How Do I Cancel SurfShark Subscription And Claim Repayment? 

It's impossible to cancel a surfshark subscription from the account settings. In this blog post, Find out how to cancel your subscription and delete the account forever.

SurfShark Overview

SurfShark is one of the most low-priced VPNs; it gives us high-quality features. Like most VPN providers, it gives consumers a 30-day money-back guarantee. That brings us to the doubt, can the client cancel the surf shark subscription and get a refund?

If you want to quit the subscription, this VPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can claim your money after 30 days of purchase. But, it also gives the consumer full support over email before they decide to change the subscription plan. You can reach out to them at [email protected]

how to cancel surfshark subscription

Best Alternate to SurfShark – ExpressVPN 

If you are searching for a different VPN than surfshark, try ExpressVPN; it gives a 30-day money-back guarantee and 3 months free subscription with a 12-month plan. 

You can try it for free; if you are unsatisfied, you can get your money back. 

ExpressVPN can also refund your amount through bitcoin or cryptocurrency. 

Things You Must – Know Before You Drop The SurfShark Subscription

Few things you must know before dropping the subscription: 

  1. Check if the company has policies or service that allows you to delete your subscription. 
  2. You can cancel the surf shark free trial 24 hours before it expires.
  3. By signing in on surf shark and dropping it before the end of the problem, you miss out on everything else. 

Let's follow the step-by-step guide to getting the refund right in your account. 

Steps To Cancel SurfShark Subscription 

To drop the subscription and get a refund, you can contact them through their helpline via live chat or email at [email protected]. Their team will contact you. 

If you want to cancel the subscription, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to their website, Contact them through live chat or email and let them know you want to drop your subscription. 
  2. If it's less than 30 days since you purchased, request a cancellation and refund.
  3. After you request the cancellation, they will ask you why you need to drop out and give you an estimate.
  4. We suggest you choose the best alternative to SurfShark next time. 
surfshark android

How To Cancel Surfshark Subscription on Your Android Phone? 

The cancellation process will be slightly different if you get your subscription through the play store and not from the surf sharks website. 

  • After you sign into your google account, click “my subscription” and choose from surfshark subscription.
  • Tap the “manage option” and select “cancel the subscription.” 
  • Well done, you have successfully canceled the surfshark subscription.

Method of Unsubscription from SurfShark on Apple Devices 

surfshark ios

See the steps below and find out how to drop your subscription if you have downloaded it from ios devices using the app store/Itunes. 

You can access your subscription through your Apple settings by clicking on your name and Subscriptions. Once you have selected the subscription you want to cancel, click “Cancel Subscription.”. 

Note: If you have made an account by the app store or Itunes. They won't be able to give you your repayment back. Please note that iTunes refund policies apply if you subscribe via iTunes. 

The Procedure to Cancel SurfShark VPN on Mac 

  1. Visit the app store, and find your name. 
  2. Click ‘sign in,' then open account settings, search subscription, and tap on ‘manager.'
  3. Click on ‘edit,' present with the surf shark app. 
  4. When you have done the steps, check ‘cancel a subscription.' If you don't find the canceled subscription, it means your subscription is 

How Do I Disconnect My Card From SurfShark

  1. You have to cancel your subscription first. 
  2. There is no option to remove your debit/credit card. 
  3. You cannot disconnect your card from surfshark VPN. If your account is not closed yet. It was confirmed by one of SurfShark's customer service representatives. 

Things To Keep in Mind Before Canceling SurfShark VPN

Before canceling surfshark VPN, it is better to consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Access to other popular streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu etc 

Surfshark allows us to use Netflix with accuracy And like an express VPN. This VPN helps you to block Netflix's anti-VPN defenses. Not only can you access one library, but surfshark also gives you access to numerous libraries. 

Safe torrenting 

SurfShark is authentic for downloading large high-speed files and keeps your identity encrypted. By torrenting, you can send large files up to 100 GB. 

Privacy Feature

Surrshark secures your privacy and hides your identity from internet traffic with its powerful features. It makes sure to give its users total privacy and security. 

Cross Platform Compatibility

Cross-platform helps you to run on more platforms without needing any significant changes. 

Surfshark allows its users to connect their VPN on more than one device. It is possible to set up this VPN on the same device. 

Before uninstalling surfshark, you can also try troubleshooting it. If you are uninstalling surfshark, make sure you do it before 30 days of purchase, or else you won't get a refund. 

New users can use and test surfshark before buying a full subscription. If you ever think you want to uninstall surfshark VPN. Our guide will be helpful for you in canceling your subscription. 

What Should I Do After Canceling My SurfShark Subscription?

Surfshark has many different other options. If you want an alternative to surfshark, which has fast speed and many features, try ExpressVPN.

When you purchase ExpressVPN, you'll get many features like a Kill switch, split tunneling and many more.

ExpressVPN is much better than surfshark. It gives consumers a 30-day free trial and provides a money-back guarantee. 


Surfshark is an excellent VPN service with many features, but there are some things you should keep in mind before canceling your subscription. 

Ensure you cancel on all your devices and follow the proper procedures to protect your information. 

After canceling, remember to delete your account and data from Surfshark’s servers.