Review Cloudways – The Best Cloud Hosting Service

Cloud hosting services are a hosting platform where you can store your site on many servers. Unlike traditional hosting, cloud hosting works differently and is more advanced. Cloud hosting spreads the data it holds across various servers and machines. It enables users to manage the data virtually, accessing different servers stored in the cloud.

Cloudways Review

Name: Cloudways

Description: Cloudways is a cloud hosting company that provides users with smooth web hosting perks. Speed, security, and performance are the top services of Cloudways. They pledge to give full potential and less hassle in managing websites when clients avail their services.

Cloudways Overview

Cloudways prove that they can provide fast performance. Plus, their tight security and seamless scalability to make your websites reachable. Cloudways is the best choice for hosting your website. They offer varieties of plans depending on their client’s needs and budget. It is also the ideal cloud hosting if you are using WordPress. Whether you are just a start-up business or a large agency, Cloudways is one of the best options.

  • Server Speed & Locations
  • Packages & Pricing
  • Application Support
  • Site Migration Options


  • Affordable Plan
  • Offers free-trial promo
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Fast. It has an excellent uptime of 99.9%
  • Site monitoring and upgrades
  • Free WordPress caching


  • No option for domain name registration
  • A file manager is not supported
  • There is an extra charge for emails
  • Chargeable in Site Migration Especially on Downgrades.

What is Cloudways?

First established in 2011 and relaunched in 2016, Cloudways has over 60 data centers. Branded as a “hub of services.” Cloudways works in a versatile way compared to other cloud hosting sites. Cloudways allows you to build your website and host it on a top cloud provider like Amazon and Google.

The company’s core value:

  • Innovative at heart. Cloudways loves innovation. They make sure to keep improving toward innovation.
  • Simplicity in everything. Simple and easy. Cloudways love providing the user with simple and easy-to-managed platforms.
  • The customer always comes first. The company makes sure to prioritize customers and to hear their feedback. They use the customer’s feedback to improve their services.
  • Data-Driven Ideology. They collect efficient data, which they use to improve their technology.
  • Win as a team. Great teamwork brings success. The company and its users work as one team towards success.

Cloudways provides the following services and features:

Fast Cloud Service

Cloudways makes sure to provide the fastest page loads. A fast page load has a great impact on web speed. It is also essential as it entails a higher search engine ranking—a fast page load and a much better conversion rate lower the bounce rate.

Improve Solid State Drives (SSDs) Speed

Cloudways improves SSD speed for fine-tuned and high-performance platform management. This feature includes the fastest page loads and provides speed tweaks and solutions.

Customizable Hosting

It allows the user to customize their cloud base. You can use different operating systems, such as Linux, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Fedora, etc.

Well-Optimized- Even for a Cheap Shared Hosting Package

It gives a high-quality performance service despite its affordable package price. It also has an 11% improvement in conversion rate compared with others.

Real-time Servicing

The company provides excellent customer service representatives to address users' concerns. There are also support engineers who provide service and support 24/7.

Cloudways - Best Cloud Hosting Service

Best for WordPress

Most businesses and online commerce use WordPress for their websites. Cloudways allows its users to sync in their WordPress using Cloudways easily.

Go Live in Minutes

Cloudways allow users to go live on their website without a hassle.

A-Pro to Manage

The cloud hosting site makes sure that every business and agency can manage their web apps easily. Cloudways promotes collaborative and efficient management in the platform.

Customer Support

Answering the queries has always been their priority. You all know that web hosting depends on running smoothly in today’s type of business. In Cloudways, the Customer Support Team is always present to approach and assess you.

Deploy the Servers in Seconds

Servers run smoothly in a split second. It also provides a user-friendly console.

Easy to Managed Updates

The user can enjoy the Cloud plans with easy onboarding for new and existing accounts. Updates for WordPress and Woocommerce are also supported on this site.

Powerful Tools for Webmasters

After subscribing to the SSH Access to the cloud account, users can enjoy the SFTP advantage. You can use it whenever securing or transferring files and management occurs.

Dedicated and Committed IP

Worry less because the account you’ve provided with this cloud is safe. Your account itself has its dedicated IP.

Free SSL – Issue free for SSL Encryption

The user’s account detects certificates for every domain hosted in the user’s cloud plan.

Pros and Cons:

The company seems to have a nice profile with great user reviews. It is also affordable with great service. However, nothing is perfect. Before signing up on Cloudways, here are some of the pros and cons of the cloud hosting company.


  • Affordable Plan
  • Offers free-trial promo
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Fast. It has an excellent uptime of 99.9%
  • Advanced client assistance
  • Site monitoring and upgrades
  • Free WordPress caching
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Offers pay-as-you-go plan


  • There is no option for domain name registration.
  • A file manager is not supported
  • There is an extra charge for emails
  • Chargeable in Site Migration, Especially on Downgrades. Unfortunately, using A2 Way to access the site migration is not free. If you downgraded your hosting plan without any reason, charges for migration support services are applied.
  • Live Chatting isn’t always available.

Cloudways’ target clients are companies that want to host their websites. A website stored on several servers in cloud hosting allows easy migration or recovery. This is securing the site in case an accident or problems occur while using a server. It’s affiliated with five cloud providers in giving customers their needed services.

  • Digital Ocean
  • Vultr
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Linode

A new client of Cloudways can choose from these 5 cloud providers at the Cloudways console. Configuration of the server happens after the client chooses a service provider. Choices and options are programmed through the control panel provided by Cloudways.

Cloudways used the data gathered during the process. This is to identify further the server size that the company needs for hosting purposes.

Cloudways is a great cloud hosting site that provides various benefits. Moving from site to site was necessary when using a traditional hosting site. In Cloudways, the site migration process is done by the hosting site. Cloudways also offers a faster site speed for online selling transactions. This is a plus that’s not available in other companies. A fast speed and flexible migration process provides clients convenience and accessibility.

Product and Solution

WordPress Hosting

Cloudways offers WordPress hosting for individuals, e-commerce, agencies, and small and midsize businesses.

WordPress Hosting FAQs:

What is managed WordPress Hosting?
Managed WordPress Hosting works as a team that handles all the websites. Cloudways provides optimized servers for WordPress sites.

How many WordPress websites can I manage on Cloudways?
You can manage and transfer as many as you want – for free! Use a WordPress Migration Plugin when migrating a WordPress website to Cloudways.

Are there any infrastructure charges?
There are no additional infrastructure chargers for WordPress website hosting.

Can you handle a WordPress site with thousands of followers?
Cloudways can handle WordPress sites of all sizes.

WooCommerce Hosting

Cloudways also offers cloud hosting for online sellers who use WooCommerce platforms. They offer a fast and secure hosting site for great online business transactions.

The WooCommerce Hosting plan comes with the following:

  • Free SSL
  • Dedicated firewalls
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • SSH & SFTP access
  • Team management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Regular security patching
  • Free Migration
  • Automated backups
  • Auto-healing
  • CDN Add-on

WooCommerce Hosting FAQs:

How much does it cost to use WooCommerce?
They have different flexible plans for your budgets. Hosting an online store starts at $22/per month. They also offer a pay-as-you-go payment plan.

Can I create a WooCommerce multisite?
You can set up a WooCommerce multisite network by launching the WordPress multisite.

Can I install unlimited WooCommerce instances on a Cloudways server?
You can install unlimited WooCommerce sites on a single server in Cloudways.

Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting

Cloudways empowered businesses with Amazon Web Hosting. Amazon Web Hosting deployment is quick and easy. It is also efficient and optimized for productive server management.

Global Amazon Cloud Data Centers:

  • Northern Virginia
  • Frankfurt
  • Seoul
  • London
  • Stockholm
  • Ohio
  • Singapore
  • Mumbai
  • Northern California
  • Bahrain
  • Oregon
  • Sydney
  • Montreal
  • Hongkong
  • Ireland
  • Tokyo
  • San Paulo
  • Paris

Amazon Cloud Hosting FAQs:

How do you secure my website on Amazon cloud hosting?
Cloudways provides a dedicated firewall to secure the site against hackers and malware. This dedicated firewall only allows traffic from approved ports. They also provide database security and SSL certificates on the website.

Can I launch multiple Amazon cloud servers?
You can launch as many as you want with a single Cloudways account.

Can I use my Amazon cloud server?
Yes, you can use your Amazon cloud server. Cloudways can manage high-traffic websites.

Is there an extra charge?
No, your monthly plan includes all charges incurred for Amazon Web Hosting.

Google Cloud Hosting

Cloudways’ Google Cloud Hosting provides a seamless and simple server for your applications.

Global Google Cloud Services Data Centers:

  • Iowa
  • London
  • Sydney
  • South Carolina
  • Frankfurt
  • Taiwan
  • North Virginia
  • Belgium
  • Tokyo
  • Oregon
  • Singapore

Google Cloud Hosting FAQs:

How long does deploying an application on Google Cloud Service under Cloudways hosting take?
Running an application usually takes 5-7 minutes of the launching process.

Can I use my existing Google Compute Engine account with Cloudways?
A new Google Compute Engine server is provided, so you won’t need to make a new one or bring your older account.

Can I scale my Google Compute Engine server?
You can scale your GCE server at the Vertical Scaling Tab on your console’s menu.

Is there a separate fee?
No. All fees are already counted within your plan.

Can I choose my preferred GCE data center?
Yes, you can. From the drop-down menu on the Cloudways platform, choose your preferred data center.

Can I use my GCE for an e-commerce store?
Yes. Cloudways improve Google Cloud services by enhancing its capacity to hold web traffic.

Can I launch multiple GCE servers?
You can use various Google Cloud servers with one account on Cloudways.

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Aside from using Cloudways for your cloud hosting needs, you can also be a part of its affiliate program, where you can earn commissions.

Why should you be one of its affiliates?

  • High Paying Commission. Cloudways provides high-rate commissions among all web hosting programs.
  • Earn At Your Pace.
  • Low Customer Churn.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support. The company provides support to guide you in earning more.
  • Detailed Affiliate Managers.
  • Affiliate-friendly Tracking System.
  • Learn Affiliate Marketing
  • Detailed Performance Reporting
  • Custom Promotion Offers.