Get UK IP Address – Unblock Channels & Websites

Are you a British expatriate traveling outside your country? Are you living abroad and trying to access BlinkBox or Channel 5?

No matter whosoever you are, whether a UK citizen or not, you won't get access to many UK-based channels and websites if you are not under the auspices of the United Kingdom. Are you also the one facing geo-blocking? If yes, this article is for you.

IP address plays a crucial role in revealing your location and assisting in unblocking content. The UK is a giant entertainment market. Along with the most popular channels I mentioned above, its other famous channels, such as the BBC, ITV, and SKY, can only be accessed from Britain.

What if I say you can still watch these channels by getting a British IP address, no matter where you live? Yes, this is possible. You can get British IP through the Virtual Private Network.

A VPN doesn't only unblock any geo-restricted site by assigning your preferred region's IP but also protects your information from cyberattacks by hiding your IP address.

What is Region Locking

What is Region Locking

Many sites allow access to the outsiders, such as However, many sites use geo-regional blocking technologies to bar an entrance of an ex-pat or an alien from entering the websites. Such sites are specifically designed only for the natives.

What happens if all of you are assigned an IP address? Your IP address reveals your exact location, let's say Pakistan. If you try to access Channel 5 of Britain through your country's IP address, the bots detect you are not a British native and block your access.

Also, streaming providers in countries make agreements with tv channels to limit their content in the preferred geo-located areas and limit the streaming to a specific region. This is why services such as games, music, apps, and websites are restricted.

Do not worry. Nothing has been lost up till now. You can still watch all geo-blocked channels, but you need a reliable VPN.

Changing your IP address by masking it with a British IP address or any other IP of your preferred country can help you overcome every geo hurdle and watch your favorite show without any problem.

Steps For UK IP Address

If you have decided to use VPN, then do some work. Here is a short exercise. Just follow a simple procedure and unblock as many British channels as possible.

  1. Please select the right VPN (We recommend NordVPN for British IP addresses)
  2. Sign up on the VPN's page and pay for a subscription
  3. Download the VPN on an Android or Apple device
  4. Launch VPN application
  5. Connect your VPN to a British server and get UK's IP address
  6. Open anything you want and enjoy your time.

How To Choose A VPN Provider for UK IP Address

The use of VPNs is growing at a faster pace. Many new VPN providers are entering the market along with old VPN services. Just write VPN, and thousands will appear on your screen. Now the question is, how would you know the best VPN?

We would never suggest any free or low-quality VPNs if you ask us. Though reluctant to spend money on paid services and get everything for free, too much miserliness is always injurious.

Free VPN providers promise to give you to best services, but they keep your privacy and security at stake. They earn by sharing data with third-party organizations as advertisers.

Plus, free VPN providers have a limited number of servers. So it is obvious they cannot bypass the GREAT FIREWALL OF CHINA or any well-managed geo-restricted site.

This is why we suggest spending money before staking your privacy and security. From an exhaustive list, some of the essential features you should look into in a VPN are:

Number of Servers

Before finalizing any VPN, checking what they offer and how many countries is crucial. For instance, if you want to unblock restricted geo sites of Britain, then the VPN should have dedicated servers in the UK to save from any discrepancy. As per rough estimation, any reliable VPN's total number of servers shouldn't be less than 2500.

Speedy Connections

If a VPN has a significant number of servers, eventually, the speed will be faster. Speed matters because a lot of buffering and page loading may irritate many. A reliable VPN always uses the best protocols, such as WireGuard, for speedy connections.

Top-Notch Security

In this digitized era, security is placed above all else. Digital breaches have become common and increasing even at a faster rate. A reliable VPN should give you the best security features as military-grade encryption, kill switch, leak protection, etc.

Concern for Privacy

Are we using VPN to be private? A VPN not offering privacy is of no use at all. A reliable VPN should hide your information, protect it, and keep it private from any alien attack. It should be located in a country outside from jurisdiction of data retention laws and also have a strict no-log policy. Plus, it should use advanced protocols and technologies to maintain privacy.

Multiple Connections and Device Support

Most free VPNs do not offer multiple connections. They need to be downloaded separately on every device. However, this is not the case with paid VPN. They provide numerous simultaneous connections, some offering unlimited connections to secure a complete family like Surfshark.

Also, a reliable VPN should support multiple devices. They dont make excuses for their app support. Their apps work on Android, Apple, or even smart TVs.

Customer Support

Many people who are using tech apps are non-IT professionals. They do counter-tech problems every day. So do VPN users. Though our recommended VPN interface is commendable and easy, you may face difficulties.

In such situations, speaking to a customer agent is a necessary sin. So, a good VPN provider should provide 24/7 customer support through email and live chat.

Our Recommended VPNs to get UK IP address

Our list of VPNs is relatively concise. We have a recommendation for the 10 most reliable VPNs. You can read the detail here. For UK IP addresses, we are suggestive top 5 VPNs from our list of 10.

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Surfshark VPN
  4. CyberGhost VPN
  5. Private Internet Access


NordVPN Review - Top VPN Service

NordVPN is best for streaming websites, securing content, and dodging censorship or firewall. It masks your IP and protects your information through its specialized and nonspecialized servers. Through Nord, you can avail UK IP address and stream whatever you want.

Basic Features

NordVPN is not a small network. It has servers in most of those countries which are famous for entertainment. Nord has more than 5000 servers in 60 countries of the world.

More than 440 servers are located only in Britain for UK IP addresses. NordVPN is compatible with many devices. You can download Nord on Apple, Android, Linux, or any other operating system.

Also, you can use up to 6 devices on Nord means not only you but your entire family can unblock streaming services through NordVPN.

Nord also has a commendable customer support program. Firstly, it has a well-interactive site with articles, video tutorials, and FAQ sessions. Still, you can chat with their customer representative anytime through live chat or email if you face any issues.

Nord's Speciality

Regarding other special features of Nord, we are sure it will fulfill all your expectations. Firstly, Nord has 256-bit military-grade encryption. 2,048-bit DH keys and SHA2-384 authentication are cherries on its top.

Nord also has a no-log policy, meaning the NORD VPN Provider does not trace the end-user's data or sell it anywhere. Nord retains its no-log policy through its location in Panama, which is outside from jurisdiction of any surveillance organization.

Nord is always concerned about your privacy and security. Nord has diskless RAM servers that remove data on every power off for confidentiality. Similarly, its kill switch monitors your VPN connection with the device. If, in any case, the connection to the VPN is lost, the kill switch automatically drops your connection with the wifi to save you from any data leak.

Nord's obfuscated servers can even remove traces of VPN from your network. This is why you can even use Nord in highly surveilled countries such as China.

As far as speed is concerned, Nord will surpass your expectations. It uses industry-leading WireGuard-supported protocol NordLynx for exceptional speed. Plus, it has a built-in ad blocker CyberSec, dedicated IP addresses for individual users, and a multi-hop double VPN server on which your data passes twice.

Pricing Comparision

NordVPN offers various pricing packages. Its 2 years plan costs $3.71 per month. Its 1-year plan costs $4.92 per month. You can also avail yourself of Nord's monthly package if you dont want to make years of commitments. The monthly package is just $11.95. Additionally, each package of Nord contains a 30-day money-back guarantee.


ExpressVPN - Best VPN Provider

Are you looking to unblock all British channels and the content of all other countries, even China? Express can help you. It is still considered one of the best VPNs in the entire industry. Express also helps you with UK IP addresses, and you can unblock Netflix and Disney Plus, and many more UK-based services, which a UK server can only unlock.

Basic Features

Express is quite famous for covering nearly half of the world regarding the network. Through Express, you can get a UK IP and the IP addresses of many countries and even surpass China's restrictions.

Express has more than 3000 servers in 94 countries. It has servers located in 4 locations all over the United Kingdom. Express does not only help you mask your actual IP address with the UK IP but is also compatible with many devices.

It also supports 5 simultaneous connections at one time within one subscription. Express is also famous for customer support. It has 24/7 customer support through live chat and also has email facilitates.

Express's Speciality

Express and NordVPN are both used as alternatives for UK IP addresses. Express is also one of the top choices of many VPN users. Express has AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, a 4096-bit RSA key, and SHA-512 HMAC authentication.

Express is also based on outside data retention laws in the British Virgin Islands. It has a strict no-log policy, kills switch, and obfuscation to protect your valuable data and information.

Express also uses RAM servers to remove data and protect TOR browsing. Along with this, Express is industry famous for its commendable speed. It uses Lightway and OpenVPN protocols for speed.

Also, Express has a feature called “SPLIT TUNNELING,” where you can add apps and websites on split-tunnel, which you do not want to use on a VPN.

Pricing Comparision

ExpressVPN is a bit expansive in the entire VPN industry. Why won't it be? Express is giving the best services to clients. The monthly package of Express is $12.95. Its 6 monthly package costs up to $9.99 per month, and a year package costs $8.32.

All packages contain a 30-day money-back guarantee. It also offers 7 days of free trials for iOS and Android users.


SurfShark - Best For Streaming

Though new in the market, Surfshark has successfully placed itself as one of the best VPNs. It is a combo of every essential feature required by an individual who wants a UK IP address, from unlimited connections to the best customer support with security and privacy.

Basic Features

Along with physical servers, Surfshark also owns many virtual servers in countries where installing physical servers is quite a tough job. It has 3200 servers in approximately 65 countries at its multiple locations. The UK is also one of them. It has dedicated servers in London, Manchester, and Glasgow.

Along with servers, Surfshark VPN is also famous for device connections. Why? Because it provides unlimited access to multiple devices using simultaneously in one subscription. Not too good or bad, but Surfshark also has 24/7 customer support.

Surfshark's Speciality

A starter has 256-bit encryption through which Surfshark creates an SSL-encrypted tunnel between the device and the ISP. Based in the British Virgin Islands, it keeps a staunch no-log policy. Plus, the security features add value to its services.

Surfshark uses advanced protocols for leak protection, IP masking, and obfuscation of VPN traces. It also uses double or multi-hop VPN servers from which data pass through twice, and in case of any mishap, the kill switch always remains active.

As far as speed is concerned, Surfshark will surpass your expectations. It has industry-leading protocols for speedy connections. Surfshark also offers dedicated IP addresses and split-tunneling to retain its valuable clients.

Pricing Comparision

Surfshark is new, giving many features at the least price. Surfshark's 2-year package is $2.49 per month. You can also get Surfshark for $6.49 monthly for 6 months, and its monthly package costs $121.95. it also has a 30-day money-back guarantee and offers a free trial for 7 days.


You will have several benefits from getting a British IP. Some of them are

Circumvent Geo-Restrictions

Your priority for using any VPN is to bypass geo-restrictions. You can use any VPN to mask your IP address. Not only Britain, but you can also unblock as many channels as you want. You can use any of our mentioned VPNs for UK IP addresses to circumvent many UK websites, UK Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or any other UK tv show.

Be Anonymous

If you are concerned too much with digital privacy and online security, VPN is the best option. It masks your real IP address and changes it with the server-generated IP, which helps you be anonymous while surfing any website or an app over your browser.

An ISP won't recognize whether it's your IP and can't sell your data to any advertiser, nor can any third-party surveillance agency interfere in what you are doing.

Use Public Wifi

Not necessarily; you use everything on your wifi or mobile data. You can be on vacation in a hotel or using a coffee shop or library's wifi which is not secured. In such circumstances, using a VPN is necessary.


Improve online security

VPN will encrypt your data not to be tracked by hackers or any third-party surveillance agency. A paid VPN uses different features to save you from surveillance and other cyber attacks.

Download with Safety

Torrenting with safety is quite essential. When you download anything, many cookies and worms attack your electronic device. So, the VPN can save you from such hassle.

What Is An IP Address?

Internet Protocol address or IP address is a unique code assigned to each device revealing the location of an internet user. It is assigned and provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider)

IP addresses are of two types and look like 192.158. 1.38. Different countries have different IPs. For instance, the UK IP address will differ from the US one.

How to get a British IP Address through UK servers

To watch your favorite serials, you need a British IP address which you can get from many sources. Some of the ways are:

VPN Service

A Virtual Private Network acts as a middleman between your device, your internet service provider, and the website or app you try to visit. It masks your IP by creating a secure SSL tunnel through which your data passes.

Also, every paid and reliable VPN has dedicated UK servers to help you get the best services. You can pick and choose any server you want. So, you can get British IP and the IP of other countries through VPNs.

Proxy Server

A free Proxy server is another way to access all UK-based websites and tv channels. However, I must mention proxy servers do not mask your IP; instead, it reroutes the traffic coming from your device. Proxies are super fast to use, but your information is still unprotected.

Tor Browser

Onion Routing or Tor is used for anonymous browsing. You can even access the dark web through TOR browsing. However, has someone ever told you how worst your browsing can be if it is not secured? Yes, you can get access to UK-based sites, but the cost of your privacy means you will be vulnerable to data theft.


Is using a VPN illegal in the United Kingdom?

No, using a VPN is not illegal in the United Kingdom. The UK always supports digital freedom and respects your concerns for privacy. However, it is a part of surveillance organizations such as Five Eyes, which share and keep netizens' data to restrict illegal activities, money laundering, and terrorism. To limit such surveillance over your device, you can use VPN.

How do I get a UK IP address in Ireland?

To get a UK IP address in Ireland, please select one of our suggested VPNs and connect to UK servers. Follow some simple steps listed above and enjoy your streaming even from Ireland.

How do I get a British IP address while traveling?

Connect your device to the UK servers if you are traveling outside the UK and already have any of our recommended VPNs. If you do not have VPN, get one and sign in with credentials and launch it.

How to Safely Get a UK IP Address for Free

Many free VPN services are circulating in the market, but we would never recommend any of them. Instead of using a free VPN, get paid and reliable VPN subscriptions with free trials and a money-back guarantee.


With a UK IP, you can easily circumvent any geo-block and stream your tv serials without any issue. While a VPN, you can get British IP and connect with as many websites as you want, not only for the UK but also in other countries.

You can use any recommended VPN; we ensure your complete satisfaction. We tried to dissect and write about every minute detail; you won't have any issue dealing with these VPNs.