Watch CTV outside Canada

CTV is Canada's #1 private broadcaster, with more than 14 channels to enjoy extensive and exclusive content. It remains the most-watched network of Daytime, Primetime, and Late Night. It is featuring a wide array of content, including news, sports, information, and entertainment.

Unfortunately, you cannot watch CTV outside Canada; the website shows an error message even if you try. This hampers people residing in any country of Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa to watch their favourite series of “Masterchef Canada “and “The X-Factor.”

Nonetheless, if you can get Canadian IP, you can easily surpass geo-restriction and easily access your favourite movies without any problem or from anywhere outside Canada.

Are you wondering how you will do that?

This article will provide you with a complete walkthrough to watch CTV outside Canada without any hassle through a VPN.

Application Compatibility To Watch CTV

CTV can be watch through:

  1. Android;
  2. Apple;
  3. Smart TVs;
  4. Amazon Fire TV;
  5. Chromecast;
  6. Xbox One.

CTV is unavailable outside Canada for other countries or regions of the world.


Why is CTV Blocked In Other Countries?

Most of the Canadian broadcasting services are usually geo-blocked owing to licensing and copyright agreements. Like another broadcasting channel, you may be struggling for watching CTV outside Canada.

The following error will appear on the screen if you are connecting without a VPN:

“We’re sorry, this content is only available for viewing in Canada.”

This is why we recommend a VPN to let you watch your favourite tv shows without any problem. If you need to stream outside Canada, You need a VPN to connect with a Canadian IP address.

How Geo-Restrictions work?

An Internet Service Provider assigns an IP to each device. That IP address helps users to access websites. Because your IP is located where you are accessing content, many websites block it as per their licensing and copyright policies.

Therefore, by looking at your IP address, let us say from Africa, Asia, America and Australia, the website blocks streaming services for you.

A Quick Guide watch CTV Outside Canada

Select a Virtual Private Network of your own choice. (We would recommend you using NordVPN.)

Install and Sing-up for VPN services.

Connect your device to a Canadian server through a VPN.

Download a CTV app or browse on the web through CTV.  

Enjoy your content on CTV.

Assessment Criteria for Choosing a right VPN to watch CTV Outside Canada

A rapid increase in internet usage during the Quarantine period of Covid-19 also increasingly concerned people about data protection and security. This helps the VPN industry to emerge at a faster pace. Now, people do look for additional features rather than only security and accessibility while purchasing a VPN.

For your convenience, we have devised criteria through which you can quickly assess the VPN based on its quality and additional features to watch CTV outside Canada.

Unblocking capabilities:  A right VPN should unblock CTV and stubborn websites like Netflix and Hub tv. It should also offer split tunnelling.

Server network: It should have specific servers for Canada and more than 3000 servers worldwide.

Security and privacy:  A VPN should have a kill switch, no-log policy, 256-bit encryption for its clients.

Speeds:  Video streaming requires a higher speed. Therefore, good speed matters. For speed, we would recommend you to use Nord VPN.

Compatibility: It should be used on different devices such as Windows, iOS, Android, Smart TVs etc.

VPN Assists to Watch CTV Outside Canada

A virtual private network masks your IP address and assigns you a Canadian IP. Resultantly, your streaming traffic seems to be originated from a VPN server on your device. This enables you to watch CTV outside Canada by surpassing geo-restrictions.

If it has a server located in Canada, that's a plus point for you.

Sadly, not all VPNs can unblock your content. Only a few can do so.

After testing many, Besturate has come up with a list of the three most essential VPNs that could help you to break all geo-restriction to access the comprehensive content library of CTV.

1. NordVPN



Servers: NordVPN has over 5,000 servers in nearly 60 countries. This means you can access your favourite shows on CTV from anywhere in the world.

Device Compatability: Nord also offers up to 5 connections to multiple devices such as Windows, Linux and Android.

Split Tunneling: Nord has also had the feature of split tunnelling.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Nord is widely using to unblock geo-locked content. You can watch CTV outside Canada or another website as Netflix or Tubi tv if you have Nord installed on your device.

Security & Protection

Encryption: It offers 256- bit encryption.

PG Keys: Nord creates PG keys to encrypt communication between clients and Nord.

Double VPN: Nord provides a facility of double VPN in which a device first connects to server one then server two for solid data protection.

Jurisdiction: Nord is based in Panama, which means it is free from any jurisdiction.

No-Logs Policy: The service provider of ExpressVPN pledges not to track or save any user information third-party surveillance.

Kill Switch: Nord offers manual kill switch facilities in case of connection's dropout or any mishap.

DNS leak: A client masks their IP from the website. Nord protects that IP from any leak to Internet Service Provider.

Ad-Blocking: Nord is best for ad-blocking. It blocks annoying advertisements, malware or phishing scams.


Nord supersedes your expectations when it comes to speed. It offers a rate of 480-820Mbps. Through Nord, you can easily watch CTV outside Canada without any buffering.

2. ExpressVPN



Servers: Express VPN has more than 3000 servers in 90 plus countries.

Device Compatability: ExpressVPN offers up to 5 connections to multiple devices such as Windows, Linux and Android.

Split Tunneling: There may be apps or websites that do not work on the virtual private network. So, Express helps you to keep some activities on VPN while adding others on the regular internet.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

One of the advantages of ExpressVPN is to unblock-region restricted websites and content. It can provide you with safe access to watch CTV outside Canada or any other website such as Netflix, Tubi tv or Hulu.

Security & Protection

Encryption: It offers 256- bit encryption.

Jurisdiction: The location of a VPN company matters more than anything else. VPN companies located in non-members countries of Five Eyes, Nine Eyes and 14Eyes preferred more because they are free of any jurisdiction.

ExpressVPN is based in British Virgin Island means it's free from international surveillance alliance jurisdiction.

No-Logs Policy: Express also has a no-log policy.

Kill Switch: ExpressVPN also offers manual kill switch facilities in connection's dropout or any mishap.

Speedy Connections

Express provides you with unlimited bandwidth through which an ISP cannot put a cap on your speed or sneak into what you are looking at.

3. CyberGhost VPN



Servers: CyberGhost has more than 7100 servers in approximate 91 countries.

Device Compatability: It provides connections to up to 7 devices on Windows, Mac, iOS etc.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Split Tunneling: CyberGhost provides the extraordinary feature of split tunnelling by enabling you to choose apps that will access the Internet through the VPN rest work o regular connections.

Security & Protection

Encryption: CyberGhost offers encryption up to 256-bit.

Jurisdiction: The VPN is based in Romania. It is free from the jurisdiction of any inspection from Nine 5 member states.

No-Logs Policy: CyberGhost has a no-log policy.

Kill Switch: CyberGhost further offers a kill switch facility as other reliable VPNs.

Ad-Blocking: CyberGhost ad-block websites and also protect from viruses, phishing scams, scareware and malware.

Speedy Connections

CyberGhost has descent and speedy connections. It provides a speed of  500 Mbps to watch CTV outside Canada without any buffering.

It uses the fastest VPN protocols available – L2TP and IKEV2 to maintain speedy connections.

Is VPN Legal?

Yes, VPN is entirely legal. It works as per rules and regulations of international and domestic protocols.

The prime purpose of a VPN service is to encrypt all your network traffic. Bypassing geo-locked content come under its side features.

What are the advantages of masking your location to watch CTV outside Canada?

IP Masking: The VPN will allow you to appear from Canada rather than your country of origin by hiding your IP address.

Data Security: The traffic of your network will be encrypted.

Accessibility: You may watch any content or drama from anywhere outside Canada just by signing in to your VPN service.

How to Fix if CTV is not working with VPN?

Sometimes, A website can detect fake IP addresses generated by proxies or VPNs and block them from accessing the content.

However, after in-depth research and surveys, we realised that free VPN and brokers are most vulnerable to IP blocklisting.

If you use a reliable VPN with a paid subscription, you will not face such a problem. Even if a website blocks your IP, a reliable VPN generates another IP for you without disrupting while watching “Masterchef Australia.”

As we have already mentioned, the most reliable VPNs for you; however, if you want to know more, you may also visit our page, Best VPN services of 2021.

Free VPNs to watch CTV Outside Canada?

W have noticed that many people are more interested in using free VPN than the paid version and are reluctant to spend money on such services. Though committed promises at first hand, free VPNs have many more disadvantages than the paid ones.

Let's discuss why I am reluctant to suggest a free VPN.

Speed: As far as speed is concerned, free VPNs does not provide speedy connections. Their rate is lower than 5MBPs and cannot even stream a video of 1080p properly.

Bandwidth: Free VPNs do not encrypt your data altogether. Their encryption protocols are weaker than that of paid VPNs.

Tracking: These service providers keep “Logs” of your internet connections means they keep track of what you have been watching. They can sell your information to a third party and even earn revenue from that source.

Limited Data: Free VPN providers cap the amount of data you can use. They use the policy as a marketing strategy. Later, such providers ask users to upgrade to the paid version.

Irritating ads: Free VPN providers also make money by selling ads. You remain annoyed with advertisements continuously popping up on your screen.

We recommend using a free trial version of the VPNs mentioned above to get better services than free VPNs.

Accessing CTV Outside Canada with Smart DNS

You may use a DNS to watch CTV outside Canada. It reroutes your traffic through its DNS server, temporarily changes your location, and unblock restricted content.

Some popular DNS servers are:

  1. Google Public DNS Server;
  2. OpenDNS;
  3. DNS Watch;
  4. Comodo Secure DNS;
  5. Verisign.

However, the technology is not as robust as the Virtual Private Network.

Most Popular TV Shows on CTV

CTV offers various dramas, movies, documentaries and up-to-date news through its 14 different channels. Some of them are:

Channel Discovery:

  • How the Universe Works;
  • Dive into Shark Week;
  • Heavy Rescue 401.


  • The Good Doctor;
  • Transplant;
  • Due South;
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation;
  • The Eleventh Hour;
  • Killing Your Daughter.

Reality Shows:

  • The X Factor;
  • Canadian Idol;
  •  MasterChef Canada.
  • CTV Throwback

CTV Comedy

  • Young Sheldon;
  • Corner Gasa Animated;
  • Full Frontal with Samantha Bee;
  • Wipeout;
  • The Stand-up Show.

CTV Throwback

  • Good Times;
  • I Dream of Jeannie;
  • Maude;
  • Sanford & Son.


  • 9-1-1: Lone Star;
  • Oscar;
  •  CTV National News;
  • Your Morning.


  • Olympics;
  •  National Football League;
  •  Super Bowl.


Can I watch CTV from the US or abroad?

You can watch CTV from the US or abroad, but you need a VPN to get a Canadian IP address.

Can I subscribe to watch CTV live outside of Canada?

Yes, you can also subscribe to watch CTV outside Canada with the help of a VPN.

Is it legal to watch CTV abroad with a VPN?

It depends on the country you are located in. Though many countries allow VPN to be used legally, some prohibit their usage.
Countries like Turkey and the UAE monitor VPN usage, while China, Russia, and North Korea have banned their services.

Is CTV free on firestick?

Yes, you can stream CTV free on Amazon Firestick. If you are living outside Canada, then you can use VPN to stream services of CTV.


CTV is the topmost private broadcasting channel in Canada. Notwithstanding, geo-restrictions should not be creating hurdles for you to accessing your favourite movies and tv shows.

Regardless of location, you can access its content from the USA, UK or anywhere globally by following the above guide.

Make sure to use the right VPN, such as ExpressVPN to unblock your content while encrypting your entire network.