Best VPNs for Getting a Canadian IP Address

Are you crazy for movies and serials on Canadian Netflix, DAZN, TSN, and many more channels but can't access any of these? Not you, but your location is to blame. When traveling outside Canada or in another country, you can not access many sites because all are geo-restricted.

Blocking visitors is common in many countries to retain the persona of the country's content and entertainment industry. You do have many ways to deal with the situation. You can get IP from many sources, which we will discuss below, but above the top on that, the easiest and most secure way is VPN.

Yes, a Virtual Private Network can help you surpass geo-restricted content and protect you from malware and cyber-attacks. However, not all VPN providers are the best. Only a few are satisfactory.

After extensive research, we have developed a list of the best VPNs to get a Canadian IP address. From our list of 10, some of the most authentic VPNs will be discussed below. So, please read it carefully without passing a single detail.

canadian ip address

Why Canadian IP Address?

To Circumvent Geo Restriction

One of the first reasons for any VPN user is to circumvent geo-restrictions. Though it is a primary task for a VPN provider, we all download VPNs for the same purpose: to open sites showing restricted errors.

Canada is quite famous for many shows. Whether it is Dexter on Crave TV or Masterchef Canada “and “The X-Factor.” on CTV, all channels have the best content on their platform, which no one can resist watching. So, to manage all these latest series, you need a VPN. How it works will be discussed in another heading.

To Secure against Canadian Laws

Though Canada supports citizens' privacy through Article 21 of its Constitution, it is a member of the Five Eyes alliance. According to the organization and government's anti-terrorist Act, all agencies are deemed to collect and share citizens' data to curb anti-terrorist activities.

Canadian Intelligence also gets data from the citizens. This is why natives of Canada mask their IP addresses and watch all their favorite serials at any time without revealing anything.

Get a Canadian IP Address Through VPNs

To get a Canadian IP address, you need to follow simple steps.

  1. Explore the best VPN provider (We recommend using NordVPN).
  2. Subscribe to VPN services.
  3. Download VPN to circumvent Canadian Geo blocks.
  4. Connect to the Australian VPN server and get a Canadian IP address
  5. Start streaming your favorite content

Explore the best VPN: Free vs. Paid VPN

Many started taking matters seriously when the world converted to global broadcasting through websites. Even today, for many users, the sole purpose of a VPN is to unblock geo-restricted sites.

They want their work to be done and prefer free VPN services. However, this comes at a cost. The cost is more than you expected. Discussed below are some of the setbacks you face with free VPNs.

Logged Data: Free VPN service providers usually sell their customers' data to advertisers. Similarly, they follow the rules and sometimes are forced to hand the data to surveillance agencies. Plus, their infrastructure isn't well developed.

Limited Servers: These free VPNs have limited servers and are only available in a few countries. Maybe their server is not available in Canada as well. Your speed is also disturbed in the absence of free VPN Canadian servers.

Limited Data: Free VPNs have limitations on the data you are using,g let's say 2 GB or so. However, any paid VPN has unlimited bandwidth.

Limited Speed: The speed will likely suffer because free VPNs have limited servers. It might take longer to load a game or stream Canadian content. Also, these VPNs work at a limited rate. You can't complete all the work smoothly even if the servers are not crowded.

Cyberattacks: Your device may be infected with scareware, malware, and cookies. Even cyber hackers can attack you.

Limited Unblocking: It is just a myth that a free VPN can unblock anything. Well-known sites like Netflix, Hotstar, and CTV use the world's best-blocking technologies. A free VPN doesn't have the advanced infrastructure to surpass such geo-blocks.

Features Paid VPN Free VPN
ServersMultiple serversFew & overcrowded servers
Device connectionsMultipleSingle
Encryption TightLoose
Cyber Protection YesSometimes 
Information tracking No Yes
Cyber protection YesNo 

Explore the Best VPN Providers For Canadian Servers

Whenever you try to watch a Canadian channel from outside the boundaries of Canada, many channels won't be accessible to you until and unless you get a Canadian IIP address. Now, you must be wondering what an IP address is.

The IP address is simply some number your ISP assigned to you, revealing your location. If you browse from the USA, your IP address will demonstrate you are an American native. Many streaming sites and broadcasters of different countries use advanced tools to block the users of other countries, commonly known as GEO BLOCK.

Through blocking, they hamper citizens of other countries from watching their content. Below are some of the most reliable VPNs for you to circumvent geo-blocks and secure your data while surfing digitally:

  1. NordVPN
  2. CyberGhost VPN
  3. Surfshark VPN
  4. ExpressVPN
  5. HideMyAss VPN

NordVPN – Best VPN with Multiple Canadian Servers

NordVPN Review - Top VPN Service

Nord is a well-known VPN in the entire VPN industry. Why are we choosing Nord as our very first VPN? It has complete proof of security, with numerous servers located in Canada. Nord has 480 servers in Canada alone and 5200 servers worldwide in almost 60 countries.

Nord can unblock even stubborn sites such as Netflix, Disney, CTV Canadian, etc. With the Browser extension, you can simultaneously find all these features on 6 devices.


NordVPN has a strict No Logs policy, meaning a VPN service provider pledges not to track users' data at any cost. Nord can retain its no-log policy becasue of its location. It is located in Panama – a country outside the jurisdiction of any data retention laws.

Not only this, Nord delivers what it has promised. For this reason, its no-log policy is evaluated and audited by big firms.

Not only this, its obfuscated servers remove traces of VPNs from your network so no one can trace whether you are using a Virtual Private Network or not. It offers a dedicated or Canadian static IP address to retain maximum privacy, which no one else can use.

nord vpn


Above all else, NordVPN has military-grade encryption. Its 256-bit AES encryption creates a secured tunnel through which your data passes and removes every single chance of leaks as well. Not only this, but It has multihop servers, which means your data passes through two servers.

If your connection drops, Nord's automatic kill switch activates and drops your connections from Wi-Fi to save your information from any leaks. Nord has clean web services known as CyberSac, which removes malware, scareware, block ads, and cookies to secure your entire internet traffic.

It also protects your TOR browsing through Onion Over VPN and secures your information if connected to public Wi-Fi in restaurants, cafes, libraries, or hotels.


As far as speed is concerned, Nord will surpass your expectations. Because it uses double VPN servers, Nord VPN service providers use WireGuared-supported protocols NordLynx for speed.

Plus, its servers in multiple countries also support high speed. Even if you are using a Canadian IP address, Nord has servers in Canada, so you won't be facing any issues in terms of speed.

User Interface & Customer Support

NordVPN is extremely easy to use. It is easy to configure and connect. The website is flooded with many related articles, video tutorials, and FAQ sessions for your ease. Still, if you face any difficulty, you can avail of its 24/7 customer support through live chat and email.

Surfshark VPN – Top VPN for Streaming Canadian Channels

SurfShark - Best For Streaming

Being new, Surfshark has successfully placed itself as one of the best VPNs for Canadian servers. It has 336 servers only in Canada, with 3200 plus servers in 65 locations worldwide. You can stream anything you want with Surfshark at a minimal price.

Another embellishing advantage is its unlimited connection to users. You can use Surfshark on all your devices without any speed or performance issues.


Surfshark also has a well-structured infrasture to retain your privacy and security. It has a no-log policy that keeps audited by big firms worldwide. Also, Surfshark is located in the British Virgin Islands, a country that does not retain any data of its netizens or organizations.

Also, it has well-developed obfuscated servers called Whitelisters, through which Surfshark removes traces of all VPN traces. Like NordVPN, it also offers dedicated IP addresses for people conscious of security and fear of blocklisting from websites.


Surfshark has the latest encryption features to save users' data from cyberattacks and third-party surveillance. It has 256-bit military-grade encryption along with DNS leak protection. It also has a kill switch, a built-in ad, and a malware blocker called Clean Web.

Plus, Surfshark has multihop servers from which data passes twice. Also, it protects Onion routing as well as protects your Wi-Fi connections.


Surfshark has positioned itself as a VPN for video streaming sites, so it can never be negligent towards speed. It uses WireGuard and IKEv2 for incredibly fast speed. As Nord, Surfshark is also famous for ISP throttling. It masks your IP so an ISP cannot limit your speed, and you can easily watch anything you want.

User Interface & Customer Support

Like Nord, Surfshark also has the best customer support and user interface. It is super easy to use. Not only this, but you can get a lot of guidance from the website. Also, you can ask anything 24/7 from a customer representative.

ExpressVPN – Premium VPN Service For Canadian IP Address

ExpressVPN - Best VPN Provider

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs in the entire industry. With its more than 3200 servers extended to over 90 countries, you won't have any issue getting Canadian IP and dealing with it.

Even Express has servers dedicated only to Canada in its 3 central locations, including Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Also, through its servers, you can unblock whatever you want and stream on 5 devices simultaneously with super fast speed.


Express is also an industry-leading VPN in terms of privacy and security. It has a stauch no-log policy, and no one, even the government, can ever ask for leaks. It is also located in a country where data retention laws do not apply, i.e., the British Virgin Islands.

Not only this, the company favors third-party audits and has obfuscated servers, too. The servers of Express, like NordPVN, run over RAM, which loses data at every power loss and saves your information from tracking.


Express has commendable security features. You can access Canadian websites through an Express VPN app with complete security. It has military-grade encryption, creating a secure SSL tunnel through which your data passes without leaks. Express has an automatic kill switch protecting onion routing and public Wi-Fi.


ExpressVPN does not compromise on speed at any cost. Many consider it one of the fastest VPNs in the entire industry. It uses OpenVPN, IKEV2, and Lightway protocols to retain speed while watching any series or movie. Plus, it hides your data from the throttling of internet service providers.

User Interface & Customer Support

Express has the best interface and customer support. It has articles, blogs, video tutorials, and FAQ sessions. If the problem remains, you can use their 24/7 customer support system anytime.

CyberGhost VPN – Pocket Friendly VPN Service

CyberGhost Review - Free VPN Plans

Stream like a Ghostie with CyberGhost. It has over 336 Canadian servers in the 3 most famous locations, Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, with 6000 servers worldwide in 88 countries.

You can connect to up to 7 devices on CyberGhost and unblock as many streaming sites as you want, not in Canada but every other nation.


CyberGhost VPN is located in Romania. As a result, it has a strict no-log policy. Though it doesn't have any obfuscated servers, it does have No Spy servers, which reduces the risks of an attack. Also, it offers dedicated IP addresses to users to retain privacy and anonymity.


CyberGhost has military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, which does not even support IP or DNS leaks. Also, it has a kill switch and various security protocols such as IKEv2 and OpenVPN. It fairly works with the TOR browser and has ad and malware trackers that remove ads, cookies, and scareware from your network.


Like other reliable VPNs, CyberGhost has excellent connections. Firstly, it is a VPN known for many servers. More servers mean the best speed. Plus, it uses different protocols, such as IKEv2 and WireGuard, to retain momentum and bypass ISP throttling.

User Interface & Customer Support

CyberGhost is relatively easy to use. Just launch an app, connect it with the server, and you are good to go—it also has 24/7 customer support and articles, tutorials, and FAQs.


HideMyAss VPN – Get Canadian IP Address with Ease

Hide My Ass - HMA - 290+ Service Locations

HMA was first launched in 2005 and came under Avast Company's jurisdiction. HMA has physical and virtual servers in most conflict-affected areas, Iran, Somalia, etc.

It has 1080 servers in 210 countries. Among them, 57 servers are only for Canada. It offers 5 device connections you can use on any operating system and stream whatever you want.


Despite being located in the United Kingdom – a country member of the 5Eye organization, HMA is not compromising its no-logging policy. A third-party audited firm, VersSprite, verifies its policies.

HideMyAss reshuffles your IP periodically to keep it away from the eyes of surveillance agencies and cyber attackers.


HMA also has military-grade encryption and protocols that support the security of the user. It also has a kill switch, Wi-Fi leak protection, etc.


HMA is also a VPN with incredibly high speed. Its “Lightening connect” can automatically add you to the best server, which could provide the highest speed. Moreover, per the website, the VPN has a 20GB speed.

User Interface & Customer Support

HMA is user-friendly. It has a well-interactive website, an app such as JACK, an eponymous donkey with colorful pages, and many more.

You can get many details from there without needing individual support. Yet, they have developed their customer support system to chat with them anytime you want.

Subscribe to VPN services

Plans /month  NordVPN Surfshark  VPN Express VPNCyberghost VPNHidemyass VPN
36 months plan $2.15$2.99
24 months plan$3.71$2.30$3.15$3.99
12 months plan $4.92$6.67$3.95$4.99
6 months plan$6.49$9.99
1 month plan$11.95$12.95$12.95$12.99
Money Back Guarantee30 days  30 days  30 days 40 days 30 days 
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Which VPN is Reliable to get a Canadian IP Address

Before choosing a VPN, have these points in mind.

Numerous Servers: Servers matter when it comes to VPN because servers retain speed while you are watching a video. If a VPN has no server for a country's website you are trying to unblock, let's say Canada, it's useless.

Multiple Device Connections: A reliable VPN shouldn't only care about your device but numerous of them. You should take complete advantage of paying money. A reliable VPN should offer multiple device connections.

Unblocking Capabilities: A VPN is used to free streaming services. If it is not doing so, what's the use then? So, a good VPN should unblock as many sites as possible. The most reliable VPN has multiple dedicated VPN servers for streaming. So, with a Canadian IP address, you can watch whatever you want through a VPN.

Top-Notch Security & Privacy: The main task of any VPN is to protect an individual or netizen's digital privacy and online security. It should have a no-log policy plus additional features and protocols to support the safety and anonymity of the person.

Superfast Speed: A VPN hides your data from an ISP. Therefore, you must not have any issues while playing a game or watching a video. Plus, multiple server locations also help to maintain speed.

User Friendliness: These days, people with non-IT backgrounds also use VPNs. So, a VPN must have the easiest user interface so any naive can use it without any problem.

vpn security

Using a VPN is safe or not?

There is no harm in using a VPN as long as you are not using it for personal purposes. It is entirely safe. Some of the benefits you can get by using a VPN for Canadian IP are:

  1. It spoofs your IP address
  2. It bypasses geo-blocks
  3. It secures your data
  4. It provides unlimited bandwidth

Troubles with VPN server for Canadian IP Address


A VPN gives you many privileges by anonymizing your data, but it doesn't mean you start vising and bidding on the dark web. Nor does it mean you should begin downloading copyrighted materials; otherwise, you will be in hot water.

Though VPN connections are legal in Canada, you should be careful. Some of the things you must avoid through a VPN are:

  1. Download copyrighted material
  2. Using black markets to sell and purchase products
  3. Online Stalking
  4. Download and distribute pornography
  5. Visiting dangerous sites is a minor

Accessing Canadian TV and Websites

The Canadian entertainment industry is a vast market. You can access many local banks, websites, channels, Sports news, local news, etc., through a VPN server. Some of the major sites are:

  1. CBC
  2. CTV
  3. Sportsnet
  4. Global TV
  5. Netflix Canada
  6. CraveTV
  7. OLN TV
  8. CIBC Bank
  9. RBC Bank
  10. DAZN 
  11. SN Now
  12. Rogers NFL Live, etc.


Can I watch Canadian TV online?

Yes, you can watch Canadian TV online anytime as a Canadian citizen. Otherwise, you need a VPN to watch geo-restricted changes and websites. We have mentioned some incredibly secure and speedy VPNs suitable for watching Canadian TV.

Are VPNs legal in Canada?

Yes, VPNs are legal in Canada, provided you do not indulge in illegal activities and use them to unblock geo-restricted content and protect your online data.

Can I access Canadian Netflix from abroad?

You can access Canadian Netflix from abroad by connecting your VPN to a Canadian server. The VPN will mask your IP address and generate a Canadian IP, which helps you unlock all opportunities from abroad.

Will Proxy Give me a Canadian IP address?

Yes, you can also use proxies for Canadian IP addresses. However, we won't suggest using proxies becasue these only secure your particular web traffic. The rest of the network remains vulnerable to cyber attacks, data theft, and third-party surveillance.

How Do I Change My Location to Canada?

Using a VPN lets you quickly change your location to Canada. By connecting to a Canadian server, the traffic looks like it was generated within Canadian borders.

Final Thoughts

To unblock Canadian content, you need a Canadian IP address. For a Canadian IP address, you need a VPN; otherwise, the restricted sites will keep on showing geo-restricted errors. For this reason, we have recommended some of the best VPNs for Canadian websites.

Just launch the app and start using whatever you want. We have also provided a brief comparison of prices, which you can consider before finalizing which VPN you want to use.