How To Get Hotspot Shield Free Trial – The Trouble-free Way

Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the world's most popular and tested VPNs. It is known for its security, and privacy features, which are why many people use it. However, Hotspot Shield also has a free trial that allows users to test the service before they commit to a subscription.

The free trial of Hotspot Shield is available for 7 days. To get started, users need to sign up for an account. After the free trial period expires, users must choose a subscription plan if they wish to continue using Hotspot Shield.

One of the great things about Hotspot Shield is that it offers a money-back guarantee. If users are unsatisfied with the service, they can cancel their subscriptions and get a refund.

Overview: Hotspot Shield Free Trial 

Hotspot shield gives you 7 days of the free trial, allowing users to use all of its premium features rather than covering the number of existing features like some other VPNs. 

A VPN is helpful for streaming because it can unblock Netflix US and other websites and offer unlimited bandwidth without throttling.

By connecting to this VPN, you will get a fast speed of 2,500+ servers across 25 countries and a single catapult Hydra protocol that squeezes your information. 

You can test the Hotspot shield free trial on up to 5 gadgets separately, all under the protection of encryption, a strict no-logs plan, and malware know-how.

Here is a way to use the hotspot shield free trial, or you can go and connect if you don't need any assistance. 

Quick setup Guide: Hotspot Free Trial 

To get started with Hotspot Shield, visit their website and follow the prompts to download and install the Hotspot VPN app on your device. Once installed, open the program and click “start trial” to begin your free 7-day trial. You will not be charged during the trial period, but you will be automatically billed when it expires unless you cancel before then.

Here are a few steps to set up your hotspot shield free trial:

  1. You will need to provide payment details. 
  2. Your bill will get paid straightforwardly through the app store when you provide your payment details, so you must create an account first. 
  3. When the payment box pops up, ‘open' to verify.

You can utilize most of your free trial if your subscription gets approved. Follow the steps on the app to turn on the VPN.

How do you cancel automatic payments after a free trial?

The risk of a free trial is that if you don't cancel the free trial before it gets expires, you might end up getting charged even if you don't want to use it anymore. 

To escape the payment process, you can stop your subscription instantly. You can use the free trial option, but the app won't charge you when the payment gets turned off. 

If you have logged in from the apple account, you need to turn off the automatic payment option from the app store. Turn on your app store settings, select ‘subscription,' and click ‘manage.'

Open hotspot shield VPN and click' subscription to cancel' at the lowermost of the page.

If you paid for your subscription through an app store or online, Hotspot Shield provides a different way to cancel auto-renewals on their website.

Used your free trial – Now What?

You can always renew your Hotspot Shield VPN subscription- even if you cancel it if you're unsatisfied with the application, no worries! Our 45-day money-back guarantee will ensure that you get a refund. To resubscribe: go to the ‘app store' and select ‘subscribe' next to the plan of your choice.

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Hotspot Shield offers a great 7-day VPN trial which allows users to explore all its features and see if it is the right fit for them. However, they must remember to cancel their subscription before the trial ends, or they will be charged. Check out our guide on balancing Hotspot Shield and getting a refund if you decide it's not right for you. Try Hotspot Shield today!