginner. No, if you are looking for high-performance and been into this business for a long time.
  4. How to get instant help? There's nothing like instant help or emergency that Inmotion entertain. There is no live chat support that can help one go through, no matter which hosting plan you have subscribed. Although they have customer service, either live chat or emails, which is run by the sales representatives.